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“You Didn’t Build That” And “Romney Hood”

This story was interesting.  Obama famously said “You didn’t build that!”, which was widely criticized.  Obama meant “Small business owners benefit from State infrastructure.  Therefore, they shouldn’t complain about high taxes.”

Obama also invented the phrase “Romney Hood”.  He said that Romney’s policies would steal from the poor and give to the rich.

“You didn’t build that!” is the standard pro-State troll argument for “Taxation is not theft!”  You “benefit” from State services.  Therefore, you are property of the State and owe more than half your life to taxes.

According to parasite logic, the small business owner is a parasite leeching off State services.  The politicians are the heroes.  It’s inverted values.  Most successful small businesses have to provide useful products.  They have to provide value to keep their customers *AND* pay for the costs of the huge State extortion racket.

Almost all government spending is waste and pork and theft.  The “beneficial” aspects of government are a tiny percentage of total spending.  Police are a tiny fraction of the government’s budget.  More police effort is spent on victimless “statutory” non-crime than on real crimes.  Government builds and repairs roads.  Even for that, a lot of the spending disappears as pork and waste.

I did go to a State public school.  That was paid for via the taxes my parents paid at the time.  Just because I went to a State school, doesn’t mean that State parasites have an unlimited claim on my life and my labor.

Right now, the State has a monopoly for police and roadbuilding.  I am forced at gunpoint to pay for these things.  Then, politicians claim this “benefit” justifies forcing me to pay for all the other evil things they do.

“Romney Hood” is another misconception.  A pro-State troll says “Taxes take from the rich and redistribute to the poor.”  In practice, insiders use taxes to steal from everyone from their own benefit.

The State is an excellent example of a reverse Robin Hood, stealing from the poor and giving to the rich.

The actual tax rate is irrelevant.  The super-wealthy are negative taxpayers.  If you use the State to steal $1B, does it make a difference if you pay a tax of 50% or 75% or 25% or 0% on the money you stole?

“Negative taxpayers” is an important concept.  True insiders steal more via the State, than the amount of taxes they pay.  Their actual tax rate is irrelevant.

Progressive tax rates hurt successful small business owners the most.  They don’t get to use fancy trusts and tricks to avoid taxes.  They don’t get the perk of lobbying and stealing via the State, like true insiders.

Voting is a fake choice.  Both Romney and Obama are criminals.  Neither of them worked an honest day of work in their life.  Obama is a lawyer and a politician.  Romney is a bankster and a politician.

“You didn’t build that!” shows that Obama thinks like a true Statist.  It’s a standard pro-State troll argument for “Taxation is not theft!”  “Romney Hood” also is an important misconception.  To insiders, tax rates are irrelevant, because they’re negative taxpayers.  Government is one big reverse Robin Hood, stealing from the poor and giving to the rich.

Reader Mail – 08/12/2012 To 08/18/2012

Anonymous Coward commented on I Didn’t Watch The Olympics.

Don’t mention the capital city of England and the year in the same sentence or window or logo otherwise Olympic trading enforcement goons will pay you a visit!

Oh dear, I do see the date above added automatically by the blogging engine WordPress. Worse the capital city of England is mentioned in the post.

Tut tut…

Anonymous Coward commented on I Didn’t Watch The Olympics.

In case you missed what I was referring to in my above comment, please refer to:

Someone did list a whole set of words that you are not allowed to use together. Using London in combination with the year could get your into hot water. And a whole host of other words as well.

Angry Black Abobo commented on I Didn’t Watch The Olympics.

Does this really look like a man to you?

Or this?

If so, it’s probably time to get your eyes checked.

Yes, both of those “women” look like men. I’m referring to gymnastics and weightlifting, where it’s even more disgusting.

Angry Black Abobo commented on I Didn’t Watch The Olympics.

If those two look like men to you, I’d hate to find out what you think a real woman looks like.

Probably something along the lines of a barn in a housedress?

On women, muscles are not attractive.

In order to develop big muscles and Olympic level talent, you need to repeat the same motion over and over again. It’s actually a type of mental illness.

Based on my observations, an attractive woman would be considered slightly/somewhat overweight by mainstream media standards. By promoting anorexic women as “attractive”, that reinforces insecurity and makes women easy to manipulate.

Why should you care if I disagree with you on standard of attractiveness? You can pursue the ugly “women”, and I’ll look for real women.

Angry Black Abobo commented on I Didn’t Watch The Olympics.

Interesting logic. Walking is also the repetition of the same motion over and over again. I guess that must mean that walking around represents a mental illness as well. And aren’t you a programmer? Doesn’t that require the same motion of tapping at a keyboard over and over? That must be a mental illness too.

Why should you care if I comment on one of your blog posts, and perhaps offer a bit of disagreement? You can always close the comments section down, and I can read the blog of someone who can handle a little good-natured banter.

Anonymous Coward commented on I Didn’t Watch The Olympics.

I think you are all wrong.

It is important to be physically fit and healthy. We are more than just our minds.

However our bodies are just “suits” that we wear. We are so much more than just bodies.

We are a creation that is itself capable of creation and valid work. Work is valid for its own sake.

Over objectification is wrong.

Even if you think these women look muscular, the muscles are female muscles are so by definition feminine.

If a man has small feet, it does not make him less of a man.

If you have evidence or a reasonable suspicion they are taking steriods please present it.

FSK does have a very valid point that mainstream media is overtly obsessed with body weight and that it does badly affect some women (and to a lesser extent men).

Who pays for all these athletes? I hope it is voluntary payments rather than government money. If a bank sponsors any of these athletes, the money should be considered looted, stolen and counterfeit.

My policy is to post all comments, even hostile ones. See the “node.js sucks” post for some real hostility.

I’ve learned that “The more hostility a topic receives, the more important the subject.” Our culture has some messed up ideas about “ideal female body shape”. By encouraging average women to be insecure about their bodies, that facilitates mind control and product sales.

This is an important idea. “Female professional athletes do not look like a ‘normal’ woman.”

Also, if you see millions of people on TV saying “Wow! She is attractive!”, a clueless person will follow the example, rather than thinking for himself.

I don’t care if you stop reading. Whenever someone says “I don’t like your ideas! I’m not reading anymore!”, then I know I’m writing about important things. Most people read without ever leaving a comment. I’m not going to self-censor due to a vocal minority.

Angry Black Abobo commented on I Didn’t Watch The Olympics.

Let me guess, you have a monopoly on what is considered “normal”, right? If a woman is physically capable of running a marathon, climbing a mountain, lifting more than just her own weight, and has some visible musculature, then she’s just not considered “normal”.

Perhaps you’ve been brainwashed by our obese society of perpetual layabouts, couch surfers, and ubiquitous fast food restaurants to believe what should be considered perfectly normal is instead abnormal? It couldn’t be that, could it?

Anonymous Coward commented on I Didn’t Watch The Olympics.

I wasn’t aware that my comment was a hostile one.

I was to a certain extent agreeing with you.

Listen to what I said.

I said that we are creations that are meant to do work.

A professional athlete does not do useful work, but solely works-out to entertain people rich enough to buy tickets. They are sponsored by big companies such as Nike and so when people buy consumer products they are paying for the athletes to train full-time.

It is wrong to do anything that is such that you don’t have a balanced life.

Then again due to oil and a huge population, not all of us can work full-time and so maybe it is right a small percentage of people get a free pass not to have to work and can play and train all their young life.


Normal office men are slightly overweight and hairy. Actors and models are not.

I was referring more to “Angry Black Adobo”.

Male models and actors have shaved chests. A “normal” man has a hairy chest. A shaved chest makes a man look like a woman.

Anonymous Coward commented on I Didn’t Watch The Olympics.

Charlton Heston is an example of a male lead actor prominent in films of a few decades ago such as Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green and Ben Hur.

He had a good build and was muscular, but not at all like male stars of today. He probably maintained his physique by normal, regular sports.

Male stars today are skinner, hairless and have gym muscles.

Charlton Heston looked like a real man.

Today male stars look vain and not at all like real men.

Anonymous Coward commented on High Frequency Trading Has No Economic Value.
With taxation so high it is no longer economical for UK companies to explore for more oil and gas in the North Sea and the declining reserves, the UK no longer has enough cheap energy to manufacture real goods. High rents and taxes means the UK cannot complete with more switched on Asian countries. I feel that silly looking boy, Gidgeon Osborne (UK Chancellor) increased taxes for North Sea oil companies.

I think FSK is being too hard. Without fraud, there would be hardly any economic activity in the City of London. Everybody would have to go home.

Why should the UK get its hands dirty on North Sea oil, when there are clean office jobs stealing money!

Anonymous Coward commented on High Frequency Trading Has No Economic Value.

Without hedge fund stealing there won’t be any money for cocktail parties and balls attended to by the Conservative political party.

Why is FSK begrudging politicians looted money?

David Cameron and that silly arse Boris Johnson have nice plummy voices. We like our politicians to look posh, wear nice suits and speak properly. The Hedge Funds lubricate them with money.

Anonymous Coward commented on High Frequency Trading Has No Economic Value.

Off-topic, but the news reports say that 40 police officers are surrounding the Ecuadorian embassy in London and are in all the communal areas of the building.

Anyone that does any basic research using the Internet will find out.

1) The relevant Swedish prosecutor dropped the case against Julian Assange.

2) The two women only had a problem days later and that was after they met each other.

3) One woman made favorable blog posts about Julian and took a photograph of him, after the alleged misconduct. She then tried to delete the posts, but due to caching they were retrieved.

4) One woman reported she felt violated by the police and felt they were putting words in her mouth. She refused to sign anything. She has left the country and is refusing to co-operate with the Swedish prosecutor with political connections from a city far away from where the events happened.

At least 40 police officers are surrounding the embassy.

My family had a sizable amount of money stolen from them. It is highly likely the thief would have been captured on close circuit television cameras. When the crime was reported to the police, they did NOTHING.

A house near to us was being burgled. A neighbour telephoned the police and they refused to attend.

Anonymous Coward commented on Amber Gold – Polish Gold Fund Fraud.
We need our own small country and good defenses.

Even if there was a small country that was really free, it would be invaded by the larger States who see it as a threat. “They’re selling drugs!” or “They’re selling weapons!” or “They’re terrorists!” would be the excuse for an invasion.

Even if you have 1000-10000 armed and trained people, that still can’t hold off a big military. Even if you have a group of 10k, you can be sure some of them would be undercover spies. State thugs adopt a “kidnap the ringleaders” strategy. That gives everyone else an incentive to abandon you when the going gets rough.[/rawr]

Craiglist Fake Job Ads – Meet In A Hotel?

On Craigslist, you meet some really shady people.  There’s the usual “I want someone who will work for free.”

I’ve found something even more disturbing.  There are *TWO* people who asked to meet me in a hotel.  That is suspicious.  I considered going the first time, but my parents talked me out of it.  As a rule of thumb, unless it’s a real business with a real office, they’re expecting you to work for free (equity-only).  Shared office space is also a huge red flag.

I’m also concerned that two fake ads were placed by the same person, under two different identities.  I’m suspicious that two shady people asked to meet me in a hotel.  It could be the same person with two separate fake identities.

Two separate fake job ads asked me to meet them in a hotel.  I’m 99%+ sure that it’s some kind of scam.

Annoying “Freemium” Games

I like playing free Internet Flash games.  For mainstream commercial games, there’s a 20+ person development team.  That means the authors can’t take creative risks.  Most Flash games have a 1 person development team.  You see more originality.

In the era of “classic” computer games, most games were written by one person, leading to much originality.  With Flash games, I see more variety.

However, there’s a disturbing trend.  It’s “freemium” games.  For “freemium” games, you can play for free.  However, you can pay cash for extra items, giving you an unfair advantage.

Either you pay extra money, or your character is weaker, or you have to spend a lot of time grinding for items and levels.

There’s only one “freemium” game I bought.  That was “Gemcraft Labyrinth”.  It was worth the $5.  However, that author only got my purchase because he had previously published two excellent completely free games.  I’m probably going to buy the next version when it comes out “Gemcraft 2 Chasing Shadows”.

There are some great free flash games, if you know where to look.  I’m offended by “freemium” games, where you have to pay for extra items to get a decent character.  I’m noticing more and more games like that.  However, there’s one easy solution.  I can refuse to play them.


Amber Gold – Polish Gold Fund Fraud

This story is interesting.  Amber Gold was a Polish investment fund.  They claimed to invest in gold.

It turned out to be a scam.  Investors are SOL.

This is only a $24M fraud.  It’s small compared to the major PM funds.

The Polish government banking regulator did put Amber Gold on a “potential fraud list”.  That’s better than regulators in the USA.  In the USA, an investigation is typically kept secret until the indictment

I watch American Greed on the Communism Channel (CNBC).  It’s interesting to see how the Ponzi scammers operate.  They are very good at emotionally intimidating people.  Most of the time, the Ponzi isn’t caught until the scammer runs out of money.  Sometimes, police do preemptively shut down a scam.  Even in those cases, I’m always wondering why the police take their time.  If they suspect it’s a scam, why let it keep operating for months during the investigation?  They could have prevented losses by some investors.

That’s the big problem with the State financial system.  There’s nothing preventing dishonest executives from stealing customer money.  The regulators can’t prevent banksters from stealing customer accounts.  If the theft is large enough, there isn’t even a credible threat of prison for the ringleaders.  Only small fry like Peregrine/Wasendorf go to prison, while big scammers like Corzine get away with it.

There’s another amusing bit regarding Ponzis on American Greed.  When the scammer runs out of money, he frequently turns himself in to police!  Paradoxically, the State protects criminals.  The State prevents a Ponzi scammer’s victims from getting real justice for themselves.  Instead, the scammer is placed in prison.  Really, the scammer should be locked in a room with his victims, and the police ignore whatever happens afterwards.  Bernard Madoff is safer in prison, than in public where someone might take out their frustration on him.

In a free market justice system, there would be a concept of weregeld.  If you murder someone, the victim’s relatives have a choice of either accpeting a fine, or murdering the criminal.  That also would apply to Ponzis.  If the debt is greater than the weregeld fine, then the victims should be allowed to execute the criminal.  Why should I pay for the cost of keeping Bernard Madoff in prison, via taxes?  Why not have a pay-per-view execution, with the money going to the victims?

Also, State regulators protect scammers.  Investors figure “If this was a fraud, then State police would have shut it down!”  Bernard Madoff “passed” several SEC audits, using his connections to escape when people started suspecting him.  He then claimed “I passed an SEC audit.  Therefore, my investment fund is legitimate!”  All people involved in a scam should be partially responsible, including negligent State regulators.  In a really free market, an auditor would have personal liability, if he signed off on something that turned out to be a fraud.

If you’re the manager of a PM fund, customer assets are a tempting theft target.  Even though the fund claims to be full reserve, nothing prevents the fund manager from lying.  It’s the classic fractional reserve banking scam.  As long as all fundholders don’t simultaneously redeem their shares, the theft is undetected.  As long as there are more new investors than redemptions, the scam can continue indefinitely, just like any Ponzi.

If you read the fine print of the GLD/SLV prospectus, the fund manager can lend out gold to short sellers.  If there’s a default, shareholders get stuck with the loss.  (Someones, trolls give me a hard time about that statement.  If you read the “subcustodians” clause of the prospectus, that allows fancy tricks with the fund shareholders’ metal)  PHYS and PSLV claim to have full reserves.  However, if the fund manager lies or commits fraud, shareholders are still stuck.  Just because a fund is audited, doesn’t mean it isn’t a fraud.  Enron/Lehman/Healthsouth/Worldcom/MFG/Peregrine were all audited.

The actual return of GLD is the price of gold minus the management fee of approximately 0.5%.  When you add the default risk to GLD, it’s actually a much worse investment!

Sometime in the next 10-20 years, there will be a default one of the big PM funds.  The price of physical may skyrocket, when people redeem their shares and buy physical.  On the other hand, those shares may not be worth anything when investors try to redeem them!

Unfortunately, there literally is no safe investment.  If you invest in the State financial system, you can be robbed.  You’ll be robbed by inflation, management fees, hidden fees, or outright theft.  If you hide metal in your home, you can also be robbed.  Whenever you buy gold and silver from a State dealer, your ID is recorded and that information can be leaked or used later.  With physical metal, you can be robbed by ordinary criminals.  You can be robbed by criminals wearing badges and uniforms, as they say “Only a criminal would hide gold and silver in his home!”  There literally is no safe place to keep your savings.

High Frequency Trading Has No Economic Value

Suppose that all the high frequency traders were interviewed for a job.  I asked them “What are you doing for me, that I should pay you all this money?”  They would reply “We’re providing liquidity!” or “We’re facilitating price discovery!”  That is nonsense.

The rules of the market favor insiders.  If you tried to invest your own money and implement a high-frequency trading system, you will probably fail.  Insiders get perks that you don’t get.

The high-frequency traders co-locate servers at the exchanges.  Unless you also do that, you have a disadvantage.

The high-frequency traders are usually linked to a big bank.  They get to peek at incoming customer orders.  The bank can fill the trade from their own account, or send it out to the market.  That’s a valuable implied option.  Unless you get that perk, you’re at a disadvantage.

Why do stocks need to trade continuously all day?  Suppose that each stock only traded once per day.  The buy orders and sell orders are matched.  If your order doesn’t match the price, you have to wait until the next day.  That would be a simpler and more transparent system.  That wouldn’t let insiders scalp money off each trade.

If stocks only traded once a day, most trades would occur between two actual customers.  Middlemen would only scalp a little.

When stocks trade continuously, most trades occur between a customer and a State middleman.  The middleman artificially raises transaction costs, scalping a penny off each trade.  Sometimes, the middlemen manipulate prices, further raising costs.

Besides, the stock market is one big scam.  As a retail customer, you’re an idiot to buy stocks.  Your returns won’t keep pace with true inflation.

High frequency trading has no economic value.  It enables State middlemen to scalp money off each trade.  With a corrupt monetary system and high inflation, people are forced to invest to protect their savings.  The stock market is a huge theft engine, transferring wealth from non-insiders to insiders.

Peregrine CEO Indicted

The CEO of Peregrine Financial was indicted.  I already wrote about Peregrine.  Peregrine’s CEO, Russell Wasendorf Sr., stole more than $100M of segregated customer money.  He lied to regulators and forged bank statements.  It’s nearly an exact duplicate of MF Global.

Russell Wasendorf’s son, Russell Wasendorf Jr., is cooperating with regulators.  He claims that his father committed the bank fraud on his own, without telling him.  That is suspicious, but also possible.

In the USA legal system, you aren’t responsible for the crimes of your relatives.  Is that a mistake?  If you were responsible for the crimes of your relatives, that encourages more honest behavior.  Your relatives would have an incentive to keep you away from crime.  If someone is a proven troublemaker, your relatives could formally disown you.  Unless he could find another group of people willing to take responsibility for him, a criminal would have a hard time surviving.

The mainstream media spin will be “Finally!  A corrupt bank CEO goes to prison.”  Wasendorf’s is not “too big to be indicted”.  He’s small fry compared to Corzine and Lehman.

With Peregrine, Wasendorf flagrantly and directly committed fraud.  With MF Global, the details were more carefully obfuscated, giving Corzine plausible deniability.  Corzine encouraged his subordinates to have sloppy accounting.  He fired a risk manager who questioned his risky bets in European bonds.  Corzine made sure that all his subordinates were spineless yes-men, rather than people who would say “Wait a minute!  We shouldn’t take segregated customer money out of the account.”

At the banks I worked at, you couldn’t spend $1 without getting the approval of ten people.  It’s hard to imagine that $1.6B of customer money was stolen without Corzine knowing.  Corzine was smart enough to make sure that there’s no paper trail or E-Mails, showing he directed the scam.  He may have hired subordinates who were smart enough to steal on their own, without explicitly being orderd.

Corzine claims that he’s incompetent.  He’s a swell guy who would never intentionally steal customer money.  I don’t accept that excuse.  If you’re the CEO, you’re responsible for what happens.  It makes no difference if you rob customers explicitly and directly, or if you’re so incompetent that you don’t know what’s going on.  If you’re so clueless that you can’t hire competent subordinates and keep track of what they’re doing, then you shouldn’t be CEO.

That’s a key principle of the corrupt “justice” system.  If a CEO claims his subordinates tricked him or were incompetent, then the CEO didn’t commit a crime.  That’s ridiculous.  The leader is always is responsible.  If the CEO’s subordinates did a bad job, then it’s the CEO’s fault for hiring them and not properly supervising them.  That loophole allows insiders to get away with crimes, using the “I’m stupid!” defense.

Even more corrupt, many of MF Global’s executives moved on to high-ranking jobs in other banks.  Some of those executives helped funnel customer money to other banks, and then were rewarded with jobs after MF Global imploded.

Peregrine was not “too big to fail” and Wasendorf is not “too big to be indicted”.  The fnord is “Wasendorf was convicted.  Therefore, all corrupt banksters go to jail.  Wasendorf was indicted and not Corzine.  Therefore, Corzine is not a criminal.”

I Didn’t Watch The Olympics

The Olympics are over.  I didn’t watch it at all.  I’d rather watch a Yankees game, than waste time on the Olympics.

I don’t like the way NBC spends way too much time taking about the athlete’s personal history, instead of showing the events.

In 1992, in Greco-Roman Wrestling, the USA wrestler was against a Russian wrestler who had never lost.  They spent a ton of time hyping the match.  Finally, it was time for the match.  They showed the first 5 seconds, then said “And the USA wrestler won in overtime!”, and cut to the medal ceremony.  After that, I stopped watching the Olympics.

It’s also silly that the events are on tape-delay.  I can just read a summary on Yahoo Sports, and avoid wasting time watching lousy TV.

Also, the qualifying rules are unfair.  If you’re the 4th best runner in the USA, you don’t qualify for the Olympics, even if you’re the 4th best in the world.  National boundaries are an arbitrary creation of the State.  Why should some top athletes be excluded, just based on where they were born?

Here’s another example.  There’s a rule that says only 2 athletes per country can qualify for the overall final in Gymnastics.  One woman from the USA was 4th overall, but 3rd in the USA, and was unfairly excluded from the finals.

It’s also funny how the Olympics say “It’s all about the athletes!”, while being one of the most heavily commercialized businesses.  Technically, the IOC is a “non-profit”, but the executives pay themselves huge salaries.

They make a lot of money merchandising, “The Official X Of The Olympics”.  This story was amusing.  Yohan Blake wore a $500k custom watch during his race.  He got into trouble because it wasn’t the “official” watch sponsor of the Olymjpics.

This story is interesting.  In the USA, the IOC is given exclusive use of the word “Olympics”.  No business may use the word “Olympics” without paying a royalty.

This story is interesting.  London passed a law, imposing draconian penalties for anyone who scalps Olympic tickets.  However, the “official ticket stores” are not in good locations.  The Internet ticket store is an buggy mess.  Fortunately, there’s a nice “underground economy” in scalping Olympic tickets.  Even though it’s illegal, the “official” sales are so inefficient that there’s an opportunity for scalpers.  It’s risky, but the sellers are using a good model for an agorist economy.

This story was interesting.  For the women who compete in the Olympics, they have to work out excessively.  They look more like men than women.  One Turkish newspaper writer observed the Olympic women look like men, and got into trouble for saying a forbidden truth.  Very often, “attractive” female celebrities look like men and “attractive” male celebrities look like women.

Overall, the Olympics are a waste of time.  They are heavily commercialized.  It’s not fair to exclude some athletes, based solely on what country they represent.  I don’t like the way NBC talks about the athlete’s personal history, instead of showing the actual events.

Reader Mail – 08/05/2012 To 08/11/2012

Breogan commented on About FSK.
Hello FSK, I started reading your blog a few days ago. It was really a ground-breaking discovery to me find your older and this newer blog. But there's something I don't actually understand. In a real free market, wouldn't just change the name of the psycopaths that rule publicly? I mean, instead of being governed by the state with the help of their armies, we will be governed by the big companies with the help of their armies, cause they for sure would get one. The first thing to do, before switching to a real free-market economy, should be teaching the abused-productive to defend themselves against the psycopaths, at least this is the conclusion I arrived to. I don't know if you have post about this, I haven't read all the entries. If you did, sorry for making you losing your time but if you didn't I would like to know your opinion on this subject.

PD: English it's not my native lenguage, I apologize for the spelling and the syntactic mistakes

In the present, evil people rule for several reasons. They have the ability to collect taxes, to fund their activities. They have a monopoly for police, lawmaking, and "justice". People have been brainwashed to believe that this is legitimate and necessary.

Without a government monopoly, if people start abusing their business, then I can start a new business that competes with them.

Right now, If I try to form a less-corrupt police department, I won't get customers. It wouldn't be a profitable business. People are already paying for State police via taxes. They wouldn't want to pay again for my services, and they don't have much money left over after taxes. Also, I wouldn't get the "sovereign immunity" perk that State police get.

In a really free market, if a group of police start abusing their power, then some people will start a competing police business.

If someone tried to form a new government, they wouldn't have the ability to force people to pay via taxes, and it wouldn't succeed.

If there's a group of people that have the power to force people to pay taxation/tribute and buy their services, then those people are the government.

If you have a couple of large groups, each trying to acquire a violence monopoly, then you have a civil war. This is what's happening in Somalia. Also, the fighting in Somalia is funded externally, by people trying to impose a new government.

It also requires some education, so that people don't stupidly try and form a new government again.

A government monopoly is an unstable equilibrium, due to increasing corruption. A really free market would be a stable equilibrium.

It's a completely different perspective, compared to what you've been brainwashed to believe. It hasn't been tried before. If you think about it, it would work.

The biggest problem is that, if you do try and start a fee society, there will be violence against you by the people who claim to own you. All land is claimed by some government. There may be more small groups of free people, as the State economy collapses.

Justin commented on Techdirt - Successful E-Book Publishers.
Make sure to market it :)

Anonymous Coward commented on Computer Illiterate Headhunters.
I wrote a software product and sell it myself.

Obviously it took sometime before I was confident it actually produced a stable, real, consistent income. Ironically I am more secure than I ever was working for evil, sick clowns.

It took me some time to realize that the more successful my software is, the less likely someone is to employ me!

If I was a failure I would more easily get a job.

I did go on quite a few interviews. They were all a waste of time.

The worst one was going to a Swiss bank. I got 100% in one of their written tests. I made three trips to their offices. Again their face-to-face interviews consistent of a barrage of technical questions for about an hour.

At the end of it all, one interviewer who had never spoken to me before, glanced at my CV (resume) and then said as I had 5 jobs in 10 years, I couldn't be hired!

What a complete waste of my time! They have my CV right at the start.

Anonymous Coward commented on Computer Illiterate Headhunters.

Ironically the same Swiss bank purchased my software a few weeks before my interview!

Anonymous Coward commented on More Propaganda Tricks - Andrew Stoltmann And Tim Ryan On CNBC.
> Lehman Brothers committed Repo 105 accounting fraud leading up to their bankruptcy.

I vaguely remember something about this being discussed on The Keiser Report.

I'm not sure whether this relates to Lehmans, but the law is different between the USA and the UK. Repo fraud (peek-a-boo accounting, hiding debt during the public accounting periods and then bringing it back, pushing debt to other banks temporarily) is legal in the UK. So Lehmans may have done their dirty laundry in the City of London where it is legal.

A friend of mine mentioned Lehmans moved money outside the UK just before they went broke. Is this legal? Should Plod be feeling some collars?

Anonymous Coward commented on More Propaganda Tricks - Andrew Stoltmann And Tim Ryan On CNBC.

Apologies to MK, but I think FSK is being too hard on Lehmans.

Without fraud there would be no economy in the City of London.

"If you won't stop the corruption, can I at least have a cut of the pie."

Lehman asked a bunch of different lawyers for an opinion letter, saying that the "Repo 105" trick was legal. A whole bunch refused, until they finally found a lawyer who said it was OK.

Anonymous Coward commented on More Propaganda Tricks - Andrew Stoltmann And Tim Ryan On CNBC.

The USA lawyers said no. Lehmans had to ask United Kingdom lawyers to sign off on the dirty stuff.

Don't begrudge the UK its financial fraud. Without the fraud there would be no UK economy!

But just think of all the tax revenue bank fraud creates for the UK government!

Do you think fraud and theft could be a good thing!

Anonymous Coward commented on More Propaganda Tricks - Andrew Stoltmann And Tim Ryan On CNBC.

It was a UK lawyer that said it was OK.

Perhaps I should explain UK law to you as you seem confused.

Several months ago there were riots in the UK.

The judges cracked down hard. People were sent to prison for small crimes such as stealing a bottle of water and trying on some clothes a flatmate had brought home. Yes, trying on clothes in your own home someone else had independently dumped there is now criminal!

Yet if you are a banker and steal billions and trillions you are let off.

I'll let Max express our disgust.

It seems our police had their search warrants declared illegal when they raided the premises of Vincent Tchenguiz involved in the crash of the Icelandic banks. See

It must be nice to have the high court agree with you. It must be nice to have so much money.

Vincent Tchenguiz borrowed £100m from Kaupthing bank bank shortly before its collapse in 2008.

Yet steal a bottle of water and the UK courts will hit you very hard.

Take up a part-time job paying a small irregular income of about 300 UK pounds a month and the judges will jail you in the UK over housing benefit fraud.

Yet taking 100 million pounds is perfectly fine.

This was a good post on some other disinformation tactics.

Someone submitted this post to reddit/r/Anarcho_Capitalism. It was user "ParahSalin".

She also submitted my post on Andrew Stolzmann and Tim Ryan on CNBC.

I don't waste time promoting my blog on Reddit. There are groups of people/sockpuppets who upvote each other's submission, and downvote others' submissions. It's very hard for a "non-approved" post to reach the top.

Another defect of Reddit is that posts have a very short lifespan. You'll get traffic for a few hours, but then no more. If I post a comment on Reddit, by that time, most people have already read the thread and moved on.

Reddit has a serious flaw. They rank posts by "# upvotes - # downvotes". If the majority of people strongly disagree with an idea, it'll be harshly downvoted, even if it's something I'd be interested in.

Also on that Reddit thread, someone asked:

>How does Lowe's benefit from State violence?

Retail is a heavily leveraged business. The Federal Reserve keeps real interest rates negative. Large retailers get to borrow more cheaply than small retailers.

Lowe's indirectly benefits from the State central bank and monetary monopoly, via cheaper borrowing costs.

Anonymous Coward commented on Only Idiots Use Java For High Frequency Trading.
I mostly agree with you. I started programming in C, did a vast amount of programming in C and still have fond memories of it.

But... But...

For some types of software, doing one type of work in an inefficient matter actually doesn't effect the speed of the overall software. I seen this first hand myself.

When I started out programming, I wrote a program in C.

A few years later, I rewrote the same software from scratch in Java.

Because over a long period of time I had seriously thought of efficient way to do certain things, my Java software was faster than my C software. The nature of the software was a complex algorithm.

Then I waited a few more years and rewrote the Java program in compiled C++ as a modern Windows piece of software. It was much faster still. But really as far as the user was concerned the speed of the Java was as fast as necessary.

I am not saying you are wrong. In fact I mostly agree with you.

But it is not the whole story. The same software can be faster in Java than C, even if written by the same person as I have proven. The reason is the design and algorithms got much smarter as the person matured.

Anonymous Coward commented on Only Idiots Use Java For High Frequency Trading.

For example Microsoft say Early Binding is faster than Late Binding.

However in practice, it doesn't matter for a big piece of software.

The speed sinks will be elsewhere.

I have seen this first-hand myself.

When I go on an interview, I also evaluate the intelligence of the interviewer. For the C/C++ jobs, the interviewers seem more intelligent than for the Java jobs.

A bad implementation in C is worse than a good implementation in Java. Assuming a skilled programmer, C/C++ will always be faster than Java.

Someone might say "Why not assembler?" For a high-frequency trading program, assembler might be worth it. If you're trying to get a fraction of a millisecond faster, C/C++ with assembly may be best.

Tony commented on Only Idiots Use Java For High Frequency Trading.

LOL! That's just awesome!

I can just see it now - some MegaBank is running it's Java based HFT software to trade the market - and the JRE decides - it's time to do some massive garbage collection!

... 2 seconds goes by ...

... various people's limit orders get activated ...

finally, the garbage collection completes, the HFT tries to resume it's trades - meanwhile due to the limit orders, the stock price is now much higher than expected - and the MegaBank is out MegaBucks.

Seriously, if you interviewed at some place that was using Java for their HFT algos, DON'T SAY ANYTHING, in fact - just agree with them - maybe even give them tips on how to improve their Java (like how to add a nice GUI to their Java so that it will be easier to configure and use - lol).

If they don't know any better - just let those bastards rot. (Any job you could get with them just isn't worth it, if they're that stupid. It's way to difficult to try to educate them, so don't even try - just let their own incompetence destroy them and move on).

LOL - your blog post today just brought a huge smile to my face - there is Justice in the world. :D

Anonymous Coward commented on Only Idiots Use Java For High Frequency Trading.

One of the reasons why my software had good sales for a number of years and eclipsed all of the competition for almost all time up until a year ago, was that in my area there is a certain type of operation that is very, very slow.

Almost by accident one evening I picked up on the right thing to do to make something that is slow, very fast. Microsoft actually don't provide any documentation on this area. I had to experiment.

Anyway the slow type of work is slow in Java, C, C# and C++. All languages equally suck in this area. If you know the trick, the operation becomes magically fast in whatever language.

Your compiled language and technology isn't the be all and end all of it.

Anonymous Coward commented on Only Idiots Use Java For High Frequency Trading.

I actually visited the offices of a hedge fund in London on four different occasions for interviews!

They use Java.

Despite actually doing well technically in the interviews, I didn't get offered a job for the silliest of reasons.

During my last interview, the interviewer casually dropped into conversation they work 60 hour weeks. I have in the past worked many 60+ hour weeks. I don't remember what my reply was at the time, but I either said something non-committal or made no comment.

After the interview, the smarmy recruitment consultant telephoned me on my cell phone as I was walking down the street. I really wasn't in the mood for a conversation with a smarmy, pushy git at that time as I wanted some time to wind down after a barrage of technical questions.

Anyway the recruitment consultant asked me what I thought of the position. I replied that I wasn't quite sure as they said they work 60 hour weeks.

The smarmy guy hung up and then rang me back. He told me they don't work 60 hour weeks but the comment about 60 hour weeks was a trick question and I had failed it. Hence I wasn't being offered a job!

Oh yes, during the interview, the main technical interviewer spoke for about 30 minutes solid on garbage collection. It was getting tedious. I much prefer to read a book that listen to someone else. Anyway I think I was looking a bit bored after his 30 minute monologue. He then attacked me for not being interested in efficiency.

I then replied I had written the fastest piece of software in my field and am currently selling it on the Internet. I told him anyone could download a trial version of my software and see for himself/herself that my software is fastest than all the competition.

Anyway this seemed to stop the guy attacking me.

Anonymous Coward commented on Only Idiots Use Java For High Frequency Trading.

There is another side. I once knew a clown who believed that software developers were interchangeable idiots. He believed if you only found the right combination of language, technology and library, then that would do all the work.

He wasted all the time looking for this magical combination of languages and libraries.

I knew all long that a programmer trusting his instincts and himself and making the right decisions would trump.

He was wrong.

I was right.

Tony commented on Only Idiots Use Java For High Frequency Trading.

What you're referring to is algorithmic efficiency, and this requires an intelligent programer to come up with something efficient and quick - works well in all languages - can result in 100x or more speedups of slow problems.

That's worth a LOT. Companies don't understand it, and won't pay for it. It requires an intelligent programer to create it, and other intelligent programmers to NOT SCREW IT UP. :D

Companies like to hire interchangeable workers (cogs) - that way, they can budget how long something should take to do. Intelligent workers are not interchangeable - it's not what you're paid for. :D

Worst part of intelligent workers - they usually command premium salaries and bonuses, and are not easily replaced. They also have trouble with being tasked to do stupid things (ie: hard to control by their less intelligent and higher paid bosses, who have trouble justifying their own existance - it's their job to ensure that their workers are easily interchangeable). :D

That's how the "machine" works :D

Johnathan Vilma Vs. NFL

This story is interesting.  Allegedly, the New Orleans Saints had an improper incentive program.  Players were paid for injuring players on the other team, or for big plays.  NFL rules forbid teams from paying bonuses for specific plays.  Players can earn bonuses based on their overall performance, but not for specific plays.  For example, a player can earn a bonus for scoring 20 touchdowns in a season, but not for scoring a touchdown in a specific game.

The bonus system was operated informally by the coaches and some players.  Some coaches were suspended.  They didn’t challenge their suspension, because they want to resume their career without hassle.  The team was also penalized, losing draft picks.

Some of the players were suspended.  Johnathan Vilma was suspended for an entire season, because he was the ringleader.  Other players received lesser suspensions.

Johnathan Vilma filed a lawsuit, challenging his suspension.

The NFL CBA has a serious defect.  The commissioner decides punishments for players.  He also gets to hear any appeals.  That’s a potential conflict, but it’s in the CBA.  The players’ union wanted to change that in the most recent CBA, but they didn’t.  Having caved on nearly every other major issue, I’m surprised that the players didn’t fix that CBA flaw.  To be most fair, player suspension appeals should be heard by an arbitrator, and not the NFL commissioner.

During the appeal, Johnathan Vilma’s lawyers didn’t present any evidence.  They claimed that the process was inherently unfair, and refused to participate.

In that article, the judge made a serious error.  She said “The CBA gives the commissioner power as arbitrator.  I can’t overturn the commissioner’s arbitration decision, because that’s in the CBA.”

That is false.  Any decision by an arbitrator can be reviewed by a judge.  However, there is a burden of proof, to show that the arbitrator made a mistake.  The judge can overturn the NFL commissioner’s decision, if she thinks it was a clearcut mistake.

A year long suspension seems excessive.  There’s no precedent.  The CBA does not specify the penalty for breaking that rule.  The CBA has a serious flaw, because the NFL commissioner both decides player punishment and also hears any appeals.  The judge made a serious error.  A judge can overturn an arbitrator’s decision if there’s proof that it was a mistake.  Even if there’s a CBA and an arbitration clause, the arbitrator’s decision can be reversed if it’s clearly wrong.