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George commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
I particularly liked the bit, how it takes him a full day to set up a LAMP stack. Anyway, it's just the lack of exposure to bigger projects that is speaking here.

George commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

but others do! Thanks!

goldgirl commented on Gold Outperformed The S&P 500, 1995-2011.
So now all the news is saying gold is is this a temporary rise or do people believe that this is the start of a rebound? I am wondering b/c my family is getting ready to buy, and i don't want them to buy again and then have the market crash like last time. My mom bought gold at the high and silver at the high. She was pretty pissed at me, but i told her it's being manipulated down and we cannot control the volatility. I don't know if she should buy more now or wait.

This just barely qualified as "not spam".

The solution is to dollar cost average. Instead of converting your savings to gold/silver all at once, make small purchases of equal amounts, spread over time. That limits volatility risk.

Anonymous Coward commented on Republicans Trolling Gold.
You are bang on right. They are trolling for votes.

In the United Kingdom, the evil Conservative Party promised to raise the inheritance tax limit to well above the price of property in the South-East of England.

Even David Cam-Moron said it was the most natural thing in the world to want to leave something to your children in a television debate just before the elections.

But after the elections, the Conservative Party got into bed with those evil trolls the Liberal-Democrats and David Cam-Moron told his clowns to promise anything to get agreement from the LibDems. So the inheritance tax promise was ditched.

Anonymous Coward commented on Republicans Trolling Gold.

If you live with your sister in the United Kingdom and one of your family dies, then the government will thrown you out on the street to die of exposure. This is the effect of setting inheritance tax below the price of property.

Anonymous Coward commented on Republicans Trolling Gold.

What you say is essentially what Ron Paul says.

There should be parallel currencies.

Helicopter Ben can have his paper money.

The market can choose to have HONEST money.

If gold and silver isn't practical, then of course, there is the parallel paper currency. Let people choose.

It would be interesting to see what happens if gold, silver and paper float together as real money. Would people hoard gold and silver and spend their bad paper money first?

Would the price of gold and silver expressed in paper money greatly rise as people flock to money that can't be inflated?

Big government will NEVER allow gold and silver to act as real money.

That is right. NEVER.

Big government needs paper money. They need lots of money to fund their wars and their police forces and to give money to all their friends.

Big government cannot survive without DISHONEST MONEY.

Anonymous Coward commented on Republicans Trolling Gold.

Sorry for the multiple posts, but this one is important.

In the below YouTube video you can see Ron Paul talking to the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

This is a classic. Ron Paul talks about inflation and holds up a silver coin.

Listen from 2 minutes 45 seconds.

Ron Paul:

"Why is it we can't consider the two of us an option...

You love paper money. I think money should be honest.

Constitution... Gold and silver legal tender.


We don't we allow currencies to run parallel. They do around the world.

As much as I would like to do something with the fed.

The Fed is going to self-destruct anyway.

We don't we legalize competing currencies."

Anonymous Coward commented on Republicans Trolling Gold.

If it wasn't for paper dishonest money and the fractional reserve banking system (the creation of counterfeit money from thin air), governments couldn't run up big debts and fund wars.

For a bit of fun, watch Dominic Frisby's Debt Bomb video.!

sth_txs commented on Republicans Trolling Gold.

A former businessman in Mexico proposes using silver as a parallel currency:

Justin commented on Another Idiot Programmer Management Technique - A Branch For Every Feature.
I've been in interviews where candidates like you were rejected. Usually the mimics can't find a reason to not hire someone intelligent and they use the cop out: "The candidate is not a culture fit."

Anonymous Coward commented on Another Idiot Programmer Management Technique - A Branch For Every Feature.

I went for an interview for at a Swiss bank in London. I had to make three different trips to their offices for interviews. I got 100% in their 45 minute written test. In a follow up technical interview I got all the questions correct, apart from a silly question about a specific proprietary name for a config file.

I was told I wouldn't fit in with their people when I got rejected.

Anonymous Coward commented on Another Idiot Programmer Management Technique - A Branch For Every Feature.

I remember in my first job a colleague was looking over a potential candidate's resume (CV). He made a comment about "Why isn't it about the programming anymore? We actually do stuff here."

I think he was saying that writing a working software product that really works and does useful work for users, is very different to just playing around with buzzwords and technology.

I think he was right. Good programmers that can actually right good code get pushed out.

In another job, a clown was going made about CORBA boxes. "Box, box, box" the clown said. A colleague commented that at some point you have to write code in between the curly brackets.

Anonymous Coward commented on Yahoo - A Corporation Run By Idiots.
Even five years ago, I noticed there was something wrong with Yahoo.

I had a fairly innocuous website hosted on Yahoo and paid for it monthly. Because I wanted some extra favours from Yahoo, I actually paid them quite a bit of money.

After a few months, I looked up my website and found it had disappeared.

Yahoo didn't even bother to send me an email about my website disappearing.

I contacted them and was told I had violated one of the terms of the service agreement.

I asked them several times what term I had violated and they refused to tell me. So I asked them again. They refused to tell me.

As I had just spent several hundred dollars with them for an _extra_ feature that was a bit pointless now my website had disappeared, I asked for a refund. I eventually got it.

Fortunately I had the good sense to have my domain name registered with another company. So I managed to get my website back up and running with another hosting company within a few hours. If I had purchased my domain name with Yahoo, I would have been stuffed. Well stuffed at least for several weeks to months. My website sells software to governments, banks and famous companies, so you can imagine it is pretty boring and tame stuff.

I contacted a former colleague about Yahoo and he too told me Yahoo took his website down for a term of service violation, but they couldn't tell him what term was violated. He managed to get his money back by contacting his credit card company.

My website was a really innocuous one about a computer science topic developed in the 1970s.

My former colleague is a technie and I can guess his website was pretty tame as well.

But what a bunch of idiots Yahoo must have.

I'm using Linode and Namecheap. I haven't had any problems with either of them.

Given the content of my blog, someone who was being strict could say I violated the TOS. For example, the Blogger TOS say that you can't advocate for illegal activities. I advocate for boycotting the Federal Reserve and IRS, which could be interpreted as a TOS violation.

Anonymous Coward commented on Yahoo - A Corporation Run By Idiots.

For about a month or so, I hosted a website on an old desktop computer of my own running FreeBSD. It was located at home and on a home Broadband type connection.

I think this may have been before home Broadband Internet connections were upgraded and became faster.

Anyway after a while, I realized hosting myself was stupid as I just couldn't deliver enough bandwidth for all the downloads I was getting.

Nonetheless it was a learning experience and it all adding to the fun of the experience.

I couldn't host a website from my home PC, because I have a dynamic IP address. Many ISPs don't give static IPs, so people have to buy one of the higher-tier services to host a website.

When you take into account bandwidth and other costs, a Linode is a better deal.

Anonymous Coward commented on Yahoo - A Corporation Run By Idiots.

I had a dynamic IP address as well.

There was a free daemon I downloaded for FreeBSD that automatically pings the company I purchased the domain name from everytime the IP address changes.

So it worked with my dynamic IP address.

Check out

I have even seen some combined firewalls/routers/ADSL modems with built-in support for notifying a company with your domain everytime your IP address changes.

Does that work? When you change a DNS record, it takes awhile to propagate?

My DSL connection is only 1MBit down, 0.2MBit up. I couldn't host a website.

Anonymous Coward commented on Yahoo - A Corporation Run By Idiots.

Yes, I remember it worked well.

Back then even though I had a dynamic IP, it typically only changed when I manually disconnected and reconnected my connection. So I could have the same IP address for days at a time pretty much used to specialize in this area and so I presume they got something decent working.

However the real problem was that I couldn't stand to hear my desktop computer's fan spinning when I was trying to go to sleep.

I also didn't want to leave my old desktop computer (filled up with dust) on all the time.

So a hosted computer was by far the better choice.

Anonymous Coward commented on Fractional Reserve Banking Is Inherently Fraudulent.
Thank you for another excellent post.

What was the one thing that outraged Jesus the most as judged by his actions? See

FSK talks of inflation, but what he says was predicted a long time ago.

Revelation 6:6

"Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds of barley for a day’s wages,..."

Obviously the Bible is predicting inflation. Your day's wages only covers the cost of living and no more to save or buy luxuries.

sth_txs commented on Ron Paul At The Republican Convention.
Or maybe Ron did not want to be assassinated.

He did a great service by showing how corrupt and worthless the system is at this time. I'm for him going home and doing what he needs to do for himself and his family. The 'Merikans deserve all the suffering they have coming. It is too bad I'll have to suffer to, but I at least I can laugh at them and say I told you so.

Anonymous Coward commented on Ron Paul At The Republican Convention.

Ron Paul blasts Helicopter Ben.

Anonymous Coward commented on Craigslist Submittable Scam.
Years ago I realized that every job interview in the software field I would attend would insult me in some way. It got to the point where I would know the company would be rude to me in some way, but in a new, unknown way.

It is not uncommon to have to make 3 different trips to an employer's office for interviews. Technical tests go on and on. They can start at 10am and go on to 6pm. And then that is not even the end of it!

$3 is nothing if you judge things that way. Think of the economic value of 3 - 4 days of your time wasted in interviews each pop.

Employers don't even bother not to waste your time. I went to three days on interviews at a Swiss bank in London. I got 100% in one written test and go virtually everything right in an oral test that went on for the better part of an hour.

At the end of it I was told I couldn't be offered a job because I had 5 different jobs in 10 years. They knew this right at the beginning as they had a copy of my resume (CV).

What a bunch of time-wasting idiots!

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