Christopher Dorner – Criminal Or Victim?

This story is interesting.  Christopher Dorner is a former soldier and policeman.  He is angry at the LAPD for being unfairly fired.  Allegedly, he killed 3 people.  He wrote on the Internet that he intends to target policemen and their families.

This bit was funny and offensive.

In Torrance, two women delivering newspapers were shot and wounded by police officers who mistook the gray pickup they were driving for the one identified as belonging to the gunman.

Police were so eager to murder Christopher Dorner that they injured two innocent people, mistaking their car for Dorner’s car.  Those policemen will probably not be charged with any crime!  To get Christopher Dorner, who murdered 3 people, the police almost murdered two people!

If Christopher Dorner was the victim of corruption, it’s important for him to be murdered rather than captured alive. It wouldn’t be right for him to get a chance to tell his side of the story!

Also, Christopher Dorner seems to be targeting the specific people who mistreated him, rather than striking completely at random.

The violence attributed to Dorner began with the weekend slayings of a campus safety officer and his fiancee. The woman was the daughter of a retired Los Angeles police captain who had represented Dorner in disciplinary action that led to his 2008 dismissal and was apparently singled out by the former cop for blame.

It continued early Thursday, resulting in the fatal shooting of a police officer in Riverside and the woundings of two others.

That’s amusing. There was a policeman assigned to “represent” him in the disciplinary hearing, and Dorner blamed him the most. Very often, a “defense” lawyer works against the defendant!  That actually shows a lot of intelligence, targeting his children instead of confronting him directly.

Reading between the lines of the story, I see Christopher Dorner as someone who was mistreated by the State and then cracked.

This part is very interesting.

Mr. Dorner had posted a rambling and threatening note on his Facebook page saying he was suffering from severe depression and pledging to kill police officers to avenge his dismissal for filing a false police report accusing a colleague of police abuse. Mr. Dorner said he had struggled to clear his name in court before resorting to violence.

Here is a “copy” of Christopher Dorner’s writing. This was edited, because it removed the names of the policeman who hurt him. It probably isn’t possible to obtain an accurate copy. All the copies I saw removed the names. It sounds like someone who realized the State is one big lie, after a confrontation with well organized evil. Of course, if the names were removed, it’s likely that there were other edits.  He posted it on Facebook, who probably deleted it by now.

That is offensive, to post a “copy” of someone’s writing, claiming it to be 100% accurate, and then editing it. This bit was flagrantly added:

If you had a well regulated AWB, this would not happen. The time is now to reinstitute a ban that will save lives.

Seriously, he’s arguing for an assualt weapons ban in his “manifesto”? You’re kidding me. It’s pathetic that someone snuck that in, pretending it to be part of the original.

It’s pretty obvious what happened. Christopher Dorner filed a *GENIUNE* complaint against a colleague. However, he lost the political manipulation game. The dishonest policeman avoided responsibility *AND* turned the truth around so that Dorner was accused of lying. In my experience, when evil people file a false complaint, it’s always treated as valid, and when honest people file a genuine complaint, they are fired for lying. There’s nothing more offensive than an honest person standing up for what is right. The other policemen already knew that Dorner was a “troublemaker” (i.e. honest), so they used the incident as an excuse to eliminate him.

It is very traumatic when someone is trying to do the right thing, but is ruined by a conspiracy of evil people covering their tracks. It’s shocking to suddenly realize the scam of the State.

Superficially, the story spins Christopher Dorner as a complete lunatic. I see him as a victim of State abuse. He tried to fight evil people in the LAPD, but instead had his career ruined. Nothing inspires cooperation among criminals more than an honest person. Then, realizing the State is one big lie, he cracked under the stress. Being a professional thug, he solved his problems the State-approved way, with violence.

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      • One cannot know for sure, but it does contain all of the officer/suspect names that were redacted out in the copies the MSM has been distributing. It was originally posted on a Facebook page that appears to have since been deleted.

        • This person claims that the bit about an assault weapons ban was added. I have no idea if it’s true. That bit does seem to be written in a different style than the rest of the document. Here’s another link on the same subject.

          There were a couple of interesting articles on Dorner on the conspiracy reddit. It was interesting to browse.

          If I had to make a guess, Dorner is going to hide for a few months, and then strike again once his targets let down their guard.

    • Dorner isn’t going to accomplish much. He’s going to get at most a few more people before the police get him.

      If everyone who received State abuse retaliated violently, it would rapidly end. If you’re the only one doing it, you’re throwing your life away for nothing.

      In the late 19th century, some anarchists tried assassinating politicians. It didn’t work. There’s always another State criminal eager for a promotion, so getting rid of some corrupt leaders accomplishes nothing. Also, the media spin led it to create more sympathy for the State. Violence is pointless when you’re outnumbered.

      I’ve been unfairly fired plenty of times. I let it go and move on to the next opportunity. Dorner could have gotten a job as a security guard or bodyguard, even though he was unfairly fired from the LAPD.

      However, in a non-corrupt system, Dorner probably would have had a successful career as a policeman. His “problem” was that he was honest and intelligent. He was bothered by the bad things policemen are frequently forced to do. The criminals noticed that, and decided to come up with an excuse for firing him. (When policemen are recruited, they are given an intelligence test. If you score too highly, you are rejected!)

  1. dorner praised obama in his manifesto, then went on a killing spree of white people. a general absence of this fact in the press though. imagine a white man praising mitt romney in a manifesto then killing 3 black people. it would be front & center in boldface type with the biased liberals in the media! the media in this country truly suks!

    • The bit may not have been in the original manifesto. It might have been edited. The stuff on the assault weapons ban and the shout-out to celebrities may have been added later by someone else. That was already discussed previously in the comments above.

      If you ever decide to post a “manifesto”, don’t do it on a site like Facebook! Do it on your own personal website, so at least it’s in Google’s cache or the wayback machine! (Facebook is not crawled by Google. Also, Facebook has strict censorship rules.)

      Don’t trust the mainstream media! If they claim it’s an “unedited” copy of Dorner’s writing, you can’t be sure!

  2. Christopher Dorner is dead. There were a couple of other interesting points, but not enough for a separate post.

    The news said “The cabin he was hiding in mysteriously caught fire.” Why not say “The police set fire to the cabin!”? Who do they think they’re fooling? The police decided to go all Janet Reno Waco on the cabin. Given that he had shot two more policemen, that probably was justified.

    That also shows the fallacy of trying to hold off a siege by State police. If necessary, they will gas you, burn down your home, or even bomb you.

    Another interesting point is the police bodyguards for Dorner’s target list. If a criminal targeted 40 non-policemen, they would not have gotten such protection. In that case, it would have been “Too bad, you’re on you’re own, we don’t have the resources to protect you.” Police are the violence arm of the State, and that’s why it was so important to protect them.

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