Reader Mail – 01/27/2013 To 02/02/2013

Inverted Pooping commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
Master of the Angelical Flute Penis

email: yourMom@myFemaleImpaler.nut

^^ that made my night

marketanarchist commented on Steve Jobs' FBI File.
I was searching "steve Jobs psychopath" and a libertarian site came in the front results! We are pretty vocal on the internet!

They are two closely related ideas. There's the abuse of big government. There's the way criminally insane leaders manipulate and control others. It's a close relationship. Big government prevents honest people from establishing businesses that compete with established monopolies.

Ken commented on NFL Players Are Underpaid For The Playoffs And Super Bowl.
You are ignoring the financial incentives built into many players contracts that provide for bonus payments for reaching the playoffs. Also, you are over-emphasing the role of career-ending injuries. The vast majority of players retire due to diminishing skill sets , also, the role of younger, cheaper players who more easily fit under the salary cap is important.

Dirty Pirate Hooker commented on Sandy Hook Truthers?.
While it's true that not every disaster is a conspiracy, it's also true that not every disaster is an accident. There's an entire history of government false flag operations ranging from the small and simple (the English Crown secretly hiring privateers to attack French and Spanish shipping) to the large and complex (Operation Gladio, Lavon Affair, etc...). So let's not pretend that a mass shooting at an elementary school is beyond our government's capabilities. Both the CIA and FBI have no shortage of criminal, trained killers at their disposal.

With regard to the Sandy Hook shootings, there's absolutely no hard evidence supporting the official story. At least, nothing that's been released to the public. The whole thing is based solely on what government agents claim, which has no credibility at all. Under the circumstances, theories about conspiracies seems appropriate to me.

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