Reader Mail – 10/14/2012 To 10/20/2012

My cold/flu is still pretty bad. I'm behind on my draft queue.
OIFDisabledVet commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.
You are a freaking moron. People join the military to serve no matter what the mission. Some missions are more just than others. The point is we joined to defend your sorry asses no matter what. If I am injured in the line of duty I absolutely deserve a disability check. I am not whole because of the job I chose to do. I bet if your no good sorry ass fell on your job and bumped your elbow you would be drawing a workman compensation check the next day.

The heart to tell them their loved one was in jured for no reason at all? Do you realize where you live? You have better than anyone else in the world. Why hasn't this country been overrun by people like Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, Acmoudinajad (whatever the fuck way his name is spelled)? Because of men and women who put their lives on the line for YOU. Even when we are not at awar we are a deterrent, and it is a hard life. Noone goes into the military to get rich asshole, or to get hurt and disabled 1005 for the rest of their life for a measily 3k a month.

Esse commented on "State Gambling Supports Schools!" Fnord.
It's similar to their monopoly on murder. The state brainwashes children in school and church and media that killing is always wrong.

Then the children grow up and are recruited to become soldiers in a war that benefits the interests of the elite. When they return, they become police officers whose job is to beat protesters, arrest minorities and harmless drug users, and destroy their lives. Anyone who resists is killed. Those who fight back we then hear about how killing is wrong and there is no such thing as self defense.

Robert commented on Forged Unemployment Statistics - Jack Welch Vs. BLS.
I watched some of the Vice-Presidential debate recently. At one point Biden quipped rhetorically "how are you going to pay for those tax cuts?". "Pay" for a tax cut?? That is a contradiction. It really offends me that State beauracrats operate with the assumption that my money is automatically their money. Local taxes pay for schools and roads. The federal government taxes me for things I don't need and never asked for in the first place. Watching these "debates" between two people of the same ruling oligarchy talking about nuanced differences in how they will screw us all over is insulting. All of the "issues" are so important they espouse. In reality, the federal government could completely collapse tomorrow and not only would that not stop economic activity, it would actually be a huge benefit. The federal government reduced its budget in 1946 after World War II and in that same year the economy grew by 30%. 30%!! When watching these sham debates about "things would be better if we do this..", "things would be better if we do that."", I want to get through the screening process in the crowd and say "things would be better if you ass clowns didn't exist at all."

The Presidential debates are one big fnord. The debates are an advertisement for the candidates and the State. The candidates from the minor parties are left out. Because they get no media exposure, they have no chance.

Also, they have special microphones at the debates. If someone in the audience makes a noise, it automatically gets filtered out.

commented on Blogging Break - New Job And Sick.
My boss said “I have worked on several previous projects where Accenture was fired for gross negligence!”

I like when that happens

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