Sandy Hook Truthers?

This story is pretty funny.  After the mass murder in Newtown, Conn, some children fled the school and ran into Gene Rosen’s home.  Now, he’s being harassed by people who claim that the mass murder is a hoax and he’s part of the scam.

This is a common pattern.  Whenever something bad happens, politicians will use it as an excuse to claim more power.  Then, some people believe that the disaster was faked.  It was a made-up story to come up with excuses for greater tyranny.

When people believe that State insiders directly cause disasters, that shows an ignorance of how evil really works.  The State has a lot of people sincerely trying to do the right thing, except that they have false beliefs.  Most of the high-ranking leaders are criminally insane, but most rank-and-file workers are sincerely trying to do the right thing.  The evils of the State come from criminally insane leaders and hardworking-but-deluded peons.  It would be too hard to intentionally cause a mass murder, because the hardworking-but-deluded people would never go along with it.

It’s a good example of “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  There are plenty of plans for taking away freedom, and they’re publicly promoted after a suitable crisis.  Not every disaster is a conspiracy.  Most of the time, politicians exploit a situation to promote their agenda.

One Response to Sandy Hook Truthers?

  1. Dirty Pirate Hooker January 31, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    While it’s true that not every disaster is a conspiracy, it’s also true that not every disaster is an accident. There’s an entire history of government false flag operations ranging from the small and simple (the English Crown secretly hiring privateers to attack French and Spanish shipping) to the large and complex (Operation Gladio, Lavon Affair, etc…). So let’s not pretend that a mass shooting at an elementary school is beyond our government’s capabilities. Both the CIA and FBI have no shortage of criminal, trained killers at their disposal.

    With regard to the Sandy Hook shootings, there’s absolutely no hard evidence supporting the official story. At least, nothing that’s been released to the public. The whole thing is based solely on what government agents claim, which has no credibility at all. Under the circumstances, theories about conspiracies seems appropriate to me.

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