SEO Progress – Ranking For My Own Name

According to Google on my PC, I’m now #1 for “realfreemarket” or “real free market” (with or without quotes).  That’s good.  If people search for my blog by its name, they should easily find it.

However, Google biases its search results, based on your search history.  Do other people get the same result?

That’s a good tip, for anyone starting a new website.  Do a Google search for your proposed site name.  Look up the PageRank of the first few results.  If all of them are low (4 or less), then you should be able to get the #1 search result for your own site name.

Also, never do a domain availability check before you’re ready to buy.  I did that for “”, and now someone’s squatting it.  It doesn’t matter, because I still outrank them in Google search.  Most people find your domain via a Google search, rather than typing the domain name in the browser.

On some startup interviews, they have a common one word English domain.  Whenever I see that, I know the interviewer is clueless.  They falsely believe that a good domain name is better than a good website.  Any money spent on a domain name is money you didn’t spend building your website.  Never pay more than the minimum registration fee for a new domain.

I’m glad that I’m finally #1 for a Google search of “realfreemarket” or “real free market”.  That makes it easier for people to find my blog, even if I just tell them “”.  According to Piwik, some people do search for “realfreemarket”, which presumably means they were looking for my blog.

5 Responses to SEO Progress – Ranking For My Own Name

  1. >However, Google biases its search results, based on your search history. Do other
    >people get the same result?

    Yes I get the same results.

    You can clear your cookies and make sure you are not signed into Google. That will help clear your search history.

    You may also want to install a few different web browsers on your computer and try searching with Internet Explorer rather than Firefox. That may help confuse the Google Clowns a bit.

  2. You may also want to search via an anonymizer website. But be careful you don’t get one that tries to install nasty stuff.

    I do my web surfing on a Virtual PC (Microsoft makes this software free) with Undo disks turned on. So if something nasty infects my computer the changes disappear.

    Also any web history is deleted, but browsers allow you to delete that more specifically.

    I think you can also changes your MAC address when using a Virtual PC.

  3. Also so you don’t get biased search results based on your location or previous search history you can choose private browsing mode. For example in Google chrome its called incognito mode.

  4. > For example in Google chrome its called incognito mode.

    Beware of the evil Google clowns.

    The Google Clowns took the HTML renderer from the already written Open Source browser Konqueror which was available on Linux over a decade ago.

    It is wrong for the Google Clowns to take all the credit for their clownish Google Chrome browser as it was based on Konqueror.

    The Google Clowns are good at being clowns and less so at actually new software development now.

    The Google Clowns bought into the StreetView renderer.

    The Google Clowns bought the Android operating system from another company.

    When you want software written, you go to a software developer not an evil, sinister clown.

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