MTA Fare Hike Hearings

The MTA runs the NYC subway.  They also own some bridges and tunnels.  The profits from tolls on the bridges and tunnels subsidizes public transportation.

The MTA is holding hearings, regarding fare increases.  They’ve already decided they are increasing the fare, but are legally required to have public hearings first.

They made one big mistake.  They should have postponed the hearings.

It is a big embarrassment.  Subway service is still not restored to 100% after hurricane Sandy, and the MTA is holding hearings regarding fare increases.

Also, the MTA is not responsible for the fare and toll increases.  They have to increase them, due to inflation.  The blame for fare hikes lies not with the MTA.  The real culprit is inflation.  The blame lies with the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, and the Federal government.

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