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CSharpDev commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
So, uhm, I know this is a very old post... But you don't show any signs of improvement in your more recent comments. ASP.NET is not a language. That error alone shows that you are, indeed, clueless.

Joe Fisher commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

Fantastic blog. I loved it. I've tried a lot of web-development frameworks and tools and 90% of them are hyped to death like Node.js and waste your time. PHP is one exception. It may not be blindingly fast (though faster than people give it credit for), but for many web projects it's actually good enough and easy to use. When people give a new name to a reassembly of old stuff that all the young programmers have never heard of, and say it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, you have to be sceptical. And no I don't liked typeless languages for coding complex server-side tasks. Node applications will be so hard to maintain because the APIs are changing all the time and no one will have a clue what the type of variables are. To design a tool to be single-threaded and then have to subsequently fix it with load-balancers and other hacks just means that your initial assumption was wrong. I've seen too many "latest and greatest" technologies backed by narrow commercial interests fall by the wayside to waste my time trying to learn how to use it. What happens when Joyent decide to ditch it, huh? (And they will). How useful will Node.js skills be then? After you've had your fingers burned a few times that way and wasted too much valuable time you tend to gravitate to technologies that don't change much. Then you can make real progress instead of running around inside a hamster wheel chasing the latest programming fashion designed by inexperienced people and hyped by venture capitalists.

Bob commented on Open Pandora, PSP, or Android?.
Having a Pandora now for over a year ..

I can only simpily say than the Pandora is the only way to go ...

just look at all the emu's alone

daphne, MAME, gngeo , hatari , pcsx , mupen64plus , snes , stella , picodrive , temper , and dosbox to name a few.. and most play flawless...

full desktop

plays any format movies/music....

I have not put my pandora down since I bought it... just my 2 cents

I'm seriously considering getting a Pandora. However, I didn't like the way they screwed over the early preorders. My Android phone is good enough for most purposes.

Tom commented on Annoying "Freemium" Games.
The Freemium model is an alternative model that certainly doesn't feel awesome for buyers, but it's not used for making the buyer feel great about the product. And obviously you find the model annoying. It's more about providing a standard renewable income stream for the developer. There is no problem with that if you or others consider the model from a developer's perspective, and consider the developer might want to earn some money from their work, even if it's small. It's a fine line to walk in that business model without becoming annoying.

Tom commented on Annoying "Freemium" Games.

Here's a followup to my previous comment: I remembered I posted a blog writeup just over 2 years ago about the freemium model, and dealt with some of the benefits and issues. I wrote this as analysis on the business model because as a developer, I wanted to determine if I should use it. So far, I haven't.

You can only get away with freemium if you already have a track record of producing great games. When I see a "free" game has premium content, I usually move on to other things.

It's really silly to pay real money for in-game items, as many freemium games do. Some freemium games are not beatable unless you purchase premium content.

The best way is to add extra levels or extra game modes as the premium content. That's what Gemcraft Labyrinth does, the only freemium game I ever purchased.

On your blog, I liked this post. If your employer is truly incompetent, it can be more trouble than it's worth. An employer must have a certain level of skill, to appreciate when they're getting good work.

Anonymous Coward commented on Craiglist Fake Job Ads - Meet In A Hotel?.
I heard on the radio in the United Kingdom talk about how difficult it is for people to find work and how employers are sent so many job applications they don't have the staff to even open them.

The radio show host and his guest suggested that job applications be proactive and offer to work FOR FREE. As a sort of free trial.

I listen to the Max Keiser show and often Reggie Middleton appears as a guest.

I often hear Reggie say that free doesn't exist. Reggie says he tells his children that "free is the most expensive option".

I agree with him.

Somebody somewhere has to pay for free.

People still need to pay rent, fuel and food bills.

My first job was working for a software company. I was doing a custom project for an investment bank. I would think it highly likely an investment bank has lots of money.

Anyway the scope of the work I was doing increased. My wage was low.

My manager said I would do the extra work for free. I thought to myself that means I will have to work an extra weekend (on top of all the other weekends) for free.

So really I was paying for this extra work. I regularly left work so late that the trains stopped and so I had to pay to get a mini-cab (taxi) home.

Quite why I should be doing "free" work for an investment bank I don't know.

Anyway it happened again almost. Next time around a different investment bank wanted some work done by early next week. So I had to work yet another weekend. Ditto.

My manager should have either refused the work at such short notice or charged them a lot extra.

In the end it got so ridiculous that I left that job.

As I was working so many weekends I was effectively working for free. Somebody somewhere was making more money that they should at my expense.

Anonymous Coward commented on Craiglist Fake Job Ads - Meet In A Hotel?.

I once went to a job interview at tiny outfit in countryside. It just consisted on the owner and two employees.

As an interview questions they wanted a programming question done. It was a strange question as it was more of a mini-project that would be useful to that company.

I did the interview question and handed the software over to them.

At my interview, one of the employees told me that they couldn't write that software themselves, no other candidate got the question correct and that they would be using my code in their software!

Anyway I completed the face-to-face interviews and went home.

I heard nothing for several weeks.

Then the owner telephoned me and asked me to pay them another visit as they had another problem they wanted solved for free. Of course they would pay my train fare!

That was getting too much for me. I told them I couldn't do useful work for them for free.

The next day I got a snotty email from him saying I didn't get the job!

Anonymous Coward commented on Craiglist Fake Job Ads - Meet In A Hotel?.

I forgot to mention the software they asked as an interview question, was a pre-interview question and I wrote the software at home and emailed them the software before the face-to-face interviews.

I've seen that a lot. People ask an interview question when it's actually a mini-project for them.

On one interview, he wanted help optimizing his database. I told him how to do it, and then he probably didn't need to hire me!

Anonymous Coward commented on Craiglist Fake Job Ads - Meet In A Hotel?.

A friend of mine often says all the bad hiring practices of the software industry are only held together by the vast numbers of people doing computer science degrees and as such looking for work.

You can afford to offend lots of people, if even more people are still looking for work.

I did hear a few years ago that word was getting out and less students were studying computer science. Who wants a career that only lasts 10 years at most? There are the lucky exceptions though.

gilliganscorner commented on "You Didn't Build That" And "Romney Hood".
If you’re a successful bureaucrat, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I lied better than everybody else. Let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of lying politicians out there.

If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was an innovative entrepreneur somewhere whose tax payments funded your position. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody’s money was taken at the threat of imprisonment and handed over to you and your cronies to pay for roads and bridges, regardless of whether they agreed to if, how, where, by whom, and at what price.

If you’ve got a high ranking position and a pretty office with a federal, state, or city flag in it — you didn’t build that. Some homeowner’s property tax, some businessman’s corporate/payroll tax, or some wage earner’s income tax money was used to fund it, somebody else made that happen.

The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Businesses and voluntary open source communities made the Internet useful, only to have bureaucrats utilize those services to enhance the efficiency of their spying, looting and propaganda, and to support the entire edifice of an ever more growing, bloated, and intrusive police state.

The point is, is that when we bureaucrats succeed, we succeed on the backs of hard working individuals, entrepreneurs, and future generations who weren’t even given the illusion of a choice in this matter.

Anonymous Coward commented on "You Didn't Build That" And "Romney Hood".

In the United Kingdom, the National Health System is being slowly privatized.

Only 20% of the UK population voted for David Cam-Moron for Prime Minister (36% of votes and only 60% voted). Cam-Moron promised to keep NHS spending the same.

However private companies will now get taxpayers' money to provide NHS services. How much of this will go into private profit? It is more privatization.

If you are a thick, posh, stupid clown you cannot make money by going into real business. You can only make money by having a mate in government giving you a free ride.

Today you have get a student loan to go to university.

Why do we pay 60% taxation when health care is going away and there is no longer a free university education?

Ironically one National Health doctor was refused cancer drugs to treat her cancer! There was a Daily Mail article and I think the decision was reversed.

From the ages of 11 - 18, school was free for me, but the quality of teaching was poor.

Anonymous Coward commented on Romney's Tax Returns - What Was Romney's Real Taxation Rate?.

In the United Kingdom, 40% of the people did not vote. Of those that voted, only 36% voted by David Cam-Moron as Prime Minister.

So only 20% of the people voted for this clown, who previously worked in Public Relations. Even for that job, Buckingham Palace had to make a phone call to help him get his job.

Anyway from the above article you will see David's father moved money outside of the UK, potentially to avoid tax.

DGarr commented on Romney's Tax Returns - What Was Romney's Real Taxation Rate?.

It is not just liberals who want to see Romney's tax returns.

It is 63% of American voters who do.

The longer Mr. Romney delays, the more suspicious it appears.

Obama released 8 years of tax returns

GW Bush 10 years

Clinton 12 years

GHW Bush 14 years

George Romney 12 years.

What is the problem, Mr. Romney? Release your tax returns.

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