Lesson For Daniel Tosh – How To Tell A Funny Rape Joke

This story was interesting.  Daniel Tosh got into trouble, for telling a rape joke after a woman heckled him.

Here’s the proper way to tell a rape joke.

1. A man gets married.  The woman has an affair with another man and gets pregnant.  She spends all the money in their joint checking account.  She divorces him.  He owes alimony and child support for the kid that isn’t his.

2. A man goes out on a date with a woman.  They make out a little but don’t have sex.  The man decides he isn’t interested and doesn’t call her back.  She makes up a lie that he raped her.  The district attorney believes her.  The man’s lawyer advises him to accept a plea bargain, and he goes to jail for 5 years.  That’s hilarious, especially when it happened to Brian Banks.

If you’re going to make a joke about rape, “man physically assaults woman” isn’t funny.  It’s much more funny when the State rapes a man, on behalf of a woman.

For these “State rapes man” scenarios, it’s the woman’s fault for exploiting the system.  Blame also lies with the State, for making it easy for a woman to profit from ruining a man.

It’s too easy for a woman to rob a man via marriage.  A marriage “contract” is not a real contract, because the woman can break it and you still have to pay her.  It’s also too easy for a woman to make a false rape accusation.  That’s a lot more common than the scenario “a complete stranger physically assaults a woman”.

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  1. After reading this post and your Gabby Giffords post, I hope you are not allowed to own weapons. Feelings of grandeur, paranoia, incoherent thought processes, etc, etc. schizoid or possibly bipolar? Please stay on meds and away from weapons.

    • What? I point out that women can abuse the legal system to “rape” men, and that upsets you? That makes no sense.

      I may someday get a gun for self-defense, but that’s very hard in NYC. I’m not sure if I am eligible to get one, because I was involuntarily hospitalized.

      Looking at the law, it seems that I’m only Federal-disqualified if a judge ruled I was involuntarily hospitalized. For me, it never progressed to that stage, because I always cooperated while hospitalized. I should be eligible. It seems that I could get a gun permit, if I otherwise cooperate with all other laws. However, the NYC law seems to be stricter. I’d probably have to hire a lawyer, if I was serious about getting a gun permit. The NY law seems to say “You have to answer whether or not you were ever hospitalized, but it isn’t an automatic disqualification.”

      Actually, I am able to think correctly and clearly. When everyone is brainwashed to be a mindless slave, the people who can think clearly are incorrectly labeled as defective.

      Whenever I hear trolls point out the evils of owning a gun, it makes me want to get one.

      If I get serious about owning gold and hiding it in my home, getting a gun may be a *VERY* good idea.

    • Anonymous Coward July 22, 2012 at 1:49 pm

      Lisa, your comment is a bit over the top. Your comment is actually offensive.

      At most, the title of this blog post is in questionable taste, but it is referring to a news story.

      You also need to distinguish between writing on a computer screen and actually doing bad things in the real world.

      • I thought she was offended by my post on James Eagan Holmes, but it seems that it really was the State-rapes-man part that offended her.

        I understand why mass-murderers like Anders Behring Breivik, Jared Loughner, and James Eagan Holmes did it. That’s a stupid and pointless thing to do, but I understand their frustration.

        Jared Loughner once met Gabrielle Giffords, asked a stupid question, and she gave a rude answer. He was disgusted about how evil she was, and became obsessed. It is very shocking to meet politicians and notice that they’re some of the most evil people I’ve ever met.

        • Anonymous Coward July 22, 2012 at 5:08 pm

          The legal system “rapes” anyone it comes into contact with regardless of guilt or blame or responsibility.

          Lawyers’ fees are too high. For their high fees, they give poor service. Court costs are too high. Even if you are blameless yourself or your business will be on the line for 1 – 2 years while it takes things to be sorted out. Even if blameless you will ultimately shoulder high legal bills.

          It is a racket. I’m talking generally here. It is a racket in all areas of law.

          Besides you are correct. If a woman leaves a man and even if the man is blameless, he will have to pay _x_ in legal fees to avoid getting screwed over and losing all his assets and the roof over his heard. _x_ is an integer multiple of all the money he would earn in a year.

  2. Anonymous Coward July 22, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    An example of how courts treat people that appear in court for themselves and don’t pay lawyers.

    A family was about to move into a house they had purchased. However a bunch of squatters moved in. In the United Kingdom the police will not intervene when squatters take over your house. You have to get a court order to get them out at your own expense.

    The family had to live in a hotel at great expense.

    The father of the family went to court to get the squatters evicted from his house. He didn’t pay for a lawyer.

    The judge threw his case out on a technicality. The squatters stayed in his house.

    I think in the end the family managed to get the squatters out of their house, but only after it was trashed.

    It does raise the question that judges don’t care about justice or rights or morality. If you are hurt and you don’t pay for a lawyer, then the judge will thrown your case out on a technicality. The working man and the taxpayer gets screwed again and again.

  3. Typical Statist Lisa: “FSK says things I don’t like he should be disarmed.” “FSK doesn’t hold the status quo on his opinions he should be medicated.” Disgusting.

    • Actually, I am currently taking a low dose of Seroquel. It’s very effective, although the other drugs I tried were horrible. It had the side-effect of partially curing my color-blindness, which makes me wonder if it’s just curing a vitamin deficiency. All the food we eat is processed, so maybe there’s some hidden nutrient missing from most food? Maybe people only need this “missing nutrient” when they’re under stress or start using more of your brain?

      • Anonymous Coward July 23, 2012 at 4:16 pm

        > Actually, I am currently taking a low dose of Seroquel

        It is a pharmaceutical, not a vitamin. Man survived for an awfully long time without artificially created chemicals.

        Be careful you are not developing a very slow dependency.

        It could have some sort of placebo effect. Or you may look upon it as a crutch that gives you some kind of confidence.

        Just like someone saying if you use a magic comb before a competition then you won’t mess up. It is just a psychological crutch.

        I don’t know how old you are. Maybe thirties. Maybe forties. How did you survive for 30 – 40 years before Seroquel. I presume in those 30 years, you managed reasonably good interactions, passed job interviews, passed exams, made friends….

        So why if you managed 30 years without Seroquel do you absolutely need it now? What changed?

        Maybe working out your thoughts without drugs would be as just as effective.

        • How do you know that the pharmaceutical industry isn’t so incompetent, that they miscategorized a vitamin as a drug?

          My thinking ability is the same as before I was taking Seroquel, maybe slightly better. I haven’t noticed any impairment. I can do all my normal stuff.

          When I was taking Risperdal/Geodon/Abilify, they crippled me.

          How do you know that “Stop taking Seroquel!” isn’t as stupid as “Stop eating Vitamic C?” Most people don’t notice the Seroquel deficiency, because they don’t use all of their brain.

          Because I have more awareness, I need more Seroquel than the trace amount found in normal food?

          • Anonymous Coward July 24, 2012 at 6:01 pm

            > How do you know that “Stop taking Seroquel!” isn’t as stupid
            > as “Stop eating Vitamic C?”

            Simple. Other mammals likewise have a mutation that stops them synthesizing their own Vitamin C.

            Plus it is easy to see how they mutation stuck. The mutation happened, but the affected humans (or human ancestor) didn’t die out because they got the Vitamin C in the fruit and vegetables they were eating. So the mutation spread.

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