The HIV/AIDS Conspiracy Theory

This is the first conspiracy theory I heard, many years before I started seriously researching them. Back when I was a Math grad student, there was an author named Serge Lang. He wrote a bunch of Math textbooks in many different areas. He also mentioned the HIV/AIDs conspiracy theory.

Many people were denouncing Serge Lang as a crackpot, for venturing beyond Mathematics and writing about other things. That’s one lesson I learned from blogging. The more hostility an idea receives, the more it points at a forbidden truth.

The HIV/AIDS conspiracy theory is “The HIV virus does not cause AIDS. It is a ‘correlation confused with causation’ fallacy. HIV is one of the opportunistic viruses that infect AIDS patients. People have received a ton of government money researching AIDS. At this point, it would be an embarrassment if they admitted that HIV might not cause AIDS.”

There is one way to seriously investigate this. The HIV test could be given to everyone. However, that is politically awkward.

The HIV test is only given to people who already show symptoms of AIDS, or to people who have other risk factors. That leads to bias, and the potential for making the correlation/causation mistake.

For example, do drug addicts get AIDS because of HIV? Do they get AIDS because they’re drug addicts?

If a patient tests positive for HIV, they are given anti-retrovirus drugs. Those drugs are very strong and nasty. Do HIV positive people get sick due to HIV? Do they get sick because of those strong drugs?

Occasionally, you hear stories about someone who is HIV-positive, doesn’t take drugs, but doesn’t develop AIDS. Do these people have some type of immunity? Maybe HIV does not cause AIDS?

I don’t know if this conspiracy theory is true or not. I don’t have the resources to conduct a proper experiment.

Does HIV cause AIDS? Is it an example of the “coorelation confused with causation” fallacy? HIV researchers received a lot of State grant money. It might be too embarrassing to admit a mistake. There’s plenty of State grant money for HIV research, but no grant money for research on “Maybe HIV does not cause AIDS.”

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  1. Anonymous Coward August 3, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    I once worked in a science laboratory which tested a lot of its members for HIV. One worker had a positive HIV test, despite the fact that everyone in the group was perfectly healthy. At the same one of the scientists said it was a false positive and the some other virus (maybe a cold virus) must have cross-reacted.

    I don’t keep in contact with these people anymore, but I never heard of anyone becoming sick.

    I don’t know what this means and I’m not saying it means anything – I am just recalling what I recollect.

    • That book is interesting. Why would scientists be offended, by the publication of that book? It should be acceptable to publish a hypothesis, even if it later turns out to be wrong. That sounds a lot like the hate against Andrew Wakefield, for publishing “Vaccines may cause autism.” Even if it is false, it shouldn’t be wrong to speculate. (That’s another good post to put in the “Conspiracy Theory” FAQ section.)

  2. You have conspiracy theory mixed up with the Leonard Horowitz group Whom claim that HIVAID$ was created as a lethal soup to kill off certain people.

    Actually the Rethinking AIDS movement dissents or challenges the mainstream theories of HIV/AID$ which we believe is also some sort of conspiracy rant made up by Robert Gallo and the U.S. Center for Disease Control.

    If you want to get in tuned witht he dissident movement join us here: and ask all of the questions that you want. If not, please do not call us Conspiracy theorists, we challenge those who deny that Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier isolated a retrovirus HTLVIII/LAV, We challenge the fact that no HIV Test Kits has ever had scientific validation, by means of direct Virus(HIV) Isolation, and That AID$ is even a legitimate Syndrome.

    • There are two issues you are confusing.

      1. Does HIV really cause AIDS? Is it a “causation confused with correlation” fallacy? Are scientists reluctant to consider that possibility, because they don’t want to admit they made a mistake and squandered billions of dollars of State research money?

      2. Is AIDS part of a secret depopulation agenda?

      I mentioned (1). I never mentioned (2) in that post.

      Both (1) and (2) are examples of conspiracies. I’m willing to seriously consider (1). I don’t consider (2) to be very likely.

      Insiders and their scientists aren’t omnipotent. They aren’t going to intentionally release a virus that crashes the population, because that would threaten their gravy train. Insiders like a large group of complacent slaves. If a lot of slaves start dying, that threatens the status quo.

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