Blog Pet Peeve – No Archive Access

I read a lot of blogs. I’m good at identifying nearly right away, if a blog is worth reading. I can tell at a glance. I look at the layout, organization, and skim a few sentences. Better blogs have better logical organization.

I’m noticing a common theme in “bad” blogs.  Bad blogs don’t have easy access to archives!  What’s the point of having a blog, if it isn’t easy for people to browse old posts?

On this blog, there are two ways to find old posts.  There’s the “archives” widget on the left sidebar.  There’s the “Best Of FSK” link at the top.

The “archives” widget was a simple WordPress add on.  By default, WordPress does not track the number of pageviews for each post.  Instead, I wrote some custom code to parse out my Apache logs.  I wrote some custom SQL and PHP for the “Best Of FSK” page.  I implemented that feature before I added Piwik.  Now that I have Piwik, I could also use the Piwik database for the “Best Of FSK” page.

Why don’t lousy blogs have easy access to archives?  They might be using a lousy blogging engine.  They may not know how to configure wordpress.  Some idiot programmers write their own blog engine from scratch, and don’t implement all the features.  That’s a bad idea, because it’s wasted effort and it won’t be as polished as WordPress.

I am offended, when a blog doesn’t offer easy access to archives.  Fortunately, blogs with that defect usually aren’t worth reading.  Why would anyone have a blog, and not make it easy for people to read old posts?

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