Manti Te’o Is A Liar And The Mainstream Media Is Incompetent

Manti Te’o lied about how his girlfriend died. She turned out to be fake, and he’d never met her. When he was up for the Heisman Trophy and playing in the BCS championship game, this was hyped as one of the personal interest stories in the game. Shortly after that, it was revealed to be a complete fraud.

The mainstream media is portraying Manti Te’o as someone clueless, who was duped by a conman. I don’t believe that for a minute. He was in on the scam from the beginning. Now, he’s following the script his handlers prepared for him.

Manti Te’o is a superstar college football player. He gets into a long-distance relationship with a girl he never met? Seriously? He turned down all those football groupies for a complete stranger?

I’m waiting for his ex-girlfriends to come forward, saying “I was dating Manti Te’o while he was talking about his fake girlfriend.”

It’s obvious what happened. Manti Te’o made up the lie to increase his Heisman Trophy chances and get some hype. The media covered the lie as a fact, because it was a good story. Even though a few minutes of fact-checking would have uncovered the lie, nobody in the mainstream media is a real journalist anymore.

The guy who “allegedly” duped Manti Te’o is eager to take credit for the lie, because now he’s a celebrity.

Based on a few interview snippets, Manti Te’o seems to have the parasite/pyschopath personality type. During his TV interview, the interviewer should have said “I can tell by your body language that you’re lying.” Why do preferred guests always get away with lying?

It’s embarrassing that the mainstream media was duped into spreading this lie as the truth. Instead of admitting their gross incompetence, they’re portraying Manti Te’o as a hoax victim, to save their own face. A star football player with lots of choices wouldn’t settle for a long-distance relationship with someone he never met.

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