Colorado Mass Murder – James Eagan Holmes

There was a mass murder in a Colorado theater at a Batman premiere.  One criminal killed 12 people and injured more than 50 others.

The #1 question for a murder like this is “What prescription drugs was he taking?”  That information is almost never publicly disclosed.  Allegedly, psychiatric drugs play a role in many murder-suicides, and the mainstream media covers up this detail.  If someone takes drugs and stops, that can also cause a problem due to withdrawal.  Technically, this wasn’t a murder-suicide, because the criminal surrendered to police.

Also, this wasn’t “random”.  He had some grudge against someone there, or against that theater.  I haven’t seen any information on the motive.

Here is a mugshot photo of the murderer, James Eagan Holmes.  For something like this, the police almost always get the right criminal.

You can tell from the photo that this is probably someone with low emotional intelligence and medium/high logical intelligence.  For example, there’s the 45 degree laugh lines on the face.

Most mass murderers are not evil in the sense of Bernard Madoff or Chuck Schumer.  Instead, they are intelligent people pushed past their breaking point.

I’ve heard some people refer to mass murderers as “pyschopaths”.  Maybe a proper distinction is psychopath or sociopath?  One criminal personality type emotionally manipulates people, but rarely does something flagrantly illegal.  The other criminal personality type is an intelligent person who isn’t successful, and then snaps.

It actually takes a reasonable amount of intelligence, to plan and pull off a mass murder.  In a healthy economy, It’s effort that should have been spent productively.  Instead, many intelligent and hardworking people are frustrated, and some of them snap.

People with high emotional intelligence and low logical intelligence can usually manipulate other people and get what they want.  They are incredibly dangerous, but in our society they are usually the leaders.

People with low emotional intelligence and medium/high logical intelligence get frustrated.  Some of them “go postal”.  They realize that they were cheated, but can’t explain it clearly like I can.

Whenever I hear about a story like this, I wonder “If I had the opportunity to explain my point of view to the murderer, could I have convinced him to try other ways of fighting evil, rather than something pointless?”

Incidents like this are hyped as an example that police and the State are needed.  Actually, the State encourages incidents like this.

Whenever there’s a mass murder, it’s the #1 story in the news.  The hidden message is “If you’re disgruntled, the best thing you can do is murder a bunch of people.”  Paradoxically, the way the mainstream media covers these stories, encourages other people to do it.  Pointless violence is promoted, instead of things that might be more effective.

The State disarms the population.  If some of the movie theater customers were carrying weapons, they might have stopped the murderer before he killed so many people.  If he knew that people in the theater were likely to fire back, he might have not tried it.  By disarming most of the population with gun control laws, the State makes it easier for a single criminal to murder many people.  Incidents like this are used as an excuse for stricter gun control laws.  If more people carried guns, incidents like this would be less likely, or cause less damage when they do occur.

The State gets to be the hero.  There will be a high-profile trial and conviction and execution.  However, that ignores the fact that the State failed to prevent the murders.  The police have no obligation to prevent crime.  They merely clean up afterwards.

In a trial like this, the defense will raise an “insanity defense”.  That gives defense lawyers something to do, because they can’t argue “The police got the wrong guy!”  In an adversarial legal system, an “insanity defense” gives the illusion that someone is looking out for the criminal’s interests.  The “insanity defense” is stupid.  Everyone is responsible for what they do.

State police have no obligation to protect you.  Free market police would have a positive obligation to prevent crime.  If James Eagan Holmes was a customer of a free market police agency, they would have had an obligation to identify him as potential trouble, and make sure he got help before murdering people.  In the present, police have few options.  They can either arrest someone or do nothing, with few options inbetween.

There are a couple of interesting points, when there is a mass murder.  Was the criminal taking any prescription drugs in the months before the murder?  That information is almost never publicly disclosed, to preserve the illusion that all drugs are wonderful with no negative side effects.  A mass murderer is usually an intelligent person who is pushed past his breaking point and snaps.  A mass murderer is not a criminal in the same sense as Bernard Madoff; those are two opposite personality types.  Gun control laws make mass murders more likely, by disarming potential victims.  The State police claim to be the heroes, but they’re merely cleaning up after the crime.  State police have no positive obligation to protect people.

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  1. That is a question I too would like answered! I suspect prescription meds, both anti-depressants and Xanax etc might have a lot to answer for. I would love to see stats on how many of the mass killings are performed by people on these meds.

  2. Interesting that this happened two weeks before a scheduled vote in the US Senate to approve a UN treaty that would allow the UN to seize American guns (problem/reaction/solution). Also, that particular theater had so many problems from gangs at midnight premieres that the Aurora city police had 4 to 8 city cops at each one, but at this one there were no city cops. Also, he was pursuing a PhD in neuroscience so may have been involved in mind-altering neuroscience research and under the control of his “handlers.”

    • I doubt that. It’s probably what I said, one frustrated person snapping under the stress.

      It’s a better example of “Never let a good crisis go to waste!” rather than a psyop.

    • If the police really did want to kill you, you’d be dead already. It’s very easy to kill someone and pretend it’s an accident. It’s also very easy to fabricate criminal charges and send someone to prison.

  3. Are you kidding me!!?? My question is, HOW is it that we, as a government, with all that we can do; did not find that it was at all suspicious that a young 24 year old guy was buying massive amounts of ammunition for FOUR MONTHS!! How is that not flagged!!?? And as for everybody in the movie theater toting their weapons; I think that you have seen too many westerns!! All we need now is more people pissed off like this guy to snap and cause more “terror” to peoples lives! If you carry them to places like in the movie theater then you will carry the weapons to school and other places as well! THINK PEOPLE!! If we would have flagged Holmes sometime in the four months that he was buying all this ammunition and per-meditating this whole terrorism action then maybe these poor innocent people would still be alive today! How can someone have shipments to their home and work which conceal so many weapons and ammunition and not be noticed? How was no flag raised as to why someone would need thousands of ammunition? If we could have be more keen to noticing shit like this then they would have also found all the research done on his computer gearing this individual towards a potential “per-meditated” terrorist attack? And yes, this is an act of terrorism; ask these poor families who have been terrorized and how one night of brutality have changed their lives completely!

    • I did say that someone should have identified him as a potential troublemaker and stopped him. The current legal system is not designed for that. The only options are to arrest someone, or do nothing.

      The right to own and carry a gun is an absolute natural right. If some people in the theater were carrying guns, they may have stopped things before it got too bad. When I say “carry a gun”, I also mean “learn how to use it properly”.

      If you know other people might be armed, that’s also a deterrent.

      Police don’t get special magic powers that enable them to use guns safely, but nobody else can.

      You have been brainwashed to believe that all guns are evil, except when police use them.

      Never let a good crisis go to waste. An incident like this is an excuse to take away everyone else’s freedom. It is wrong to restrict what honest people may do, just because some criminals do bad things.

  4. Will B Vigilant July 23, 2012 at 3:21 am

    “You can tell from the photo that this is probably someone with low emotional intelligence and medium/high logical intelligence”

    NO, I CAN’T. And you know what? Neither can Y-O-U!

    What are you, some kind of mad Nazi scientist who can judge an individual’s personality traits by simplymeasuring their cranium? That kind of BS was debunked long ago already my friend.

    What a fucking stupid thing to say in an otherwise brilliant post!

    • That is false. I can evaluate someone’s personality type solely based on appearance.

      It is easier to evaluate in-person, but you can get some information from a photo or video.

      I gave one example, the 45 degree laugh lines on his face.

      All people have an intrinsic ability to evaluate personality based on appearance. They learn to suppress that instinct due to their pro-State brainwashing.

      Evil people love the fact that most people suppress their “evaluate personality based on appearance” instinct. That enables them to pass undetected.

      That’s also why I say “Someone with high emotional awareness should have been able to identify and stop the murders beforehand, by identifying him as a potential troublemaker.”

      Here’s the reason you can evaluate personality type based on appearance. Based on someone’s personality type, some facial muscles are used but not others. Over a lifetime, this leads to certain wrinkle patterns. This has nothing to do with eugenics. Personality type also affects baldness patterns and hair appearance.

      • Anonymous Coward July 24, 2012 at 5:59 pm

        > That is false. I can evaluate someone’s personality type solely based on
        > appearance.

        Hmmn! That is only one step removed from saying a person can pick up the feelings floating around in someone’s head.

        Just because science can’t pick these things up doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

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  6. I thought this was pretty insulting: “The police did a great job they responded in 90 seconds…” no the police did a terrible job, 12 people are dead 50 injured. My #1 question FSK is where were the concealed carriers? This guy should have been gunned down in under 4 seconds, not 90.

    • When seconds count, the police are minutes away. I’d rather take care of my safety by carrying a gun, rather than hoping the police will get there in time.

      Another favorite bit from today’s headline “Oohh! The murderer is going to court today! That’ll teach him a lesson!” There is no doubt that there will be a high-profile trial and conviction and execution. The State is going to milk this for as much publicity as possible. The fnord is “The State prevents mass murders from getting away with it!” However, the State failed to prevent the murders in the first place. Even without a State police/justice monopoly, murderers would be caught and stopped. Also, the State places the murderer on death row for 10 years providing the illusion of justice and fairness, rather than executing him right away.

  7. It would seem that we might need a mechanism , an amber alert of sorts, to tell authorities when someone has been fired, failed major exams or has been given notice of divorce or foreclosure. It is mostly males who go “Postal” after being pushed to the brink. In too many cases failure added to some already treated mental condition equates to disaster. Despite giving untold lists of side effects of mood altering drugs on TV and Radio, when such side effects are a contributing factor in such bloodshed the media avoids discussing it! Why? Columbine, Virginia Tec, Arizona, and now a Batman premier should raise a flag as to how society is being poisoned by the drug companies. Those limitless disclaimers have real meaning now! Ultimately the media is working with the United Nations and Obama to disarm America, the last vestige of freedoms! But more and more happy drugs? No problem.

  8. This story was interesting. Allegedly, he was heavily medicated during his first court appearance. That is offensive. On the other hand, if they didn’t drug him up, he probably wouldn’t have sat there quietly.

  9. Here is another interesting bit. Allegedly, he mailed a notebook to a Colorado university psychiatrist, before the crime.

    If Holmes already had a relationship with a psychiatrist, that is strong evidence that he was already taking drugs at the time of the murders. If that’s true, the victims’ relatives should file a wrongful death claim against the drug manufacturer.

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