Ron Paul At The Republican Convention

A lot of Ron Paul supporters are upset at the Republican convention.  They should learn the true lesson.  It’s hopeless to work within the system.

Due to some technicalities, some Ron Paul delegates were not allowed into the convention.

The rules were changed so that Ron Paul could not be formally nominated.  Ron Paul was denied the opportunity to speak at the convention.

It’s amusing to read the mainstream media spin.  They say “Ron Paul refused to speak.”  What actually happened is “Ron Paul was ordered to submit his speech for approval ahead of time.  Ron Paul refused to bend over, and was denied the chance to speak.”

Ron Paul should have resorted to trickery.  He could have submitted one speech for approval, and then went off-teleprompter.  I’m disappointed he didn’t try that.

Excluding Ron Paul is a common propaganda trick.  It’s important to present the illusion that everyone 100% totally supports Romney.  When you’re spreading a mass disinformation campaign, you can’t allow anyone to express a contrary opinion.  If the “mainstream” Republican viewpoint really was the One True Answer, they could afford to allow dissenting and obviously-wrong viewpoints.  When you’re lying, you can’t afford to have anyone publicly disagree with you.  Otherwise, the victims might start thinking for themselves.

Rand Paul is amusing.  When Rand Paul criticizes big government and the Federal Reserve, it sounds like he’s reciting his lines, rather than really meaning it.  Rand Paul realized “If I say these things, people will like me, even though I don’t really understand why.”  Ron Paul can’t deviate from the script, out of concern for his son’s political career.  Maybe Rand Paul will be a successful libertarian-leaning politician.  I’m not holding my breath waiting.

Is Rand Paul hoping to run for President in 4-12 years?  That would be amusing, if he is elected President and does the same evil things as every other President.

Ron Paul and Rand Paul are an intellectual trap, for people who want more freedom.  They are tricked into supporting specific candidates and wasting their energy.  The correct answer is that the system is completely corrupt, and can’t be reformed from within.

Is Ron Paul intentionally misleading people?  Is he a “useful idiot”?  He’s promoting a Libertarian version of Statism, rather than market anarchism.  If there were no high-profile libertarian candidates, State liars would have to invent one.  Ron Paul distracts the people who are concerned about big government, but unwilling to do anything more extreme than voting.

Ron Paul and Rand Paul found their market niche.  They appeal to people who are concerned about big government.  Rand Paul sounds like he’s reciting his lines, rather than really meaning it.  By promoting State-Libertarianism, they’re distracting people from market anarchism.

However, I did learn about agorism while researching Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential campaign.  On the Ron Paul forums, there are some people who mention market anarchism.  More people are getting disgusted with “working within the system”.  I’m noticing more and more people saying “Forget it.  Don’t try and work withing the system.  Stop paying taxes.  Hoard gold and food and lead.”

Ron Paul supporters tend to be more aware than most people.  When Ron Paul is mistreated, that may help them realize it’s completely rigged.

When more than 50% of the people work for the government (directly or indirectly), it is impossible to achieve real reform by voting.  Anyone dependent on government will vote against attempts to shrink government.

At the Republican convention, Ron Paul’s delegates were not treated fairly.  What did they expect?  Were they actually surprised?

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  1. Or maybe Ron did not want to be assassinated.

    He did a great service by showing how corrupt and worthless the system is at this time. I’m for him going home and doing what he needs to do for himself and his family. The ‘Merikans deserve all the suffering they have coming. It is too bad I’ll have to suffer to, but I at least I can laugh at them and say I told you so.

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