Reader Mail – 03/03/2013 To 03/09/2013

Erik commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
Thank you for the early indicator that you hate JavaScript. It made all the inaccurate stuff amusing rather than annoying, which it always it when the person criticizing points out at the end of a long list of things that aren't really true. Also thank you for hating on TDD. Let us unite our hatred across your funky-ass bolted together Frankenstein of a server-side language with highly similar API methods with arguments in no discernible pattern that nobody wants to use anywhere else and my beautiful first-class function-wielding complexity reducing/normalizing beast of a rapidly evolving language that's spreading everywhere like wildfire and really hate on TDD together, in love and admiration for how much we can hate on each other's choices yet still hate something even dumber more.

jeremy commented on Test Driven Development - How Stupidity Spreads.
"How Stupidity Spreads"

Do you mean like this blog post?

John Rambo commented on Reader Mail - 02/24/2013 To 03/02/2013.
Paul Elam, A Voice for Men- the biggest conjob in the MRA and disinfo agent

A short commentary on MRA leaders

The so called "Leaders" of the MRA area are lying to you all. They are telling you that governments make legislation that you HAVE to obey and that they can FORCE you to obey using the police FORCE. This is a lie. They know it is a lie. And they are telling you lies that they know are lies.

The TRUTH is that legislation is NOT LAW and you do not have to obey ANY legislation. Here are links to videos that go into this in detail. This is not a new idea. Many people KNOW that legislation is not law and have been telling you so for a long time.

The excuse offered is usually "well the guvment can hurt you if you do not obey" is just that. An excuse. The only reason that guvments do hurt men who do not obey is because men have TOLERATED these crimes and not formed new courts to put criminals in guvment on trial. Men only have themselves to blame.

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 02/24/2013 To 03/02/2013.

I've been advertising with the Google Clowns for years and have put quite a bit of money their way.

In my niche my software was the first practically of its kind in terms of quality. As such loads of real people linked to my website.

I used to have a very high natural Google search ranking. Suddenly it went inexplicably down. My Adwords Cost per Click steadily went up over the years far above the rate of inflation. Occasionally a competitor in my niche advertises on Adwords but always after a few months they give up.

At the moment there is no competition in my hiche on Adwords. Yet my Cost Per Click is high - high enough to eat a big chunk of my profit.

In the early days of the Google Clown Display Network (your adverts appear on 3rd party websites), I got cheated out of a bundle of cash. I emailed Google exclaiming my daily budget went in seconds right at the beginning of the day and that my webserver logs showed something fishy was happened.

Despite being a long-standing customer, the Google Clowns sent me a form email back denying any Click Fraud.

This is no way to treat a long-standing customer.

The Google Clowns are clowns and money grabbing clowns at that.

They are not decent people. A decent person would have returned the money.

This is a common problem, when dealing with people who partially crack their pro-State brainwashing. People see the truth in one area, but not the other.

In this case, he understands "State law is biased against men." and "Due to pro-State brainwashing and the welfare State, most women don't act responsibly when choosing partners." He does not understand "Government is one big criminal conspiracy. All taxation is theft. Just because a bunch of politicians write something down on a piece of paper, that doesn't make it true or a good idea."

That's what I do better than most people. Various writers have different pieces of the truth, and I've remember the good bits while ignoring the other mistakes they make. As long as someone has some good ideas, I'll keep reading. For example, Captain Capitalism has some good ideas on economics, but he doesn't get "Soldiers are not heroes. Soldiers are criminals!", and shows the usual pro-State troll hostility to that idea.

Anonymous Coward commented on Retroarch Android Emulator.
Google may distribute Android for free to phone manufacturers, but Android was developed from Linux and by another company. Google just purchased Android from another company.

It is ironic Google likes to crow how wonderful and smart they are, but Android was written without any baby Google clowns around.

How's that policy of hiring recent graduates straight out of university going Mr Clown?

Are you suffering yet from a lack of real word software experience?

Obviously as you don't write software anymore and you can only buy stuff in.

Jim Hodge commented on Retroarch Android Emulator.

"Jim Hodge - Allied Home Mortgage have been attacked by lawyers and the liberal press. A self made man of humble means is working hard to restore the jobs lost by these baseless attacks"

What does that have to do with Retroarch Android?

If you're a spammer, you're a pretty pathetic one. Your website "" is just an empty WordPress installation.

According to piwik, you came via the toplibertarian website, so you get the benefit of the doubt. You almost wound up in spam.

Anonymous Coward commented on Stupid Interview Question - "Rate Yourself On A Scale Of 1 To 10".
About ten years ago I applied to a job at Google ClownLand, UK.

The recruiter they were using at the time sent me a questionnaire with the sort of questions you are complaining about here i.e. rate yourself for buzzword skill X from 1 to 10. It also asked other questions as well and it took me a little while to complete it all.

I emailed the recruiter my completed questionnaire. I heard nothing for several months and then the same recruiter asked me to complete exactly the same questionnaire again for a second time.

As several months had passed I had given up on the job and had deleted my original completed copy. So I did it again. I emailed it back and I never heard from the recruiter ever again.

Roll on a few years and I got contacted by another Google recruiter in another country. That led to face-to-face interviews. At the end of the interviews a woman asked me into an office and told me if I didn't get the job Google wouldn't contact me.

Google were true to their word and they didn't contact me - well at least for 5 years.

Five years after my face-to-face interviews, yet another Google recruiter contacted me. He told me I had nearly got the previous job and it was a close decision.

I was somewhat annoyed Google had point blank been so lazy they couldn't tell me that by email 5 years ago. I didn't think he was being entirely straightforward. If it had been such a close decision why didn't Google contact me in those intervening 5 years?

I said that I was prepared to interview again. The recruiter then said I would be tested in a certain programming language. As for the past 5 years I have been using Microsoft technology and programming languages, I asked the recruiter whether they would make allowances for the fact I'm programming in a Microsoft language and technology. The recruiter would not contact the hiring manager about this and so I declined the interviews.

Just a waste of time really. All I wanted to know is that I wouldn't face an interviewer that wanted to quiz me on precise syntax on a programming language I haven't used for 5 years.

Jim Hodge commented on Stupid Interview Question - "Rate Yourself On A Scale Of 1 To 10".

Thanks for taking this opportunity to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and I take pleasure in learning about this topic.

Anonymous Coward commented on Stupid Interview Question - "Rate Yourself On A Scale Of 1 To 10".

> and told me if I didn’t get the job Google wouldn’t contact me.

I feel I didn't make it properly clear my disappointment with Google's attitude.

After several face-to-face interviews I was told that if I didn't get the job, then I would not be informed about the decision. Effectively I was not be contacted at all.

I thought at the time this was "off". It costs nothing to send an email to someone saying they didn't get the job.

Then five years later, a Google recruiter contacted me by email and asked to speak to me over the telephone. He then referred back to the interviews I had five years ago. So it took Google five years to tell me I didn't get the job!

For some reason this pissed me off. I should have been told at the time.

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