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Just some lurker commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
What a great load of crap. I have dealt with people like you in the past. Self-absorbed idiots who believe they are cleverer than everyone else, usually gets fired or in a dark corner, mumbling to themselves about how the rest of the world is stupid.

Meanwhile, the world goes on and you are being left behind. Your "cleverness" does not seem to be enough to escape the need to ask for a job to someone else. All this together, make you the kind of person who is going to be unhappy forever...

Grow a backbone, kid. Seriously.

Oh, and about node.js... are you a developer, really? Don't you know by now that, unless we are the bosses of the project (you clearly are not), we code in whatever the pyscopath/manager says?

What a whining loser.

Mike commented on Time-Warner Cable Gross Negligence.
I have a Magnavox too, they are great but don't record HD, so I use it more to store recordings meant to put on DVD

I didn't have an HD cable box and TV when I bought it. It does downconvert, so you still get the wider picture.

I didn't realize that it wasn't fully HD compatabile until later. The last time I checked, Magnavox did't have a newer model on their website.

Update: I just checked, and they now have a 537H. It seems to be a full HD recorder, but I'm sure:

From Amazon:


This half-truth has caused more misunderstanding than almost anything else in the manual. It's a "deep" technical subject that didn't need to be there! It HAS TO record a 4:3 aspect pic FRAME because the DVD Std was built on the old 4:3 VHS Std, but the DVD std allows a combo of square/non-square pixels, variable horiz. rez, compression and decompression within that 4:3 frame. THAT'S what allows your HDTV to stretch the "non-square" (rectangular) pixels of a WS image inside that 4:3 frame to natural 16:9 WS aspect. You just need to set this DVDR's Video > TV Aspect to "16:9 Wide" and your HDTV on its "Wide" aspect setting. However, this DVDR's DEFAULT setting for aspect ratio is "4:3 Letter Box" so you have to change that to 16:9 Wide during setup or none of your recordings will be 16:9 WS!

The new model may also not be a full HD recorder. I don't understand why not.

commented on Rise Of Legends - No Patch Server! - v2.5 patch.
any patch that works in sp3 commented on I'm Sick Of Hearing About The Fiscal Cliff.
I am also tired of hearing about this fiscal cliff "crisis". What I find extremely annoying is that neither party explains what they really want. Each side generates BS to denounce the other side.

I really do not understand what is prevents them from printing as much money as they want? Why is all this fuss?

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 12/23/2012 To 12/29/2012.
I do agree the Welfare state is damaging.

It would be far better to lower taxes and have rent controls, so that people could survive on low paid and part-time work.

Instead in the United Kingdom, government thugs put single mothers in jail when they take up part-time work to feed their children as high rents force them to claim housing benefit which precludes them from working.

However if you are a Member of Parliament that steals money via fraudulent expense claims, you will get away with it. Either no prosecution will take place and after a suitable time out of government office, you will be given a government minister job again. Or your court case will be thrown as you will be declared unfit to stand trial.

One law for ordinary people and one law for thieving politicians.

If there was no welfare state there would be a revolution when people begin to starve. That is the only reason there is a welfare state.

The better solution is land reform. Property and land should be returned to the workers instead of being in the hands of royalty and wealthy clowns.

There is nothing wrong with earned wealth from inventions and producing valuable goods. But wealth from owning vasts amounts of land passed down is theft from the working population.

Let the people be able to support themselves. They cannot do this without land and resources.

Rent control is another fake reform. The real problem is inflation.

When there's inflation, rents rise. However, interest rates and salaries don't keep pace with inflation. People are forced out of their homes, due to inflation. The "solution" is not to reduce inflation, but to impose rent control.

Who owns a rent controlled apartment? The landlord doesn't own it, because he isn't allowed to charge the fair free market rent. (Landlords receive other State subsidies, via negative interest rates. When you buy an investment property, you usually maximize your leverage and mortgage. This maximizes profit due to negative interest rates, except when there's a bubble and a bust.)

With sound money and a fixed money supply, rents would be stable or slightly decreasing.

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 12/23/2012 To 12/29/2012.

In the United Kingdom, a decade or two ago a bunch of clowns (actually most of the population) had the idea that they could gain wealth by buying buy-to-rent flats and houses.

So most of the UK didn't bother producing real goods and services. Why bother? Their house prices went up more each year than their whole yearly salary. Why work hard at work, when your house price is going up 50, 000 pounds a year?

So everybody feel asleep in the UK as everybody was getting rich off of increasing house prices.

Today house prices are so expensive, no real worker can afford to buy a house.

Only if you are a thieving bankster, bent lawyer or politician can you afford to buy a house.

The small percentage of the UK doing real work now can't afford to buy a house and so they must rent a house from the lazy people that bought houses 20 years ago when they were cheaper.

So we have millions of clowns that got lucky to buying cheap and they are living up all the people with real jobs.

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