Computer Illiterate Headhunters

Dealing with headhunters is mostly a waste of time.  I’ve noticed one annoying pattern.  Most headhunters contact me by telephone, rather than by E-Mail.

It does have one slight benefit.  It’s easier to evaluate someone’s personality by phone than by E-Mail.  However, most headhunters insist on meeting you before sending you on an interview.  If all they’re doing is scheduling a meeting, why not use E-Mail?

I have received jobs through headhunters, although never with a headhunter who insisted on meeting with me first!  It’s a huge negative correlation.

One “advantage” of meeting the candidate is that enables illegal screening.  If the employer says “I’m not hiring anyone older than 40!”, then the headhunter can meet with people first and filter them out.

It’s pretty amusing.  Headhunters are recruiting people for programmer jobs.  However, they almost never contact the candidate by E-Mail!  They insist on using the phone!  I understand using a phone once for a brief screening.  After that, E-Mail is most convenient.

It’s also amusing, that some headhunters start acting insecure.  If I schedule an interview for Monday, the headhunter will call 10 times to confirm.

Headhunters and HR are mostly to blame, for corrupting the programmer job market.  Most headhunters/HR are computer illiterate.  How can they filter resumes?  The only thing they can do is “# of years in each language”.  That isn’t the right way to filter programmer resumes.  That technique enables someone computer illiterate to do the screening.  They promote the myth that keyword matching is a valid way to filter resumes.  This enables clueless middlemen to pretend that they’re adding value.

Headhunters are mostly a waste of time.  However, they’re the gatekeepers for the jobs.  I’m forced to go along with their game.

Headhunters are computer illiterate, preferring phone over E-Mail.  Headhunters promote the myth that keyword matching is the proper way to filter resumes.  This enables clueless twits to pretend that they’re adding value.  Most headhunters insist on meeting the candidate first.

I’m not going to have a decent job until I start my own business and get out of the wage slave track.  For now, I’m stuck with that.

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  1. Anonymous Coward August 5, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    I wrote a software product and sell it myself.

    Obviously it took sometime before I was confident it actually produced a stable, real, consistent income. Ironically I am more secure than I ever was working for evil, sick clowns.

    It took me some time to realize that the more successful my software is, the less likely someone is to employ me!

    If I was a failure I would more easily get a job.

    I did go on quite a few interviews. They were all a waste of time.

    The worst one was going to a Swiss bank. I got 100% in one of their written tests. I made three trips to their offices. Again their face-to-face interviews consistent of a barrage of technical questions for about an hour.

    At the end of it all, one interviewer who had never spoken to me before, glanced at my CV (resume) and then said as I had 5 jobs in 10 years, I couldn’t be hired!

    What a complete waste of my time! They have my CV right at the start.

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