The Latest uTorrent (3.2.3) Is A Buggy POS (DIsk Overloaded 100% Bug)

I’m so angry at uTorrent. The latest version (3.2.3) is a buggy piece of garbage. I’m ready to drop uTorrent for something else, except that I don’t want to reload my torrents in a new client.

It’s obvious what happened. Originally, uTorrent was written by someone competent. Then, BitTorrent bought out uTorrent. The new developers are unqualified.

I keep saying to myself “Maybe the next version will be better?”! That’s foolish reasoning. If the developers are incompetent, then the next version is also going to suck. They might fix some bugs, while simultaneously introducing new bugs.

I’m getting a bizarre “Disk Overloaded 100%” error in uTorrent. I have a fast PC, only a year old, and a slow DSL connection. There’s no way I’m downloading faster than uTorrent can write to disk.

I can fiddle with settings to try and eliminate the problem. Why should I have to do that?

There isn’t any kind of obvious popup or warning when the cache fills up. Instead, it’s a tiny message on the bottom of the screen. That’s the only indication there’s a problem.

I see what’s happening. uTorrent gets stuck in a state where it’s using 100% CPU, and stops writing to disk. Then, its cache fills up. There’s no point making the cache bigger. uTorrent doesn’t ever write to disk once it enters the “stuck” state. When I close uTorrent, it doesn’t flush the cache to disk, instead discarding it. I lose all my unsaved data. There’s no point making the cache bigger, because I’ll just lose more data.

There’s another bug in uTorrent, the “frozen peer” bug. Sometimes, a peer gets stuck in a state where I have a request pending and the peer never responds. The peer is marked as unchoked, but isn’t sending the data. The fix is obvious. If there’s a request pending for 5 minutes and it isn’t answered, then the request should be cancelled and re-requested. Instead, uTorrent hangs. I know it’s a uTorrent bug, because the peer is also listed as using uTorrent.

Once uTorrent has a frozen peer, no more data will be exchanged with that peer. It’s frustrating on torrents with only 1-2 seeds. The only way to clean it up is to stop the torrent and restart it, getting a fresh connection with that peer.

I’m disgusted with uTorrent. I’m looking for another torrent client, but haven’t found one I like. There’s no reason for me to expect uTorrent to get better, because obviously incompetent people are working on it. I don’t want to downgrade to an older version of uTorrent, because I want magnet link support.

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    • When I upgraded to uTorrent 3.3, that seemed to fix the problem. However, I don’t know what other bugs they introduced.

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