Don’t Build An Internet Business On Someone Else’s API

This story is interesting.  Twitter changed the terms of their API.  Some people have built a business using Twitter’s API.  Under the new TOS, their business may no longer be viable.

Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter, and other popular websites have an API.  Via the API, someone can write another website that uses that service.

When you use someone else’s API, you give them control of your business.  At any time, they can change their API, ruining your business.  If an API was free, they can start charging you for using it.

I never understood why someone would build an Internet following on Twitter or Facebook.  When you do that, you’re building on a website owned by others. Instead of promoting your personal website, you’re promoting the 3rd party service.  Your audience doesn’t go to your website; they’re going to Twitter or Facebook.

It is much better to have your own domain.  When you use someone else’s service, you can be cut off at any time.

I also get annoyed at Facebook, when someone shares a link to my blog on Facebook. Facebook hides the source of the link, by redirecting through another URL. Facebook doesn’t expose their content to Google search.

When someone shares a link to my blog on Facebook, I can’t find the source. On other forums, when someone links to my blog, I can find the source. If there’s too much trolling, I’ll add a comment. I can’t do that on Facebook.

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