Still Sick

I’m still severely sick.  I had a panic attack, but not as bad as the previous times.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that.

    Your blog is a public service. Your way of thinking has influenced the way I look at the world.

    As George Carlin said we have thirty-eight different flavours of ice-cream, but we only get to choose from two political parties.

    Both parties have pretty much identical policies. The candidates for office are PRE-CHOSEN BY INSIDERS.

    If government isn’t really elected by a fair popular vote, then they truly are no more than criminals stealing money and their wars have no legitimacy. They have no right to sanction overseas killing.

    Perhaps you need to change the way your think about the world and be less anxious. What will be, will be and worrying about matters won’t do one thing to change them

    Worrying about things is like trying to solve algebra with a wet noodle. It doesn’t do anything positive.

    • Actually, I changed my opinion. I still believe that market competition is the best long-term solution to providing useful government services. Given the severity of the problem, I’ll try to help the people who are trying to fix the problem, some of which work for the US government.

      The Libertarian candidate looked like a jerk and wimp when I saw him on the Daily Show. Obama is a proven failure. There is only one other logical choice. I can’t pick “don’t vote”, because I go with my mother to vote to make her feel better.

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