The Onion Leaks The Truth

This story was pretty funny.  The Onion did a story “It Would Be An Honor To Serve My Country, Return With PTSD, Sit On A Mental Health Care Waitlist, Then Kill Myself”.

That hints hat the forbidden truth “If you join the military, you’re an idiot.”

Sometimes, under the disguise of “comedy”, a forbidden truth can be told.  “Promote freedom via comedy” is a good idea.

6 Responses to The Onion Leaks The Truth

    • This is a very important point. If you join the military, you are risking your life for nothing. The mainstream media repeats the lie “Soldiers are heroes!” over and over again.

  1. I am seeing a friend again today, who served for 3 years in the military. He was discharged for medical reasons four years ago. His story is sad and long. So I will just say one thing about his story. He knew 26 soldiers who committed suicide. Some of them during the war, some after they were discharged, and some in the VA hospital. I don’t know what to think or say about it. Maybe Marlon Brando said it best…”The horror…The horror.”

    • For that reason, joining the military is a bad idea. You’re risking your life for nothing. If you do survive, you might have your life ruined by the incompetent “mental health” industry.

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