Job Search Rudeness – No Response After Interview

In my current jobsearch, I’ve noticed increasing rudeness by employers.  After going for an on-site interview, almost nobody gets back to me, even with a form rejection letter.

I understand that a ton of resumes are submitted for each job opening.  An employer has no obligation to respond to each one.

However, once you progress to an on-site interivew or a phone screen, the employer should at least say “Thanks for applying, but we chose someone else.”

There is one situation where delay is sensible.  For the #2 or #3 candidate, wait until the #1 candidate accepts the offer, before rejecting the #2 or #3 candidate.

Sometimes, if I thought the interview went well, I ask what’s my status.  Even then, I don’t get a response.

Basically, “no response = rejection”.  Even if I think I aced an interview, I should keep sending out resumes and going on interviews until I get an offer.

I’m surprised by increasing rudeness by employers.  Even after an on-site interview, almost nobody responds with “Thanks for applying, but we chose someone else.”

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  1. Anonymous Coward July 28, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Yes, I noticed this several years ago when I was applying for tech jobs. Despite doing well in technical tests and having quite a lot of my time taken up with multiple interviews, several employers didn’t get back to me.

    I usually don’t like to name and shame, but Google was quite blatant. Immediately after my set of face-to-face interviews a woman led me into an office to tell me that if I didn’t get the job, Google wouldn’t contact me at all. If I wanted to find out the status I would have to contact them.

    Unfortunately it seems the recruiter who arranged my interviews was not responsive at all.

    Then *several years later* Google contact me out of the blue and told me I had done well in those interviews and that it was a close decision. They asked me if I wanted to go through their interview process again. I asked them if the preliminary interviews could be skipped as I had already passed them (obviously as their last set of interviews was staged over different days) and they said that wasn’t possible. So I turned down their offer of more interviews years ago my first set.

    If Google hadn’t been so rude the first time around and just sent an email to me letting me know I didn’t get the job, my decision may have been different.

  2. Anonymous Coward July 28, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    I’m obviously have some technical competency as I sell my own software and do get a fair number of sales. Most of my clients tell me how wonderful my software is.

    Google blew a raspberry in my face or rather couldn’t be bothered to tell me I didn’t get the job after I wasted my time visiting them. Rude. Lazy. Arrogant.

  3. Anonymous Coward July 28, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    Some of the interviews I had at Google were tedious hoop jumping and the questions weren’t really about real software development. One of the questions was some academic bullshit formal analysis of software. Anyway despite it being bullshit I got the question correct.

    The first interviewer liked me and said so.

    Anyway after jumping through all their hoops (which quite frankly after a few other job interviews starts to get tedious), it was a shock to be blatantly told Google couldn’t be bothered to contact me if I didn’t get the job.

    It was arrogant. It was lazy. It was disorganized. Surely if these bozos can index the Internet, a recruiter can create a simple list of interviewed candidates and email them if they don’t get the job.

    Obviously such as simple task is above Google.

    They don’t respect the time of candidates to visit their offices and answer questions.

    It is pointless getting the answers correct if they just blow a big raspberry in your face or rather don’t owe you the courtesy of sending you one email.

  4. After Google called me up to arrange for an interview(yes, they called me up) and deciding to waste an hour and half of my time with an interview, the bozo HR person didn’t even bother to reply even after I sent him an email regarding the status. I mean, too bad for them because i’m never going to join such a shit company that does not value a simple gesture of politeness.

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