Cory Booker On Bain Capital

This story was interesting.  Cory Booker said that he was disgusted by the excessive attacks on Romney’s record at Bain Capital.  He got into trouble, because he didn’t toe the official party line.

That’s one disgusting aspect of politics.  A politician is supposed to back the other people in his party, no matter what.  A politician is supposed to criticize the other party, no matter what.

It’s like having an alliance in a reality TV show.  You always vote with your alliance, so that someone on your team wins.

It isn’t enough to criticize Bain Capital.  It’s more correct to criticize rampant corruption in the financial industry.  That’s a problem created by government.  Inflation is theft. The Federal Reserve is one big price-fixing cartel.  Negative real interest rates feed bankster corruption.

Neither Romney nor Obama worked an honest day of work in their life.  Romney was a bankster and a politician.  Obama was a lawyer and a politician.  Romney’s father was a governor.  Allegedly, Obama’s parents worked for the CIA.

Cory Booker got into trouble, for failing to toe the official party line.  It is wrong to criticize Bain Capital, without also criticizing rampant corruption in the financial industry.  The Federal government created a corrupt monetary system.  That fuels bankster corruption.  The whole economy is affected by a corrupt monetary system and corrupt banking system.

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