Time-Warner Cable Gross Negligence

A year ago, I “upgraded” my Time-Warner cable box to an HD box.  It was an “upgrade” and not an upgrade, because it was a buggy POS.

Every time Time-Warner makes a software update and pushes it to the box, they break a bunch of stuff.  Does anyone working there know how to do QA?

They push out the software updates in the middle of the night, even if it interrupts something I was recording.

They put out another update this week.  It crashed hard.  This time, the cable box stopped working completely.  It got stuck on “E-8″.

After some searching, “E-8″ is a common error code, but there’s zero information for what it means.  What’s the point of displaying an error code, if it doesn’t mean anything?

After some customer support, Time-Warner said that I needed a new cable box.

That’s really suspicious.  They push out a software update, and the cable box breaks?  That sounds like a software problem, and not a hardware problem.

I did notice a “burning plastic smell” from the cable box sometimes.  Maybe it was defective?  It still reflects badly on Time-Warner, that the cable box they gave me a year ago was defective.

Unfortunately, Time-Warner has a State-backed monopoly.  It’s illegal for another business to offer cable service in their territory.  Verizion FiOS will add some competition, but it isn’t available yet where I live.

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    • Most “free trade agreements” are actually corporate welfare agreements. This isn’t anything new.

      Politicians have been using “treaties” as a way to sneak through laws that wouldn’t otherwise pass.

      • Anonymous Coward July 26, 2012 at 8:40 pm

        I should really email this to you instead.

        I came across the following speech by your beloved President ODumber.


        I’m sure you will read the words of ODumber and say “Bless! What a nice man! What an honor to have him as our President.”

        Meanwhile the unelected (20% doesn’t count) Prime Minster David Cam-Moron is asking foreign countries to invest in the UK.

        • I heard about that. It was widely cited. I was planning a post on that subject.

          That’s a common pro-State troll argument for “Taxation is not theft!” You use State roads. You benefit from State infrastructure. State police protect your property. Therefore, the State owns you and your labor, and you should be happy paying high taxes.

          That’s also typical parasite thinking. A parasite/politician is morally equivalent to someone who built a successful business, despite a crushing burden of taxation of regulations.

          Neither Obama nor Romney have worked an honest day of work in their life. Obama was a lawyer and a politician. Romney was a bankster, a hedge fund manager. Hedge funds receive massive State subsidies, via negative real interest rates.

    • I’m sure that stuff happens the rich just help eachother get richer and stay on top the last five he dvr boxes I had all crashed within a year and it happening g as we speak fox never works just a black screen making me miss x factor tonight after resetting it witch sometimes helps it didn’t work all said and done all there stuff is junk and don’t work while you still over pay them for junk every month

  1. Piwik is showing a *LOT* of Google searches for “Time Warner Cable Error Code E-8″. Time-Warner has a serious customer support problem.

  2. I have been with Time Warner for 10 years in in southern California and the DVR boxes are horrible. Also for over a year everytime i call and complain they tell me that there is a new Samsung cable box available…i think YA!!! gather all my boxes and run down to TW which is about a 45min trip for me, i get there and ask for my new Samsung box and they look at me like a deer in the headlights they have no clue what im talking about. Now whats really lame is I nor the people at there 800 number call center can actually contact the local TW place to see what boxes they have in stock. These Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HDC **POS** is all they have i finally dumped them and got DirecTV and let me tell you how nice there equipment is, its so much better and you can plug it right into your network and get a huge selection of VOD plus pandora and other app’s

    • The DVR service is a ripoff.

      I got a Mangavox 515h HDD DVR. That’s superior to the Time-Warner cable box service. There’s no subscription fees!

      It’s awesome! I had to order from Amazon. Retailers don’t carry it, because they want to sell subscription-based Tivo services.

        • I didn’t have an HD cable box and TV when I bought it. It does downconvert, so you still get the wider picture.

          I didn’t realize that it wasn’t fully HD compatabile until later. The last time I checked, Magnavox did’t have a newer model on their website.

          Update: I just checked, and they now have a 537H. It seems to be a full HD recorder, but I’m sure:

          From Amazon:

          3. MISLEADING – RECORDING 16:9 WIDESCREEN AS 4:3, pg 45.
          This half-truth has caused more misunderstanding than almost anything else in the manual. It’s a “deep” technical subject that didn’t need to be there! It HAS TO record a 4:3 aspect pic FRAME because the DVD Std was built on the old 4:3 VHS Std, but the DVD std allows a combo of square/non-square pixels, variable horiz. rez, compression and decompression within that 4:3 frame. THAT’S what allows your HDTV to stretch the “non-square” (rectangular) pixels of a WS image inside that 4:3 frame to natural 16:9 WS aspect. You just need to set this DVDR’s Video > TV Aspect to “16:9 Wide” and your HDTV on its “Wide” aspect setting. However, this DVDR’s DEFAULT setting for aspect ratio is “4:3 Letter Box” so you have to change that to 16:9 Wide during setup or none of your recordings will be 16:9 WS!

          The new model may also not be a full HD recorder. I don’t understand why not.

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