Reader Mail – 11/11/2012 To 11/17/2012

grants commented on GCW Zero - Linux Gaming Handhelds Vs. Android Gaming Handhelds.
When the government takeѕ mοney from one group оf people and giveѕ

it to another group of people, nο charity is involνed.

Captаin Len Kainе, a retired US Νavy Fighteг Pilot and president of

thе Golden Rulе Soсiety was honored with a nomіnаtion for

the 2003 Nobel Peace Ρrіze. The most important thіng, thоugh, iѕ the contributions they might make to change pеoрle's lives for the better.

The US Fiscal Cliff: Gauging the Observer Effect | Enterprising Investor commented on The Fiscal Cliff - A Fake Crisis.
[...] reluctant to address the fiscal cliff before the elections. Some even argue that this is entirely a manufactured crisis that will soon be addressed, albeit on a temporary basis, by an act of Congress after the election. [...]

notadoctor commented on Delays Restoring Power After Hurricane Sandy.
FSK, I have to disagree with this post of yours. Sometimes I think of becoming energy independent.This is technically feasible but not economically - payback period is very long considering current electricity prices. Electricity prices are way lower than they could have been. Electrical mafia is not that bad in comparison to other mafias...

It's still a mafia, due to the State-granted monopoly. I'm referring to the delays restoring power, rather than other aspects of the monopoly.

It's possible to have genuine economy of scale, and collect economic rent due to the State-granted monopoly.

Robert commented on Price Gouging - Markets Aren't Immoral.
Only the State fascist oligarchy is allowed to raise prices!! The State hates competition of any kind against its monopoly of violence and economics.

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