I Didn’t Watch The Olympics

The Olympics are over.  I didn’t watch it at all.  I’d rather watch a Yankees game, than waste time on the Olympics.

I don’t like the way NBC spends way too much time taking about the athlete’s personal history, instead of showing the events.

In 1992, in Greco-Roman Wrestling, the USA wrestler was against a Russian wrestler who had never lost.  They spent a ton of time hyping the match.  Finally, it was time for the match.  They showed the first 5 seconds, then said “And the USA wrestler won in overtime!”, and cut to the medal ceremony.  After that, I stopped watching the Olympics.

It’s also silly that the events are on tape-delay.  I can just read a summary on Yahoo Sports, and avoid wasting time watching lousy TV.

Also, the qualifying rules are unfair.  If you’re the 4th best runner in the USA, you don’t qualify for the Olympics, even if you’re the 4th best in the world.  National boundaries are an arbitrary creation of the State.  Why should some top athletes be excluded, just based on where they were born?

Here’s another example.  There’s a rule that says only 2 athletes per country can qualify for the overall final in Gymnastics.  One woman from the USA was 4th overall, but 3rd in the USA, and was unfairly excluded from the finals.

It’s also funny how the Olympics say “It’s all about the athletes!”, while being one of the most heavily commercialized businesses.  Technically, the IOC is a “non-profit”, but the executives pay themselves huge salaries.

They make a lot of money merchandising, “The Official X Of The Olympics”.  This story was amusing.  Yohan Blake wore a $500k custom watch during his race.  He got into trouble because it wasn’t the “official” watch sponsor of the Olymjpics.

This story is interesting.  In the USA, the IOC is given exclusive use of the word “Olympics”.  No business may use the word “Olympics” without paying a royalty.

This story is interesting.  London passed a law, imposing draconian penalties for anyone who scalps Olympic tickets.  However, the “official ticket stores” are not in good locations.  The Internet ticket store is an buggy mess.  Fortunately, there’s a nice “underground economy” in scalping Olympic tickets.  Even though it’s illegal, the “official” sales are so inefficient that there’s an opportunity for scalpers.  It’s risky, but the sellers are using a good model for an agorist economy.

This story was interesting.  For the women who compete in the Olympics, they have to work out excessively.  They look more like men than women.  One Turkish newspaper writer observed the Olympic women look like men, and got into trouble for saying a forbidden truth.  Very often, “attractive” female celebrities look like men and “attractive” male celebrities look like women.

Overall, the Olympics are a waste of time.  They are heavily commercialized.  It’s not fair to exclude some athletes, based solely on what country they represent.  I don’t like the way NBC talks about the athlete’s personal history, instead of showing the actual events.

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  1. Anonymous Coward August 14, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    Don’t mention the capital city of England and the year in the same sentence or window or logo otherwise Olympic trading enforcement goons will pay you a visit!

    Oh dear, I do see the date above added automatically by the blogging engine WordPress. Worse the capital city of England is mentioned in the post.

    Tut tut…

  2. Anonymous Coward August 14, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    In case you missed what I was referring to in my above comment, please refer to:



    Someone did list a whole set of words that you are not allowed to use together. Using London in combination with the year could get your into hot water. And a whole host of other words as well.

    • Yes, both of those “women” look like men. I’m referring to gymnastics and weightlifting, where it’s even more disgusting.

      • Angry Black Abobo August 14, 2012 at 11:28 pm

        If those two look like men to you, I’d hate to find out what you think a real woman looks like.

        Probably something along the lines of a barn in a housedress?

        • On women, muscles are not attractive.

          In order to develop big muscles and Olympic level talent, you need to repeat the same motion over and over again. It’s actually a type of mental illness.

          Based on my observations, an attractive woman would be considered slightly/somewhat overweight by mainstream media standards. By promoting anorexic women as “attractive”, that reinforces insecurity and makes women easy to manipulate.

          Why should you care if I disagree with you on standard of attractiveness? You can pursue the ugly “women”, and I’ll look for real women.

  3. Angry Black Abobo August 15, 2012 at 12:53 am

    Interesting logic. Walking is also the repetition of the same motion over and over again. I guess that must mean that walking around represents a mental illness as well. And aren’t you a programmer? Doesn’t that require the same motion of tapping at a keyboard over and over? That must be a mental illness too.

    Why should you care if I comment on one of your blog posts, and perhaps offer a bit of disagreement? You can always close the comments section down, and I can read the blog of someone who can handle a little good-natured banter.

  4. Anonymous Coward August 15, 2012 at 6:25 am

    I think you are all wrong.

    It is important to be physically fit and healthy. We are more than just our minds.

    However our bodies are just “suits” that we wear. We are so much more than just bodies.

    We are a creation that is itself capable of creation and valid work. Work is valid for its own sake.

    Over objectification is wrong.

    Even if you think these women look muscular, the muscles are female muscles are so by definition feminine.

    If a man has small feet, it does not make him less of a man.

    If you have evidence or a reasonable suspicion they are taking steriods please present it.

    FSK does have a very valid point that mainstream media is overtly obsessed with body weight and that it does badly affect some women (and to a lesser extent men).

    Who pays for all these athletes? I hope it is voluntary payments rather than government money. If a bank sponsors any of these athletes, the money should be considered looted, stolen and counterfeit.

    • My policy is to post all comments, even hostile ones. See the “node.js sucks” post for some real hostility.

      I’ve learned that “The more hostility a topic receives, the more important the subject.” Our culture has some messed up ideas about “ideal female body shape”. By encouraging average women to be insecure about their bodies, that facilitates mind control and product sales.

      This is an important idea. “Female professional athletes do not look like a ‘normal’ woman.”

      Also, if you see millions of people on TV saying “Wow! She is attractive!”, a clueless person will follow the example, rather than thinking for himself.

      I don’t care if you stop reading. Whenever someone says “I don’t like your ideas! I’m not reading anymore!”, then I know I’m writing about important things. Most people read without ever leaving a comment. I’m not going to self-censor due to a vocal minority.

      • I wasn’t aware that my comment was a hostile one.

        I was to a certain extent agreeing with you.

        Listen to what I said.

        I said that we are creations that are meant to do work.

        A professional athlete does not do useful work, but solely works-out to entertain people rich enough to buy tickets. They are sponsored by big companies such as Nike and so when people buy consumer products they are paying for the athletes to train full-time.

        It is wrong to do anything that is such that you don’t have a balanced life.

        Then again due to oil and a huge population, not all of us can work full-time and so maybe it is right a small percentage of people get a free pass not to have to work and can play and train all their young life.


        Normal office men are slightly overweight and hairy. Actors and models are not.

        • I was referring more to “Angry Black Adobo”.

          Male models and actors have shaved chests. A “normal” man has a hairy chest. A shaved chest makes a man look like a woman.

          • Anonymous Coward August 16, 2012 at 4:32 pm

            Charlton Heston is an example of a male lead actor prominent in films of a few decades ago such as Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green and Ben Hur.

            He had a good build and was muscular, but not at all like male stars of today. He probably maintained his physique by normal, regular sports.

            Male stars today are skinner, hairless and have gym muscles.

            Charlton Heston looked like a real man.

            Today male stars look vain and not at all like real men.

  5. Angry Black Abobo August 15, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    Let me guess, you have a monopoly on what is considered “normal”, right? If a woman is physically capable of running a marathon, climbing a mountain, lifting more than just her own weight, and has some visible musculature, then she’s just not considered “normal”.

    Perhaps you’ve been brainwashed by our obese society of perpetual layabouts, couch surfers, and ubiquitous fast food restaurants to believe what should be considered perfectly normal is instead abnormal? It couldn’t be that, could it?

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