Reader Mail – 11/04/2012 To 11/10/2012

????? commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
Jobs – I notice that a lot of job adverts these days dont even ask for qualifications – they want to see your github repo instead. That makes a tonne more sense to me.

unhappy man commented on Time-Warner Cable Gross Negligence.
I'm sure that stuff happens the rich just help eachother get richer and stay on top the last five he dvr boxes I had all crashed within a year and it happening g as we speak fox never works just a black screen making me miss x factor tonight after resetting it witch sometimes helps it didn't work all said and done all there stuff is junk and don't work while you still over pay them for junk every month

Anonymous Coward commented on Unemployed Again!.
Bad employees drive good employees out.

1) A bad employee will veto a good employee getting hired.

2) Bad employees will bad-mouth good employees getting them fired.

3) Bad employees will sabotage a project that would otherwise work.

4) Bad employees depress good employees as bad employees get paid more for less work. As such the good employees resign in disgust.

In one company I worked for I worked 10 - 15 hours more a week than all the other people in the office. Because I was a recent graduate and the job I had just before paid a low salary (for which my current salary was based upon), I got paid far less. It was not a sustainable situation. Plus whenever I asked for a vacation, I got turned down. No money and no time off makes Jack itchy.

Well, it's time for me to start sending out resumes and look for a new job. Ideally, I should start my own business. That isn't as easy as it sounds.

In this case, I was the victim of workplace bullying. The consultants from "Bigtime Evil Consulting" were bullying me, because I was discovering bugs in the lousy software they had written. Anyway, it isn't my problem anymore.

This time, the bad guys won. I'm unemployed, they kept their jobs, and they got rid of someone who was exposing their incompetence.

I'm still not recovering my blogging motivation. It's gradually coming back.

Anonymous Coward commented on Unemployed Again!.

I recently got some of my motivation back.

My problem was I got depressed and my stable moderate income lessened my motivation to work and make more money.

I am got into a rut and really had spoken much with new people.

I had some interaction with a few new people, had exposure to some new types of technology and a couple of things clicked in my head and I'm on the way to getting back to my old self - or rather a fraction of my old intense self.

Jeff commented on Unemployed Again!.

I've got 25 years software development experience, and I can tell you, unfortunately, that this kind of thing happens a LOT. You're a good programmer who is dropped into a project that's basically a pile of shit, and you're supposed to add new features. But you can't add the features due to bugs, and the people who created the pile of shit don't want you to fix their bugs, because it will make them look bad. And eventually either (a) they sabotage or badmouth you and you get canned or (b) you finally can't take it anymore and leave. (Getting sick is often a result of the stress from having to put up with it, too, by the way.)

In this case, I was a user doing QA testing and UAT. I was not a programmer. However, the project was one big disaster.

I was giving detailed bug reports. They were closing bug reports without actually fixing the problem.

By getting rid of me, the evil consultants have an easier time covering up the bugs. The bad guys won this time.

I'm 99%+ convinced that I got sick due to the stress of the hostility from the evil consultants. I should be disciplined enough to not let it affect me, but this was a lot of hostility from highly skilled evil people.

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