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Frank commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.
Check out John T Reeds thinking of wounded warriors

The all-volunteer military is a fraud. Grown-ups know that insecure young men are vulnerable to the Hollywood hype and that hundreds of thousands will volunteer for the adventure and chance to impress their friends and make their enemies envious with medals and combat mystique and all that. Grown-ups know the kids who volunteer have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Yet they sin by silence by letting it happen, and by opposing the draft.

“Support our troops” magnets are popular. I got a better idea. Support them by talking them out of being a troop. I told my sons to have nothing to do with the military unless there is a draft and general mobilization of the population for a war. If all parents did the same, there would be a draft U.S. military that fought fewer wars and took far better care to avoid wounded and KIAs.

As an Operation Iraqi Freedom/New Dawn vet I'm glad someone is manning up to take on the sentimentality of the government BS such as this man John T Reed also an Army Vet of the Vietnam War. Keep it up!!

One phrase you should keep in mind is "economic conscription". Some people are so poor that their best career option may be joining the military. Even then, it's a bad idea.

The mainstream media repeats "Support the troops!" over and over again. They have to do it, because it's a lie. Similarly, the mainstream media says "Gold investors are idiots!" over and over again. If something is true, it doesn't need to be repeated as often as possible.

If anyone in the mainstream media suggests that "Support the troops!" is false, then they are fired and their career is ruined.

Frank commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

1. Military retirement benefits have long been way too generous. It has long been possible to retire from the U.S. military at age 37 with half pay indexed to inflation and with health care for the retiree and his dependents for life at a cost of one tenth the average cost civilians pay. They should be radically reduced across the board to approximately match civilian benefits. Ideally, the military would end pensions completely and let military personnel prepare for their own retirement the way civilians do with IRAs and home ownership and so on.

Military pilots have no monopoly on risking their lives. Military vets have no monopoly on risking their lives. Uniformed services including military, police, and fire have no monopoly on risking their lives. I read somewhere that the occupation that is the riskiest of all including the military is highway worker. Truth is there is a line of guys wanting into life-risking ocupations like military pilot, police, and firefighter. One of the attractions is that you can brag about risking your life merely by stating your occupation or parading around the civilian world in your uniform. That is a form of compensation itself. Americans must get over their fear of criticizing or even saying no to uniformed employees seeking extra compensation because they risked their lives. Vallejo, CA went bankrupt because of their inability to say no to police and fire demanding more and more pay and benefits. Citizens there joke that P.D. stands for “pay or die” referring to the many police warnings that the citizens will not be as safe if they reject police financial demands.

Regarding to your link, that's a common trick. If you need to work 20 years to get a pension, then there's an incentive to fire someone after 18-19 years.

In a startup, if you get options with "4 year vesting, 1 year cliff", there's an incentive to fire someone after 11 months. With Zygna and Facebook, early employees had very valuable unvested options, giving dishonest executives an incentive to fire them and weasel out of paying.

Frank commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

It also gives them an incentive to be a risk-averse beauracrat, and a failure to problem solve freely hence the brainwashed "military man" who can't think outside the box. Like most federal workers just counting the days until they get their fat pensions trying not to screw up. I feel this is a big reason we are losing this war and haven't won a war since WWII.

The purpose of war is not the "official" public reason.

The true purpose of war is so that insiders and the military-industrial complex can make a lot of money. How much did Blackwater and Halliburton make off the wars? What about all the other military contractors? In some cases, the contractors get paid more than soldiers!

Frank commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

Blackwater and Halliburton existed before the war in Iraq they provide services that the military doesn't provide or provide at too high a cost. They exist because of war, war doesn't exist because of them. The war began because of hubris not money, multiculturalism, fear, paranoia, a worship of democracy, a lack of belief in biological determinism, your blaming of the military- industrial complex comes off a little strangely for a free marketer.

Really? How much money do Halliburton and Blackwater spend on lobbying? There also are indirect kickbacks, where former generals are hired as overpaid executives.

As long as the State exists, insiders will abuse it to line their pockets.

The military-industrial complex is completely the opposite of a free market. If you make weapons and sell them to the government, that is not a true free market business.

Frank commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.

Definitely there is alot of corruption going on up there but keep in mind that there have been real cuts in both weapon systems and personnel that have to do with tactical and strategic positioning that have cut back on spending such as the crusader artillery piece and the F-14 Tomcat Fighter-Bomber that were cut because they were better suited for the cold-war than the war on terror. If corruption was the only reason for war then they would still be purchasing them. There IS corruption such as congress forcing the Army to buy tanks when they lack helicopters but saying that this war was due to insider corruption definitely.

The war on terror WAS a real war, the cold war WAS a real war but to say the existed comes off Chomskyish trying to explain every ineptitude, screw up, or falsehood as corporate cronyism by big business. Sometimes we have a false idol or a bad philosophy we can't shield ourselves from the greater culture.

Do you notice your rambling thoughts and incoherent writing? I'm challenging your pro-State brainwashing.

Also, the military uses twisted logic. A smaller than expected budget increase counts as a budget "cut".

War is 99% or more about corruption, and only a tiny bit about protecting freedom. It's mostly waste. Do military bases in foreign countries really protect my freedom? Were the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan beneficial, or one big boondoggle?

I spend more than half my income on taxes, and more than half the Federal government's budget is military. Is the military worth 3 months of my life every year?

The "War on Terror" is a real war? Let me know when the President of Terror surrenders so we can declare victory.

Do you really believe the TSA makes people safer? There are some people who do bad things. That isn't an excuse to take away everyone else's freedom and spy on everyone.

Lisa commented on Lesson For Daniel Tosh - How To Tell A Funny Rape Joke.
After reading this post and your Gabby Giffords post, I hope you are not allowed to own weapons. Feelings of grandeur, paranoia, incoherent thought processes, etc, etc. schizoid or possibly bipolar? Please stay on meds and away from weapons.

What? I point out that women can abuse the legal system to "rape" men, and that upsets you? That makes no sense.

I may someday get a gun for self-defense, but that's very hard in NYC. I'm not sure if I am eligible to get one, because I was involuntarily hospitalized.

Looking at the law, it seems that I'm only Federal-disqualified if a judge ruled I was involuntarily hospitalized. For me, it never progressed to that stage, because I always cooperated while hospitalized. I should be eligible. It seems that I could get a gun permit, if I otherwise cooperate with all other laws. However, the NYC law seems to be stricter. I'd probably have to hire a lawyer, if I was serious about getting a gun permit. The NY law seems to say "You have to answer whether or not you were ever hospitalized, but it isn't an automatic disqualification."

Actually, I am able to think correctly and clearly. When everyone is brainwashed to be a mindless slave, the people who can think clearly are incorrectly labeled as defective.

Whenever I hear trolls point out the evils of owning a gun, it makes me want to get one.

If I get serious about owning gold and hiding it in my home, getting a gun may be a *VERY* good idea.

Anonymous Coward commented on Lesson For Daniel Tosh - How To Tell A Funny Rape Joke.

Lisa, your comment is a bit over the top. Your comment is actually offensive.

At most, the title of this blog post is in questionable taste, but it is referring to a news story.

You also need to distinguish between writing on a computer screen and actually doing bad things in the real world.

I thought she was offended by my post on James Eagan Holmes, but it seems that it really was the State-rapes-man part that offended her.

I understand why mass-murderers like Anders Behring Breivik, Jared Loughner, and James Eagan Holmes did it. That's a stupid and pointless thing to do, but I understand their frustration.

Jared Loughner once met Gabrielle Giffords, asked a stupid question, and she gave a rude answer. He was disgusted about how evil she was, and became obsessed. It is very shocking to meet politicians and notice that they're some of the most evil people I've ever met.

Anonymous Coward commented on Lesson For Daniel Tosh - How To Tell A Funny Rape Joke.

The legal system "rapes" anyone it comes into contact with regardless of guilt or blame or responsibility.

Lawyers' fees are too high. For their high fees, they give poor service. Court costs are too high. Even if you are blameless yourself or your business will be on the line for 1 - 2 years while it takes things to be sorted out. Even if blameless you will ultimately shoulder high legal bills.

It is a racket. I'm talking generally here. It is a racket in all areas of law.

Besides you are correct. If a woman leaves a man and even if the man is blameless, he will have to pay _x_ in legal fees to avoid getting screwed over and losing all his assets and the roof over his heard. _x_ is an integer multiple of all the money he would earn in a year.

Anonymous Coward commented on Lesson For Daniel Tosh - How To Tell A Funny Rape Joke.

An example of how courts treat people that appear in court for themselves and don't pay lawyers.

A family was about to move into a house they had purchased. However a bunch of squatters moved in. In the United Kingdom the police will not intervene when squatters take over your house. You have to get a court order to get them out at your own expense.

The family had to live in a hotel at great expense.

The father of the family went to court to get the squatters evicted from his house. He didn't pay for a lawyer.

The judge threw his case out on a technicality. The squatters stayed in his house.

I think in the end the family managed to get the squatters out of their house, but only after it was trashed.

It does raise the question that judges don't care about justice or rights or morality. If you are hurt and you don't pay for a lawyer, then the judge will thrown your case out on a technicality. The working man and the taxpayer gets screwed again and again.

Justin commented on Lesson For Daniel Tosh - How To Tell A Funny Rape Joke.

Typical Statist Lisa: "FSK says things I don't like he should be disarmed." "FSK doesn't hold the status quo on his opinions he should be medicated." Disgusting.

Actually, I am currently taking a low dose of Seroquel. It's very effective, although the other drugs I tried were horrible. It had the side-effect of partially curing my color-blindness, which makes me wonder if it's just curing a vitamin deficiency. All the food we eat is processed, so maybe there's some hidden nutrient missing from most food? Maybe people only need this "missing nutrient" when they're under stress or start using more of your brain?

Anonymous Coward commented on Lesson For Daniel Tosh - How To Tell A Funny Rape Joke.

> Actually, I am currently taking a low dose of Seroquel

It is a pharmaceutical, not a vitamin. Man survived for an awfully long time without artificially created chemicals.

Be careful you are not developing a very slow dependency.

It could have some sort of placebo effect. Or you may look upon it as a crutch that gives you some kind of confidence.

Just like someone saying if you use a magic comb before a competition then you won't mess up. It is just a psychological crutch.

I don't know how old you are. Maybe thirties. Maybe forties. How did you survive for 30 - 40 years before Seroquel. I presume in those 30 years, you managed reasonably good interactions, passed job interviews, passed exams, made friends....

So why if you managed 30 years without Seroquel do you absolutely need it now? What changed?

Maybe working out your thoughts without drugs would be as just as effective.

How do you know that the pharmaceutical industry isn't so incompetent, that they miscategorized a vitamin as a drug?

My thinking ability is the same as before I was taking Seroquel, maybe slightly better. I haven't noticed any impairment. I can do all my normal stuff.

When I was taking Risperdal/Geodon/Abilify, they crippled me.

How do you know that "Stop taking Seroquel!" isn't as stupid as "Stop eating Vitamic C?" Most people don't notice the Seroquel deficiency, because they don't use all of their brain.

Because I have more awareness, I need more Seroquel than the trace amount found in normal food?

Anonymous Coward commented on Lesson For Daniel Tosh - How To Tell A Funny Rape Joke.

> How do you know that “Stop taking Seroquel!” isn’t as stupid

> as “Stop eating Vitamic C?”

Simple. Other mammals likewise have a mutation that stops them synthesizing their own Vitamin C.

Plus it is easy to see how they mutation stuck. The mutation happened, but the affected humans (or human ancestor) didn't die out because they got the Vitamin C in the fruit and vegetables they were eating. So the mutation spread.

Lionne commented on Colorado Mass Murder - James Eagan Holmes.
That is a question I too would like answered! I suspect prescription meds, both anti-depressants and Xanax etc might have a lot to answer for. I would love to see stats on how many of the mass killings are performed by people on these meds.

dionysusal commented on Colorado Mass Murder - James Eagan Holmes.

Interesting that this happened two weeks before a scheduled vote in the US Senate to approve a UN treaty that would allow the UN to seize American guns (problem/reaction/solution). Also, that particular theater had so many problems from gangs at midnight premieres that the Aurora city police had 4 to 8 city cops at each one, but at this one there were no city cops. Also, he was pursuing a PhD in neuroscience so may have been involved in mind-altering neuroscience research and under the control of his "handlers."

I doubt that. It's probably what I said, one frustrated person snapping under the stress.

It's a better example of "Never let a good crisis go to waste!" rather than a psyop.

geral commented on Colorado Mass Murder - James Eagan Holmes.


23 Sep 2011 @ 13:46, by Geral W. Sosbee

A nation and its people who deliberately engage in the systematic conquest, subjugation, torture, imprisonment and killing of others must by the laws of physics and divine nature have the same calamities delivered upon themselves.

If the police really did want to kill you, you'd be dead already. It's very easy to kill someone and pretend it's an accident. It's also very easy to fabricate criminal charges and send someone to prison.

kimberly dilks commented on Colorado Mass Murder - James Eagan Holmes.

Are you kidding me!!?? My question is, HOW is it that we, as a government, with all that we can do; did not find that it was at all suspicious that a young 24 year old guy was buying massive amounts of ammunition for FOUR MONTHS!! How is that not flagged!!?? And as for everybody in the movie theater toting their weapons; I think that you have seen too many westerns!! All we need now is more people pissed off like this guy to snap and cause more "terror" to peoples lives! If you carry them to places like in the movie theater then you will carry the weapons to school and other places as well! THINK PEOPLE!! If we would have flagged Holmes sometime in the four months that he was buying all this ammunition and per-meditating this whole terrorism action then maybe these poor innocent people would still be alive today! How can someone have shipments to their home and work which conceal so many weapons and ammunition and not be noticed? How was no flag raised as to why someone would need thousands of ammunition? If we could have be more keen to noticing shit like this then they would have also found all the research done on his computer gearing this individual towards a potential "per-meditated" terrorist attack? And yes, this is an act of terrorism; ask these poor families who have been terrorized and how one night of brutality have changed their lives completely!

I did say that someone should have identified him as a potential troublemaker and stopped him. The current legal system is not designed for that. The only options are to arrest someone, or do nothing.

The right to own and carry a gun is an absolute natural right. If some people in the theater were carrying guns, they may have stopped things before it got too bad. When I say "carry a gun", I also mean "learn how to use it properly".

If you know other people might be armed, that's also a deterrent.

Police don't get special magic powers that enable them to use guns safely, but nobody else can.

You have been brainwashed to believe that all guns are evil, except when police use them.

Never let a good crisis go to waste. An incident like this is an excuse to take away everyone else's freedom. It is wrong to restrict what honest people may do, just because some criminals do bad things.

Will B Vigilant commented on Colorado Mass Murder - James Eagan Holmes.

"You can tell from the photo that this is probably someone with low emotional intelligence and medium/high logical intelligence"

NO, I CAN'T. And you know what? Neither can Y-O-U!

What are you, some kind of mad Nazi scientist who can judge an individual's personality traits by simplymeasuring their cranium? That kind of BS was debunked long ago already my friend.

What a fucking stupid thing to say in an otherwise brilliant post!

How will Miscavige’s “church” leverage the Denver theatre murders? commented on Colorado Mass Murder - James Eagan Holmes.

[...] has made the observation that in the first few hours after the shooter’s arrest, the number one question being asked was [...]

That is false. I can evaluate someone's personality type solely based on appearance.

It is easier to evaluate in-person, but you can get some information from a photo or video.

I gave one example, the 45 degree laugh lines on his face.

All people have an intrinsic ability to evaluate personality based on appearance. They learn to suppress that instinct due to their pro-State brainwashing.

Evil people love the fact that most people suppress their "evaluate personality based on appearance" instinct. That enables them to pass undetected.

That's also why I say "Someone with high emotional awareness should have been able to identify and stop the murders beforehand, by identifying him as a potential troublemaker."

Here's the reason you can evaluate personality type based on appearance. Based on someone's personality type, some facial muscles are used but not others. Over a lifetime, this leads to certain wrinkle patterns. This has nothing to do with eugenics. Personality type also affects baldness patterns and hair appearance.

Justin commented on Colorado Mass Murder - James Eagan Holmes.

I thought this was pretty insulting: "The police did a great job they responded in 90 seconds..." no the police did a terrible job, 12 people are dead 50 injured. My #1 question FSK is where were the concealed carriers? This guy should have been gunned down in under 4 seconds, not 90.

When seconds count, the police are minutes away. I'd rather take care of my safety by carrying a gun, rather than hoping the police will get there in time.

Another favorite bit from today's headline "Oohh! The murderer is going to court today! That'll teach him a lesson!" There is no doubt that there will be a high-profile trial and conviction and execution. The State is going to milk this for as much publicity as possible. The fnord is "The State prevents mass murders from getting away with it!" However, the State failed to prevent the murders in the first place. Even without a State police/justice monopoly, murderers would be caught and stopped. Also, the State places the murderer on death row for 10 years providing the illusion of justice and fairness, rather than executing him right away.

Joseph DuPont commented on Colorado Mass Murder - James Eagan Holmes.

It would seem that we might need a mechanism , an amber alert of sorts, to tell authorities when someone has been fired, failed major exams or has been given notice of divorce or foreclosure. It is mostly males who go "Postal" after being pushed to the brink. In too many cases failure added to some already treated mental condition equates to disaster. Despite giving untold lists of side effects of mood altering drugs on TV and Radio, when such side effects are a contributing factor in such bloodshed the media avoids discussing it! Why? Columbine, Virginia Tec, Arizona, and now a Batman premier should raise a flag as to how society is being poisoned by the drug companies. Those limitless disclaimers have real meaning now! Ultimately the media is working with the United Nations and Obama to disarm America, the last vestige of freedoms! But more and more happy drugs? No problem.

This story was interesting. Allegedly, he was heavily medicated during his first court appearance. That is offensive. On the other hand, if they didn't drug him up, he probably wouldn't have sat there quietly.

Anonymous Coward commented on Colorado Mass Murder - James Eagan Holmes.

> That is false. I can evaluate someone’s personality type solely based on

> appearance.

Hmmn! That is only one step removed from saying a person can pick up the feelings floating around in someone's head.

Just because science can't pick these things up doesn't mean they don't exist.

Here is another interesting bit. Allegedly, he mailed a notebook to a Colorado university psychiatrist, before the crime.

If Holmes already had a relationship with a psychiatrist, that is strong evidence that he was already taking drugs at the time of the murders. If that's true, the victims' relatives should file a wrongful death claim against the drug manufacturer.

Robert Ferguson commented on NCAA Gives Penn State A Slap On The Wrist.
I think the "sanctions" are very lenient! What happened at Penn State shows how powerful college football is. I am a part of it, I love college football. But Paterno and several other powerful figures looked the other way while Sandusky was abusing kids. They did that because they didn't want the bad publicity. The media keeps using the word "harsh" to describe the sanctions. Penn State will be profitable again next year! Child rape was placed second to profit and this slap on the wrist is "harsh"? You have got to e freakin kidding me!

Naval commented on AngelList - WTF?.
We already have a category for developers - it's called Talent at Half of our site is devoted to it. The Needs page that you point to is just data gathering to see what category we should launch next.

Anonymous Coward commented on Time-Warner Cable Gross Negligence.
Off-topic, but FSK might want to have a look at the below article by Dr Paul Craig Roberts.

FSK will definitely choke on what is being discussed. It is about corporations being exempt from the cost of government regulations. Governments pay corporations for the cost of abiding to regulations!

Most "free trade agreements" are actually corporate welfare agreements. This isn't anything new.

Politicians have been using "treaties" as a way to sneak through laws that wouldn't otherwise pass.

Anonymous Coward commented on Time-Warner Cable Gross Negligence.

I should really email this to you instead.

I came across the following speech by your beloved President ODumber.

I'm sure you will read the words of ODumber and say "Bless! What a nice man! What an honor to have him as our President."

Meanwhile the unelected (20% doesn't count) Prime Minster David Cam-Moron is asking foreign countries to invest in the UK.

I heard about that. It was widely cited. I was planning a post on that subject.

That's a common pro-State troll argument for "Taxation is not theft!" You use State roads. You benefit from State infrastructure. State police protect your property. Therefore, the State owns you and your labor, and you should be happy paying high taxes.

That's also typical parasite thinking. A parasite/politician is morally equivalent to someone who built a successful business, despite a crushing burden of taxation of regulations.

Neither Obama nor Romney have worked an honest day of work in their life. Obama was a lawyer and a politician. Romney was a bankster, a hedge fund manager. Hedge funds receive massive State subsidies, via negative real interest rates.

Piwik is showing a *LOT* of Google searches for "Time Warner Cable Error Code E-8". Time-Warner has a serious customer support problem.

Anonymous Coward commented on US Government Defeats Julian Heicklen.
I don't know if you are reading your email.

A policeman hit Ian Tomlinson with a baton as he was walking in the opposite direction and had his back to the policeman. Ian died shortly afterwards. Photographic evidence is available.

The Crown Prosecution Service delayed until the time-limit for assault was passed. So the policeman could only be tried for manslaughter and he got off because he couldn't have know beating Ian with a baton would actually kill him!

The jury weren't told of the policeman's violent history and long records of complaints.


Anonymous Coward commented on US Government Defeats Julian Heicklen.

Video of police violence against Ian Tomlinson who later died.

I stopped reading my fsk2006@gmail address. I meant to set up the free gmail for my blog.

Anonymous Coward commented on Job Search Rudeness - No Response After Interview.
Yes, I noticed this several years ago when I was applying for tech jobs. Despite doing well in technical tests and having quite a lot of my time taken up with multiple interviews, several employers didn't get back to me.

I usually don't like to name and shame, but Google was quite blatant. Immediately after my set of face-to-face interviews a woman led me into an office to tell me that if I didn't get the job, Google wouldn't contact me at all. If I wanted to find out the status I would have to contact them.

Unfortunately it seems the recruiter who arranged my interviews was not responsive at all.

Then *several years later* Google contact me out of the blue and told me I had done well in those interviews and that it was a close decision. They asked me if I wanted to go through their interview process again. I asked them if the preliminary interviews could be skipped as I had already passed them (obviously as their last set of interviews was staged over different days) and they said that wasn't possible. So I turned down their offer of more interviews years ago my first set.

If Google hadn't been so rude the first time around and just sent an email to me letting me know I didn't get the job, my decision may have been different.

Anonymous Coward commented on Job Search Rudeness - No Response After Interview.

I'm obviously have some technical competency as I sell my own software and do get a fair number of sales. Most of my clients tell me how wonderful my software is.

Google blew a raspberry in my face or rather couldn't be bothered to tell me I didn't get the job after I wasted my time visiting them. Rude. Lazy. Arrogant.

Anonymous Coward commented on Job Search Rudeness - No Response After Interview.

Some of the interviews I had at Google were tedious hoop jumping and the questions weren't really about real software development. One of the questions was some academic bullshit formal analysis of software. Anyway despite it being bullshit I got the question correct.

The first interviewer liked me and said so.

Anyway after jumping through all their hoops (which quite frankly after a few other job interviews starts to get tedious), it was a shock to be blatantly told Google couldn't be bothered to contact me if I didn't get the job.

It was arrogant. It was lazy. It was disorganized. Surely if these bozos can index the Internet, a recruiter can create a simple list of interviewed candidates and email them if they don't get the job.

Obviously such as simple task is above Google.

They don't respect the time of candidates to visit their offices and answer questions.

It is pointless getting the answers correct if they just blow a big raspberry in your face or rather don't owe you the courtesy of sending you one email.

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