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Come on commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
Nearly every language has something that it does very well. Is node.js a great tool to use for a massive enterprise level site with lots of logic? Nope not alone it isn't. However it does do websockets very well making it a great choice for your websockets layer. With a good design you can have several languages work in tandem to use them where they are shine and end up with a product that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Your php chainsaw may solve every problem you run into but I promise it waste a lot of resources doing it for certain cases and in those cases leaves behind some ugly code someone has to maintain.

magallanes commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

Javascript IS UGLY.

Example: Classes. Classes in javascripts are function in disguise. And the classes are not quite encapsulated.

Ok, OOP is not quite needing for programming, modular programming is also an option. But, guess that?, Javascript is neither modular.

Vlad commented on Design Patterns Suck!.
I thought you were just plain stupid from the other rants i read on your blog, but this one makes you a retard. Really? Design patterns are useless?

If you are a real "programmer" as you claim to be, than you are using them without even knowing. I bet you used a singleton at least once in your sorry ass "career". And yes, that's a design pattern you morron!

And stop posting comments as anonymous on your own posts. It's obvious

Gamer commented on Rise Of Legends - No Patch Server! - v2.5 patch.
i have patch but this is only working windows xp sp2................

100% working

Gamer commented on Rise Of Legends - No Patch Server! - v2.5 patch.

my email

Gamer commented on Rise Of Legends - No Patch Server! - v2.5 patch.

i have patch 100% working but only windows xp sp2..........

my email

patch link

Anonymous Coward commented on Best Buy - Declining Quality.
When I did interview a few years ago, I found that small companies try to copy the interview practices of larger companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google. I once had a set of interviews at Microsoft, UK and it total, spread across different days and pre-interview tests, had to answer something like 16 programming questions! By the sixteenth question, I was getting tired and, as it was needlessly lengthy, and didn't answer it. Two weeks later their Human Resources woman telephoned me and said that the manager said I was too stupid to realize I got the last question incorrect. In actual fact I didn't get it wrong, I didn't even start to answer it, because my mind just gave up.

What I am trying to say, is that companies make the interview process an ABSURD ENDURANCE TEST OF NEVER ENDING QUESTIONS.

Or in your case, asking obscure questions.







Another offensive bit is the programming assignment. Do you really expect me to spend a day or two implementing something just for an interview? I used to do such silliness, but it never led to an interview or offer, so I stopped.

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 11/25/2012 To 12/01/2012.
A couple of years ago I read one of Steve Yegge's blog posts. He working at ClownnWorld Google. Google as in the place that took the code from the web browser Konqueror and reworked it into Chrome. Google as in the place that bought in the Android operating system and the StreetView rendered from another company. Google as in the place that has links with the Indian company InfoSpace. Just do a web search from InfoSpace and ClickFraud. Google as in the place that a university professor wondered why they took so long to corrupt click fraud about a decade or so agao.

Anyway Steve Yegge said that the employees in Google tend to only hire people exactly like themselves and so it can take 2 - 3 attempts to get a job at Google.

When I went for an interview in Microsoft, ClownWorld, Denmark, the recruiter said it can take 3 attempts to get a job at Microsoft and he himself had to apply several times before he got his job.

Now the whole interview process is lengthy. You can easily have interviews with at least 6 different people. The interview process can take weeks to months to complete. It can easily take up 2 - 4 days of your time. Interviewers expect you to complete up to 4 assignments before the face-to-face interviews and even to study certain topics.

Who can spend weeks in interviews to get a job?

If you monetize the time, you can see that it costs you thousands of dollars to get a job at either Microsoft or ClownWorld Google.

Google, as in the clowns that had to buy in Android and had to use Konqueror code in their Chrome web browser.

Hey, are Google actually supposed to be software developers?

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 11/25/2012 To 12/01/2012.

Perhaps FSK should be happy he didn't get a job at ClownWorld.

I suggest you read the following article.

It is one of many articles on this topic.

It is a pity you can get more money by clowning around that by being straight up.

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 11/25/2012 To 12/01/2012.

Although I have been verbose and ranty in my previous posts on Google, Microsoft et all and their hiring practices, there is a serious point to make.

You go through a tedious, lengthy testing process. You most certainly wouldn't want to go through it again. You will have interviews with easily 6 different people.

You can have 5 of those people giving favourable reports, but you don't get the job because the manager wants someone local, someone for his home country, someone with 5 years Java experience, someone younger, someone with less experience than him etc.

Then if you want another chance at a job, you have to go through the same tedious tunnel of technical interviews again. But you know in your heart how well you do means diddly squat to some extent.

*** My point is that Google and Microsoft should store your interview results and use them again and ensure that your next interviews can be a bit shorter. ***

Why not? Everything else is cached in software development.

As I run my own business I have made the decision that I would prefer to enhance my own software to write another product in the time wasted on interviews.

Why waste a week? Why waste all the nice software I could write for myself instead of having my efforts wasted on silly interview questions.

Besides I have recently launched some rather cool unique code, that can't have been copied from anywhere because it it virtually almost unique in the world.

Why can't the clowns look at my executable software on the Internet that has sold up to 35 copies a day?

Are these people complete idiots?

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 11/25/2012 To 12/01/2012.

This is how the interview process works at Google, UK and Microsoft, Europe.

1) The recruiter tries to pick someone who went to a good or elite university or someone that worked at a famous tech company with a reputed difficult interview process. This way he or she does not look like a fool that picked a dumb candidate and also he/she has a good chance of getting through.

2) The hiring manager or team has no or little say in who gets interviewed - it is the mainly non-technical recruiter.

3) The interview process is tedious, lengthy and takes weeks to months to complete. The interview process is mainly all technical questions.

4) The interview candidate may do very well and as a result expects to get a job offer because the interview process is virtually all technical questions. Almost nothing else at all. So what else can he/she be judged on?

5) The hiring manager or team may have an unwritten criteria that has nothing to do with all the interview questions being asked. It may be that they won't hire anyone without 5 years Java experience and so that rules out a majority of candidates using Microsoft technology. They may want someone that lives local. They may feel a certain candidate won't fit in with the local population. Who knows? It may be they want someone exactly like them with exactly the same technical background.

6) The candidate then gets rejected (or is simply not told of the result at all - this happened to me after both Google and Microsoft interviews. The recruiter didn't contact me at all!). The candidate is then confused as he/she thought the interview process went well.

7) Both employees at Google and Microsoft state you may have to interview on three different occasions to get a job as the interview process is designed to have false negatives. But if a candidate has done very well in the technical questions the first time around, is he/she likely to go again?

8) The questions is that should the hiring manager or team pick the candidates to interview rather than the recruiter as this would save the candidates' time? Why go through days of testing, if you have no real chance of getting the job and this can easily be decided in a few minutes just by inspection of the resume/CV?

Anonymous Coward commented on LA Port Strike.
I currently live in the United Kingdom.

I'm not sure what the point is of having law in the workplace.

If you sue your employer (or soon to be previous employer) in an Industrial Tribunal, you will never work again in that field.

A BBC documentary about a real-life case about a female employee that was forced out of her bank after getting pregnant made that point as well.

Even if the law is on your side, is you sue an employer YOU WILL NEVER WORK AGAIN IN THAT FIELD.


I also heard that one union declared a strike in the United Kingdom. Their employer went to the high court and got their strike declared illegal on a technicality.

Well the problem with that is the high court is expensive. Eventually the union won the legal case.

But involving the law in strike in the United Kingdom means that you have to have a wealthy trade union to afford the legal bills in order to strike.

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