I Have A Comment Spam Problem Again

When I first installed the GrowMap Anti-Spam Plugin, it really cut down on my comment spam.  Some spammers updated their spam script, to account for that plugin.

I’m going to have to try something else.  Any suggestions?

Option #1: Try another plugin.

Option #2: Edit the growmap plugin, so that the bots won’t work anymore.

2 Responses to I Have A Comment Spam Problem Again

  1. Move the check box randomly around on the x axis to futz with their click bot. Make a rule that any comment with a link in it is spam and auto remove it. First two ideas I had.

    • The spammer isn’t a click bot. It’s sending appropriate javascript to simulate a cick.

      Some legitimate comments have links. Then, I have to read through my spam box.

      Looking around, I can add ReCaptcha. Another possibility was “You can’t post a comment unless referred to by another post.”

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