Yahoo – A Corporation Run By Idiots

The senior management of Yahoo made one boneheaded decision after another.  They turned down a buyout offer from Microsoft.  Now, their stock is trading for a fraction of the offer price.

Yahoo’s management knew that Microsoft would replace them.  The voted against the merger to protect their jobs.  They knew that they might never find a comparable job.

That’s one problem with investing in the stock market.  Management will act in their interests, and not the interests of shareholders.

That’s one reason that gold has crushed the stock market over the past 10-15 years.  With stocks you get earnings.  However, management will line their pockets at the expense of shareholders.  The cost of the fraud/waste/theft is greater than the value of the earnings.

This page is one indication of Yahoo’s gross incompetence.  That’s the home page for Yahoo News, cell phone version.  It hasn’t been updated since May 24, 2012!  What kind of idiots run Yahoo?  Not a single Yahoo employee visited that webpage since May?  (Bizarrely, if you click on one of the links, you get to a current page.  At one time, that page updated properly, because I bookmarked it on my cell phone.)

Yahoo just hired a female CEO.  If you value based on political correctness, it’s a brilliant move.  If you evaluate on merit, not so much.

Yahoo is a software company.  Almost all computer programmers are men.  Of the top performers I’ve worked with, none of them were women.  The idiots at Yahoo think that software is not important.  That’s why Yahoo is doing poorly.

On average, men are better than women at Math and computers.  Some people get very upset by that statement, but it’s true.  I haven’t met their CEO, so she may be one of the rare women who’s really in the top 1% performers, but I doubt it.  It’s more likely that she’s a skilled liar, just like all other CEOs.

Yahoo has pretty lousy software.  Most of their systems haven’t been updated in a long time.  They can survive due to inertia.  They aren’t as successful as they would be, if management were not fools.

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  1. Even five years ago, I noticed there was something wrong with Yahoo.

    I had a fairly innocuous website hosted on Yahoo and paid for it monthly. Because I wanted some extra favours from Yahoo, I actually paid them quite a bit of money.

    After a few months, I looked up my website and found it had disappeared.

    Yahoo didn’t even bother to send me an email about my website disappearing.

    I contacted them and was told I had violated one of the terms of the service agreement.

    I asked them several times what term I had violated and they refused to tell me. So I asked them again. They refused to tell me.

    As I had just spent several hundred dollars with them for an _extra_ feature that was a bit pointless now my website had disappeared, I asked for a refund. I eventually got it.

    Fortunately I had the good sense to have my domain name registered with another company. So I managed to get my website back up and running with another hosting company within a few hours. If I had purchased my domain name with Yahoo, I would have been stuffed. Well stuffed at least for several weeks to months. My website sells software to governments, banks and famous companies, so you can imagine it is pretty boring and tame stuff.

    I contacted a former colleague about Yahoo and he too told me Yahoo took his website down for a term of service violation, but they couldn’t tell him what term was violated. He managed to get his money back by contacting his credit card company.

    My website was a really innocuous one about a computer science topic developed in the 1970s.

    My former colleague is a technie and I can guess his website was pretty tame as well.

    But what a bunch of idiots Yahoo must have.

    • I’m using Linode and Namecheap. I haven’t had any problems with either of them.

      Given the content of my blog, someone who was being strict could say I violated the TOS. For example, the Blogger TOS say that you can’t advocate for illegal activities. I advocate for boycotting the Federal Reserve and IRS, which could be interpreted as a TOS violation.

      • Anonymous Coward August 29, 2012 at 2:24 pm

        For about a month or so, I hosted a website on an old desktop computer of my own running FreeBSD. It was located at home and on a home Broadband type connection.

        I think this may have been before home Broadband Internet connections were upgraded and became faster.

        Anyway after a while, I realized hosting myself was stupid as I just couldn’t deliver enough bandwidth for all the downloads I was getting.

        Nonetheless it was a learning experience and it all adding to the fun of the experience.

        • I couldn’t host a website from my home PC, because I have a dynamic IP address. Many ISPs don’t give static IPs, so people have to buy one of the higher-tier services to host a website.

          When you take into account bandwidth and other costs, a Linode is a better deal.

          • Anonymous Coward August 29, 2012 at 3:17 pm

            I had a dynamic IP address as well.

            There was a free daemon I downloaded for FreeBSD that automatically pings the company I purchased the domain name from everytime the IP address changes.

            So it worked with my dynamic IP address.

            Check out


            I have even seen some combined firewalls/routers/ADSL modems with built-in support for notifying a company with your domain everytime your IP address changes.

          • Does that work? When you change a DNS record, it takes awhile to propagate?

            My DSL connection is only 1MBit down, 0.2MBit up. I couldn’t host a website.

  2. Anonymous Coward August 29, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    Yes, I remember it worked well.

    Back then even though I had a dynamic IP, it typically only changed when I manually disconnected and reconnected my connection. So I could have the same IP address for days at a time pretty much used to specialize in this area and so I presume they got something decent working.

    However the real problem was that I couldn’t stand to hear my desktop computer’s fan spinning when I was trying to go to sleep.

    I also didn’t want to leave my old desktop computer (filled up with dust) on all the time.

    So a hosted computer was by far the better choice.

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