Craiglist Fake Job Ads – Meet In A Hotel?

On Craigslist, you meet some really shady people.  There’s the usual “I want someone who will work for free.”

I’ve found something even more disturbing.  There are *TWO* people who asked to meet me in a hotel.  That is suspicious.  I considered going the first time, but my parents talked me out of it.  As a rule of thumb, unless it’s a real business with a real office, they’re expecting you to work for free (equity-only).  Shared office space is also a huge red flag.

I’m also concerned that two fake ads were placed by the same person, under two different identities.  I’m suspicious that two shady people asked to meet me in a hotel.  It could be the same person with two separate fake identities.

Two separate fake job ads asked me to meet them in a hotel.  I’m 99%+ sure that it’s some kind of scam.

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  1. Anonymous Coward August 19, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    I heard on the radio in the United Kingdom talk about how difficult it is for people to find work and how employers are sent so many job applications they don’t have the staff to even open them.

    The radio show host and his guest suggested that job applications be proactive and offer to work FOR FREE. As a sort of free trial.

    I listen to the Max Keiser show and often Reggie Middleton appears as a guest.

    I often hear Reggie say that free doesn’t exist. Reggie says he tells his children that “free is the most expensive option”.

    I agree with him.

    Somebody somewhere has to pay for free.

    People still need to pay rent, fuel and food bills.

    My first job was working for a software company. I was doing a custom project for an investment bank. I would think it highly likely an investment bank has lots of money.

    Anyway the scope of the work I was doing increased. My wage was low.

    My manager said I would do the extra work for free. I thought to myself that means I will have to work an extra weekend (on top of all the other weekends) for free.

    So really I was paying for this extra work. I regularly left work so late that the trains stopped and so I had to pay to get a mini-cab (taxi) home.

    Quite why I should be doing “free” work for an investment bank I don’t know.

    Anyway it happened again almost. Next time around a different investment bank wanted some work done by early next week. So I had to work yet another weekend. Ditto.

    My manager should have either refused the work at such short notice or charged them a lot extra.

    In the end it got so ridiculous that I left that job.

    As I was working so many weekends I was effectively working for free. Somebody somewhere was making more money that they should at my expense.

  2. Anonymous Coward August 19, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    I once went to a job interview at tiny outfit in countryside. It just consisted on the owner and two employees.

    As an interview questions they wanted a programming question done. It was a strange question as it was more of a mini-project that would be useful to that company.

    I did the interview question and handed the software over to them.

    At my interview, one of the employees told me that they couldn’t write that software themselves, no other candidate got the question correct and that they would be using my code in their software!

    Anyway I completed the face-to-face interviews and went home.

    I heard nothing for several weeks.

    Then the owner telephoned me and asked me to pay them another visit as they had another problem they wanted solved for free. Of course they would pay my train fare!

    That was getting too much for me. I told them I couldn’t do useful work for them for free.

    The next day I got a snotty email from him saying I didn’t get the job!

  3. Anonymous Coward August 19, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    I forgot to mention the software they asked as an interview question, was a pre-interview question and I wrote the software at home and emailed them the software before the face-to-face interviews.

    • I’ve seen that a lot. People ask an interview question when it’s actually a mini-project for them.

      On one interview, he wanted help optimizing his database. I told him how to do it, and then he probably didn’t need to hire me!

      • Anonymous Coward August 20, 2012 at 4:59 am

        A friend of mine often says all the bad hiring practices of the software industry are only held together by the vast numbers of people doing computer science degrees and as such looking for work.

        You can afford to offend lots of people, if even more people are still looking for work.

        I did hear a few years ago that word was getting out and less students were studying computer science. Who wants a career that only lasts 10 years at most? There are the lucky exceptions though.

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