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AP commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
Way to embrace new technology. First, JavaScript is one of the best pure OO languages out there. Second, Node.js represents the future of web technologies. I am a senior PHP dev and have recently jumped on the Node.js bandwagon. While Apache is a solid and stable technology, it's very much antiquated in both its design and capabilities. Look at the benchmarks for Apache vs. Node.js as a web server. PHP (and other established languages) may reign supreme for large-scale web apps for the foreseeable future, but for smaller projects, newer projects and APIs, Node.js may be the best new technology out there.

AP commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

I would equate this guy to all of the old-school Microsoft developers who thought (and many somehow still think) that PHP & MySQL would never be able to scale for larger sites like, oh I don't know... Facebook? Twitter? It's amazing that I still find MS devs who laugh at PHP and are stuck thinking it's still what it was in 3.x.

I'm sure there will always be places for guys like the author of this blog, but it really feels like he'll be left behind in the next movement of web technologies.

Dissertation Topics commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.


I am a senior web developer and i have worked on different technology like C#, Asp, Vb, java and some of the experiance on Php. But node.js is a new web technology and now days is very usefull for small type of project, new one project, and for Api its great usage in there type of project.

AcidPakistani commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

I have been programming PHP for 8 years...and not your speghatti code...I think you are just insecure about nodejs and shunning it without giving it a chance...

"Node.js is single-threaded only. You use non-blocking calls and callback functions. In these days of multicore servers, why would anyone design a language to be only single-threaded?"

Did it occur to you that you are a retard and you don't know how to scale nodejs to multiple cores, and even take advantage of hyperthreading with kernel tuning?

PHP is awesome but the prefork MPM doesnt scale and the other MPM doesnt work with most of the libraries, so if you require concurency Nodejs is the way to go...If you are just making a website PHP is the way to go, if you are making a big data scalable high simultaneous hit application nodejs is the way to go.

AcidPakistani commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

LOL if it takes you a day to setup lamp...about time to find another profession.

lelnet commented on Don't Give Your SSN to Headhunters And Recruiters!.
I've only ever been asked for SSN (at a pre-offer stage...once there's an offer, they'll get it from your W4 and I9 forms) by recruiters twice. I didn't give it to either of them, but it's no coincidence that the same firms also helped poison my reputation in the local business community by sending my resume to clients without asking me first (which thus caused me to be double-submitted at a few companies, and thus barred for life from ever working at those companies).

If another one ever asks, I'm hanging up the phone, or walking out of the office. No recruiter _needs_ your SSN. The employer's HR department needs it once they make an offer, for tax reasons, but until that stage, don't give it out.

The sleazy headhunters demand the SSN, so it's a way of filtering out the sleazy ones.

Sometimes, employers do a credit check or background check. In that case, the offer should be conditional on passing the background check, and you should give it then.

The sleazy headhunters also demand meeting you first. I've gotten jobs through headhunters, but never through one who wanted to meet me first.

VisionaryPhilosofer commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.
You are a freaking moron and a tool. People join the military because they buy into the propaganda about freedom or other such bullshit, or they are hostile belligerent dumb fucks looking to kill. Some of them join because it is a cultural thing in the sense that their dad and grandpa were warriors. Most really don't think about it as thinking isn't a skill highly valued in a warrior; following orders is.

You don't defend my ass you dumb fuck. You are cannon fodder for U.S. military industrial corporate profit. Read Smedley Butler's essay about what a fool he was. You don't deserve a disability check you deadweight piece of shit. You deserve to be hanged for your crime.

The country has been overrun by people like Hitler, or Stalin. If you recall uncle Joe was our ally and Hitler had much support among our conservatives and our business community. Our war criminals in charge are no different than Hitler or Stalin except that they run a much more costly more well armed military machine.

As for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, why do you lump him in with Hitler or Stalin? Who has Iran ever attacked? The only reason our war criminals in charge don't want Iran to have a nuke is because that is the only effective deterrent against a U.S. attack.

Some people do go to war to get rich. They are often called General or Admiral. Most that go to war to get rich are among our wealthiest corporations. Arms dealers and other war profiteers make billions because dumb fucks like you go kill for them.

Until people like you wake up and realize that you are part of the problem the world will never have peace. While some of us are busy creating new things and fixing old things and making the world more peaceful and beautiful, all you create is death, destruction, chaos, pain and hatred. You are truly an unevolved piece of shit. I hope you die a slow painful death.

I prefer "no swearing", although I agree with the other points you make.

Dana Caffrey commented on Banksters Rob Cities Via Interest Rate Swaps And LIBOR Rate Manipulation.
This is very interesting topic. And to you Anonymous Coward, I like the way you laid down your opinion about this. And I was so surprised that these things are actually happening inside the government. This should be given enough priority and attention.

MicroSourcing commented on Flash Game Design Defect - Action Points.
It's true that waiting for action points to recharge can cause delays and affect the gaming experience. However, they do serve a purpose in video games because they determine the number of turns.

Martin commented on Gold-Plated 10 oz Tungsten Bar.
Where are those rats ? So nice it would have been – Tungsten bars filled with Gold…Any test will cloud as a shadow even if the counterfeit ones takes the market soon…

Esse commented on Reader Mail - 11/18/2012 To 11/24/2012.
Wow, you are getting a lot of hate mail and people arguing against you because you are stating simple facts plainly. Hang in there. Your logic is sound and your articles reasonable.

A lot of it is for old posts, especially the node.js one.

I'm looking at job ads. When I see requirements for things like Design Patterns, Agile, or Scrum, I know the employer is clueless. Unfortunately, the large volume of clueless people have driven the competent people out of the market.

Anonymous Coward commented on Best Buy - Declining Quality.
I no longer look for jobs and work for myself. I hate recruitment. It makes my skin crawl. I have enough money to survive.

A little while I got contacted by a dedicated recruiter working for a tech company. I hadn't applied to this company. In fact they asked me to apply about 5 years ago. I did back then and never heard back from them. In effect their second contact was predestined to fail as taking 5 years to give interview feedback is bound to piss someone off.

Anyway after finding out about the interview process, it seems they wanted me to write my interview answers on an Internet web-page not protected by a password or https or anything really. The Internet page had my name in bold at the top.

It is quite easy to get bitten. A page isn't really secure if it can be accessed just by guessing its URL. Plus there are robots crawling the Internet that make both permanent and temporary copies of anything they find. The Internet archive crawls the Internet and anything it finds will be stored permanently.

Call me old-fashioned, but I thought interviews were supposed to be private.

The company wanted to test me in computer languages I hadn't used for 7 years. I told the recruiter I was programming in different languages now and that I was prepared to solve problems, but didn't want to be tested on syntax and precise library APIs. The recruiter ignored my request.

In essence they wanted to test me in computer programming languages I hadn't used for 7 years and then publish the results in a non-protected manner on the Internet.

Maybe nobody would guess the URL. Maybe nobody would see the results. Maybe nothing bad would have happened.

I am an experienced software developer who sells quality software and makes a living from it. Call me paranoid but I don't want to be rushing into writing some bad code and then having the whole world see it.

I cancelled the interview. What is your take on this? Was I being too careful or was I justified?

Anonymous Coward commented on Best Buy - Declining Quality.

One of my worst interviews was at Microsloth in something-rotten-in-*****.

The recruiter booked quite possibly the earliest flight in the morning for me and so I had to wake up maybe at 3am in the morning to get to the airport in time.

On the second day of interviews, the recruiter wanted to meet me at 8am for a pre-interview talk. Well in my local time that was a 7am.

I think I did well in the technical interviews.

One of my many interviews was with the manager of the group.

I answered every single question he asked me correctly.

Then just before the interview ended he asked one more question. I said the correct answer. He then said he was in a hurry and re-worded my correct answer.

After two more interviews, the recruiter told me I hadn't got the job as I answered the manager's last question incorrectly.

Either the manager was not listening or lied.

Not nice at all. The preparations for foreign travel and everything took up several days of my time. To have it all wasted either due to a lie or due to the guy not concentrating is not nice at all.

Shame of this little man.

Anonymous Coward commented on Best Buy - Declining Quality.

I actually forgot my question for you.

Why do you need a watch when everyone carries a cell phone with a built-in clock?

I suppose cell phones do emit some radiation and so it is safer to switch them off.

A watch is more convenient than taking my cell phone out of my pocket.

I also am offended by interview questions based on obscure language features. Most C++ technical tests have obscure questions on multiple inheritance, such as what happens when the two base classes have functions with the exact same name. I've never seen a C++ class that actually used multiple inheritance, especially not in the obscure twisted way of most interview questions.

My long-term goal is to start my own business. For now, I'm looking for a regular wage slave job.

4 Responses to Reader Mail – 11/25/2012 To 12/01/2012

  1. A couple of years ago I read one of Steve Yegge’s blog posts. He working at ClownnWorld Google. Google as in the place that took the code from the web browser Konqueror and reworked it into Chrome. Google as in the place that bought in the Android operating system and the StreetView rendered from another company. Google as in the place that has links with the Indian company InfoSpace. Just do a web search from InfoSpace and ClickFraud. Google as in the place that a university professor wondered why they took so long to corrupt click fraud about a decade or so agao.

    Anyway Steve Yegge said that the employees in Google tend to only hire people exactly like themselves and so it can take 2 – 3 attempts to get a job at Google.

    When I went for an interview in Microsoft, ClownWorld, Denmark, the recruiter said it can take 3 attempts to get a job at Microsoft and he himself had to apply several times before he got his job.

    Now the whole interview process is lengthy. You can easily have interviews with at least 6 different people. The interview process can take weeks to months to complete. It can easily take up 2 – 4 days of your time. Interviewers expect you to complete up to 4 assignments before the face-to-face interviews and even to study certain topics.

    Who can spend weeks in interviews to get a job?

    If you monetize the time, you can see that it costs you thousands of dollars to get a job at either Microsoft or ClownWorld Google.

    Google, as in the clowns that had to buy in Android and had to use Konqueror code in their Chrome web browser.

    Hey, are Google actually supposed to be software developers?

  2. Although I have been verbose and ranty in my previous posts on Google, Microsoft et all and their hiring practices, there is a serious point to make.

    You go through a tedious, lengthy testing process. You most certainly wouldn’t want to go through it again. You will have interviews with easily 6 different people.

    You can have 5 of those people giving favourable reports, but you don’t get the job because the manager wants someone local, someone for his home country, someone with 5 years Java experience, someone younger, someone with less experience than him etc.

    Then if you want another chance at a job, you have to go through the same tedious tunnel of technical interviews again. But you know in your heart how well you do means diddly squat to some extent.

    *** My point is that Google and Microsoft should store your interview results and use them again and ensure that your next interviews can be a bit shorter. ***

    Why not? Everything else is cached in software development.

    As I run my own business I have made the decision that I would prefer to enhance my own software to write another product in the time wasted on interviews.

    Why waste a week? Why waste all the nice software I could write for myself instead of having my efforts wasted on silly interview questions.

    Besides I have recently launched some rather cool unique code, that can’t have been copied from anywhere because it it virtually almost unique in the world.

    Why can’t the clowns look at my executable software on the Internet that has sold up to 35 copies a day?

    Are these people complete idiots?

  3. This is how the interview process works at Google, UK and Microsoft, Europe.

    1) The recruiter tries to pick someone who went to a good or elite university or someone that worked at a famous tech company with a reputed difficult interview process. This way he or she does not look like a fool that picked a dumb candidate and also he/she has a good chance of getting through.

    2) The hiring manager or team has no or little say in who gets interviewed – it is the mainly non-technical recruiter.

    3) The interview process is tedious, lengthy and takes weeks to months to complete. The interview process is mainly all technical questions.

    4) The interview candidate may do very well and as a result expects to get a job offer because the interview process is virtually all technical questions. Almost nothing else at all. So what else can he/she be judged on?

    5) The hiring manager or team may have an unwritten criteria that has nothing to do with all the interview questions being asked. It may be that they won’t hire anyone without 5 years Java experience and so that rules out a majority of candidates using Microsoft technology. They may want someone that lives local. They may feel a certain candidate won’t fit in with the local population. Who knows? It may be they want someone exactly like them with exactly the same technical background.

    6) The candidate then gets rejected (or is simply not told of the result at all – this happened to me after both Google and Microsoft interviews. The recruiter didn’t contact me at all!). The candidate is then confused as he/she thought the interview process went well.

    7) Both employees at Google and Microsoft state you may have to interview on three different occasions to get a job as the interview process is designed to have false negatives. But if a candidate has done very well in the technical questions the first time around, is he/she likely to go again?

    8) The questions is that should the hiring manager or team pick the candidates to interview rather than the recruiter as this would save the candidates’ time? Why go through days of testing, if you have no real chance of getting the job and this can easily be decided in a few minutes just by inspection of the resume/CV?

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