Flash Game Design Defect – Action Points

I play a lot of free browser games.  I’ve noticed a serious design flaw in many games, “action points”.

In order to attempt a level, you need to spend action points.  The action points slowly recharge over time.

What’s the problem?  Suppose I have enough action points to play 10 levels.  Then, I’m forced to stop playing until they recharge.  Instead of getting immersed in the game, I’m forced to wait until the action points recharge.

That’s a common flaw in many games, “action points”.  Action points force the player to wait until they recharge.  That’s opposite of the goal, which is for the player to get addicted and keep playing.

2 Responses to Flash Game Design Defect – Action Points

  1. or may-be these action points are designed to keep your boiling desire to continue, while giving you some time to relax, instead of just having you burn out, waste a week on nothing but games, and then quit for good.

    I think it is offensive for them to “manage” my behavior either way, though, cooling me down or pushing me, so I take offense no matter what management they are trying to pull on me.

    I don’t play that stuff specifically because I have noticed they have started to manage my behavior. No one manages me. It is always either my way or highway.

    Thought you’d take this view into an account. No matter my feelings, the point is they are trying to manage your behavior, by cooling you down.

  2. It’s true that waiting for action points to recharge can cause delays and affect the gaming experience. However, they do serve a purpose in video games because they determine the number of turns.

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