Lowe’s Sold Me A Defective Lamp

I bought a new lamp from Lowe’s. It was a defective POS. It was this model, “Style Selections 64-1/2″ 3-Light Nickel Floor Lamp with Nickel Shade”.

It had a defective design. The heat wasn’t handled correctly. It melted the on/off switch after a week.

I returned that lamp. They gave a refund. I wonder if they knew, that the lamp was garbage? They must keep track of “number of returns”.

Superficially, they gave a refund, which makes it acceptable. That is false. I am not reimbursed for the cost of returning to the store. That cost me time and gasoline.

Suppose that 50% of those lamps are defective. Half the time, they give a refund. The other half of the time, they get to keep the money. Some people may decide it’s not worth the time to return to the store, to bring back a defective lamp.

This is an important economic error. When you sell something defective or do something wrong, it isn’t sufficient to reimburse someone for their loss. Punitive damage should always be added. Otherwise, the economic incentive is to be dishonest.

In this manner, Lowe’s maximizes its profit by selling lousy goods! The State economy is organized into monopolies and oligopolies. Home Depot is probably just as bad or worse. If they both offer lousy products, customers are SOL.

When you’re a member of a State oligopoly, there’s no incentive to sell good products. In fact, selling lousy products may maximize profit!

Most large corporations hire the same consultants to advise them. This leads to them offering equally lousy service to everyone.

Lowe’s is part of a State oligopoly. If all members of the State oligopoly offer equally lousy products, then customers are SOL. When I returned Lowe’s defective lamp, they reimbursed me for the price of the lamp, but not the cost of the time spent returning it. It makes no difference if Lowe’s sells defective lamps. If I want to buy a lamp, I have very few choices.

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  1. Someone submitted this post to reddit/r/Anarcho_Capitalism. It was user “ParahSalin”.

    She also submitted my post on Andrew Stolzmann and Tim Ryan on CNBC.

    I don’t waste time promoting my blog on Reddit. There are groups of people/sockpuppets who upvote each other’s submission, and downvote others’ submissions. It’s very hard for a “non-approved” post to reach the top.

    Another defect of Reddit is that posts have a very short lifespan. You’ll get traffic for a few hours, but then no more. If I post a comment on Reddit, by that time, most people have already read the thread and moved on.

    Reddit has a serious flaw. They rank posts by “# upvotes – # downvotes”. If the majority of people strongly disagree with an idea, it’ll be harshly downvoted, even if it’s something I’d be interested in.

    Also on that Reddit thread, someone asked:

    >How does Lowe’s benefit from State violence?

    Retail is a heavily leveraged business. The Federal Reserve keeps real interest rates negative. Large retailers get to borrow more cheaply than small retailers.

    Lowe’s indirectly benefits from the State central bank and monetary monopoly, via cheaper borrowing costs.

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