USC Football Team Caught Cheating

This story was interesting.  At USC, a student football manager was caught deflating game footballs.  A deflated football is easier to catch, throw, and hold, giving USC’s offense a boost.  The deflated footballs were only used when USC’s offense was on the field.

Allegedly, the student coach acted alone.  That leads to only a minor reprimand for USC.

I don’t believe that.  If the deflated footballs are easier to catch, throw, and hold, then USC’s quarterback and running backs should have noticed.  For an NFL player, I’d expect them to definitely notice if something was wrong with the football.  College players aren’t pros, but they’re still pretty good, especially at a school like USC.  Also, the referees should have noticed.  (Someone must have noticed, because they got caught.)

That’s a common theme.  If a subordinate does something wrong, it’s OK, provided he was acting alone.  Someone should have noticed that the USC student manager was cheating.  Even though it was a low-ranking student manager, the coach should still be responsible.

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