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Crawford commented on About FSK.
Gold under performs real inflation. How do you beat inflation?

By definition, the return of physical gold exactly equals real inflation. For me, this is a definition, because gold is money. If you look at silver, silver tracks gold pretty closely.

If you invest in a gold ETF, you have loss due to management fees and the risk of being Corzined. If you hide gold in your home, you have the risk of being robbed.

The stock market underperforms gold.

With real estate, property taxes are a drag on returns.

If you start a business, taxes and regulations are a drag on your returns.

Unfortunately, gold is the best investment, with a 0% inflation-adjusted return. The economy is so corrupt that all other opportunities are worse.

In a real free market, there would be investments with a real return of 1-3%. There are no such investments in the present, due to a corrupt economy and corrupt financial system.

JonJon commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
How can anyone write about a new framework or programming paradigm without having tested it, or used it for its preferred use cases? I guess someone arrogant and lazy enough to think he knows it all without putting in the necessary time and effort.

In the end it all comes down to curiosity and open mindedness, as well as an understanding of where the web is going: Mobile location aware always connected with live feed and messaging.

Obviously the guy who wrote this article is old school and has no need for things like nodejs. If he's an aging programmer, I hope his bad attitude (lazy, lack of desire to experiment, adverse to new tech, judgmental ) won't affect employers perception of older programmers.

Anonymous Coward commented on Craigslist Submittable Scam.
> Normally, I don’t call out an scummy ad or interview by name.

I usually don't mention specifics either, but I think the worse interview experience I had was at Microsoft UK in Reading.

Two weeks after the interview, I had a phone call from their Human Resources woman. She asked me if I wanted the interview feedback. Foolishly I agreed.

The interview process was somewhat lengthy. Before the interview I had to submit 3 programming solutions by email. After that I had to write another short program on an internet whiteboard.

As the interview was in Reading at 9am, I think I had to wake up around 5am in the morning to make sure I got there in time.

Each interview typically asked me 2 programming questions per interview.

By 5:30pm I was getting tired. I didn't see answering yet another programming question would add anything.

Anyway the manager asked me a question. I was getting tired. The manager then started typing loudly on his laptop keyboard. It just broke my concentration and I stopped then and there. I thought the question was too large to be answering on a whiteboard anyway.

So the interview ended.

**** The Human Resources woman told me the manager said I WAS TOO STUPID TO REALIZE THAT I HAD GOT THE LAST QUESTION OF THE DAY WRONG ****

That is just plain nasty and offensive feedback. You don't attend an interview to be abused like that.

Anonymous Coward commented on Craigslist Submittable Scam.

Another disappointing interview I had was at Microsoft Dynamics in Denmark.

It was disappointing because I was rejected for getting one question wrong, when in fact I got it exactly correct.

I said my correct answer. Then the manager said he was in a hurry as he had someone else to interview. He then rephrased the answer I had just said out loud. That was it.

I guess he wasn't paying attention or he was looking for an exact word match to his prepared answer.

As the interview was in a foreign country and there was pre-interview telephone conversations and problems and I had to make preparations first, the whole interview process probably occupied 4 days of my time.

I wasn't rejected straight away. After my interview with the manager - in which I GOT EVERY SINGLE ANSWER CORRECT, I had two more interviews. The last one of these was particularly difficult. I slaved away and got the correct answer on the whiteboard.

Then I was told I was rejected because I had got one question wrong in my third from last interview (in fact I got it right). So why did I have to go through answering more monstrous questions?

Just a whole waste of time. I suspect I was rejected because I am a bit older and wiser and experienced and the manager didn't want any competition or anyone that would be a threat in any possible way.

If they had rejected me for an HONEST reason I wouldn't have had a problem.

But how nasty? I got the question absolutely correct, but the manager couldn't be bothered to listen to my correct answer. A waste of 4 days of my life!

mark stolzoff commented on The Onion Leaks The Truth.
that's what you got from that? might want to take a second look at who the idiot is

This is a very important point. If you join the military, you are risking your life for nothing. The mainstream media repeats the lie "Soldiers are heroes!" over and over again.

mark stolzoff commented on The Onion Leaks The Truth.

So a Paycheck, College Money & Healthcare for life are now nothing?

If you commit crimes for a paycheck, you are a criminal.

Crawford commented on The Onion Leaks The Truth.

I am seeing a friend again today, who served for 3 years in the military. He was discharged for medical reasons four years ago. His story is sad and long. So I will just say one thing about his story. He knew 26 soldiers who committed suicide. Some of them during the war, some after they were discharged, and some in the VA hospital. I don't know what to think or say about it. Maybe Marlon Brando said it best..."The horror...The horror."

For that reason, joining the military is a bad idea. You're risking your life for nothing. If you do survive, you might have your life ruined by the incompetent "mental health" industry.

Arthur commented on Rise Of Legends - No Patch Server! - v2.5 patch.
I downloaded the file, but I don't know what to do with it. I tried to open the file RoL_Patches.7z from the link on this page that goes to and my Windows 7 asks me what program I want to use to open the file. Is this file zipped or compressed? What's going on with it? How do I install the twelve-or-so patches to my Rise of Legends game? Can someone help me?

7zip, open source.

Many people are switching from "classic zip" to 7zip format, because 7zip gives better compression rates.

Once you unzip it, follow the instructions.

It turned out that the DVD I bought already included the v2.5 patch! After all that, I didn't need it!

From the readme:

>The way you know if you succeeded is if your version number on the game's main menu says 0.0704.1001.0000 instead of 0.0604.1602.0000

Everyman commented on Better Than "Atlas Shrugged" - "Alongside Night" And "A Lodging Of Wayfaring Men".
Atlas Shrugged Part 2 will be in theaters October 12th, 2012.

Anonymous Coward commented on Better Than "Atlas Shrugged" - "Alongside Night" And "A Lodging Of Wayfaring Men".

> In a sense, productive workers are giving up. In many jobs, it makes no difference

> if you are highly skilled.

I have found that working long hours and writing high quality software simply did not get me a better salary, nor did it provide any substantial job security.

Time and time again I worked hard and made the right decisions, only to get screwed over.

gilliganscorner commented on Better Than "Atlas Shrugged" - "Alongside Night" And "A Lodging Of Wayfaring Men".

"When you base your philosophy on a dead person, that’s a serious problem. Your ideas are frozen, based on what the idol said. Ayn Rand is dead. I can’t ask her what she thinks of agorism. Even if she were alive and ridiculed it, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.

Just because a philosopher might be dead, doesn't mean adopting said philosophy or parts of it is a serious problem. Ayn Rand couldn't see the world without a State. She hadn't arrived at the NAP (non-agression principle) and respect for property rights applicable to all, everywhere, at all times. If she did, then it would logically follow the State is immoral as it cannot exist without violating these two principles while those who the state rules are expected to adhere to them. Government tolerates no competition in fleecing the people.

Just because Ayn Rand is not alive and did not ridicule agorism, doesn't mean agorism is a good idea. Rationally consistent ideas that are testable and repeatable are valid regardless of who said them, alive or dead. Hitler can utter an idea and it might be valid, despite the fact the man was a monster.

What I find amusing is most pro-State trolls denigrate Rand's work without addressing the arguments she put forward at all. Just empty derision, sneering, and ad-hominem attacks.

In order to teach people, they have to have the capcity for learning. This capacity is usually thwarted via the biases and bigorty of parents, government schools, and media. When expressing an idea to people is true, they evaluate that idea in the context of their current relationships with others and the costs of adopting that idea into their own lives. For example:

1) If a religious person becomes an atheist, all of their relationships with their current religious friends or family would suffer, experience hosttility or aggression, and possibly even death.

2) If a miltary person became anti-military where they come from a family that has strong miltary history within it, how would this person fare? Would they be Pat Tillmaned?

Rand was brilliant. However, I do not dote on her work and her work alone. It was simply a lookout on the road to the journey of freedom.

You misinterpreted what I wrote. I'm referring people who exclusively follow Ayn Rand exactly. Did you ever go to an "Objectivist" meeting? I did once, in grad school, and it was like a crazy religious cult.

It's OK to use part of Ayn Rand's philosophy and parts of other things.

Robert commented on A Common Myth - The Federal Reserve Earns A Profit For Taxpayers And The Government.
Hey Fsk, this is completely off topic from this post but I wanted to get your insight on this. I watched some of this movie tonight with Jennifer Lopez called "The Back-up Plan", in which Lopez is a woman who, for some inexplicable reason as an attractive woman at a young age, opts for artificial insemination. She becomes pregnant by the procedure, and then meets a guy and begins a romance with him. They have the usual romantic comedy style courting scenes, filled with laughter and anecdotes, and then post-coitus she tells him she is pregnant by another man. After maybe ten seconds of his shock and initial resistance to the reality of the situation, they play some sappy music and that very night he shows up at her door and they are in bed spooning with his hand on her belly. Everything is right in the universe, because the sappy music and fade up camera shot lets us know that. For the next hour the guy goes on dates with Lopez, she throws up constantly, he positions her side sleeping pillow on the bed, and dotes after her in every way. I could write an essay on this I really could. But long story short, The guy ends up marrying her and surprise! It's twins! lol. Jesus Christ dude. I don't have a problem with in-vitro if there is no cold storage of embryos and it's with a couple amongst themselves where the guy is the "donor". What I do have a problem with is the double standard in every second of this film. Why is it politically correct for the guy to just bend over and take care of Lopez and not one but TWO babies by another man? And why did she need to get that procedure anyway, as an attractive woman at a young age? Maybe she is a pain in the ass or crazy, who knows? But that part is conveniently left out. The movie cuts in after the fact, and the only real drama in the story is whether or not the guy will make nice and "be a good guy" and stay with her. Which of course he does and it's a nice happy ending. I am not defending guys out there who are ass holes by any means, but why do women who are ass holes get a mulligan, and support from the media and State?? Why isn't the same standard applied across the board? I've worked my ass off since I was working fast food at 16, finished school, have worked in my field for 12 years and have a good career that I have earned, am a reasonably good looking guy, I think I am a good and peaceful man, and I have feelings and want a good woman to be loyal and loving to me. Why am I less deserving? Why are my feelings less important? I'm not losing sleep over it or anything, it just seems odd.

You need to learn some Game.

Chateau Heartiste


Red Pill Room

Rational Male


There are plenty of others. Follow their blogrolls.

I'm no Game expert. However, they do have some useful points. I don't agree with every aspect of the Game blogs. As usual, it's a mixture of good advice and bad advice.

Some points:

* Divorce law is biased against men. You can get married, but CHOOSE CAREFULLY. Unless your wife really respects you as the leader, you may be frivolously divorced.

* If your wife gets pregnant via another man, you're legally responsible for the child as if he was your own. Even after a failed paternity test, you're still liable for the kid.

* Women don't need to get married. The State can support them via welfare or child support. The "advantage" of being a hardworking honest guy is taken away via the State. Why should a woman choose her partner carefully, when she can get supported via welfare?

* Until you get married, pursue multiple women. That limits disappointment and frustration, when one of them flakes out on you.

* Because women are promiscuous, they have an inflated sense of their own attractiveness. A '5' woman can get a one night stand with an '8'. This makes her think she's really worth an '8'. She'll ignore the '5' guys at her own level, because she thinks she can get an '8'.

* The Game blogs mention "negs", which is randomized negative feedback. That is better than the wishy-washy feedback most "abused productive" men give. The correct answer is to give negative feedback when she does something negative. For example, if you try talking to a woman and she ignores you to talk to her friends, walk away.

* Many State jobs, such as HR, social worker, and bureaucrat, enable women to have high-status jobs even though they produce nothing useful. This comes at the expense of hardworking men, who pay higher taxes to support these fake careers.

Everyone is at least a little crazy. If there were some sane women, they would realize that the honest and hardworking men are a good deal. However, they are too crazy to realize this.

Back to that movie, I didn't watch it. Notice "artificial insemination" as a fnord. That gives the woman the moral high ground. If she had gotten knocked up by another guy before dating the chump, he would obviously be a loser.

Any sane man would dump his girlfriend, once he discovered she was pregnant with another man's child. However, that doesn't serve the State propaganda goal.

You're an idiot if you get engaged to a woman who already has children. You're spending a lot of your own money and energy on someone else's child.

That's a common fnord in the mainstream media. It's desirable to take care of other men's children.

We live in a society of inverted values. An honest hardworking guy is not respected in our society. Women have correctly determined that honest men are losers, and avoid them.

Also, via the Welfare State, you already are supporting other people's children! Women don't need to marry you to get your wealth. They can get it via the State! Some other guy is being irresponsible and getting women pregnant, and you're paying the bill while you're by yourself!

Anonymous Coward commented on A Common Myth - The Federal Reserve Earns A Profit For Taxpayers And The Government.

Your blog post and reply are interesting. I have learned from you.

What you say agrees with Ann Barnhardt.

Search for "Permanently Disqualified From Everything Part 2" on

Unfortunately her blog posts can't be individually linked.

The post starts with

As soon as the 19th amendment was passed, men were effectively castrated, ...

I get annoyed when people use a blog engine that doesn't allow direct links to a specific post. If you aren't smart enough to set up your blog properly, I'm not wasting my time reading.

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