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sackcloth commented on Larken Rose Still Thinks Like A Statist.
you could accept bitcoin donations

Unless it's going to be a substantial amount of donations, it isn't worth the hassle of setting it up.

I'm now leaning towards "Write an e-book!" as a way to make money from my blog.

Ryan commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.
Ask a soldier, in the frontline, fighting for his country, what he would give to be back home with his family...ask a disabled war-veteran- wouldn't he have preferred to not be disabled? I am sure we all know what they would say. Its understandable why many of us would be against wars. Wars truly are evil and no one can ever truly justify the reasons behind a war. But ask yourselves, is it really right to blame a soldier, a war-veteran for the war? Is it not like blaming a gun rather than the killer for a murder? The soldier was the tool, the weapon, but do you incriminate a weapon?

Of course not. Its the murderer who is to be blamed. And in this case the true murderers are the politicians. The politicians make wars happen, and since we are the ones who have elected them, we are partly to be blamed too. We must not let the horrors of war cloud our judgement.

The politicians would have no power, if not for the soldiers and police who blindly obey orders.

There is a big difference between a gun and a soldier. A gun is a tool and an inanimate object. A soldier is a person who's supposed to think for himself.

Just because you enlist as a soldier, doesn't mean you lose all moral responsibility for your actions.

Druida commented on Rise Of Legends - No Patch Server! - v2.5 patch.
Thnx for re-upload

Anomymous Coward commented on Retroarch Android Emulator.
You really need to be careful of the Google Clowns.

Their empire is founded on advertising. They don't make money anywhere else.

They give Android away free to phone manufacturers, even though they had to pay to take over the company that developed it. If the Google Clowns are so smart, why couldn't they develop this sort of software themselves. We all know the Google clowns like to boast how clever they are and how difficult their interviews are. Well it a pity they couldn't manage to hire anyone smart enough to modify Linux enough to turn it into a smartphone operating system!

Now for some areas (those than involve commercial products) Google's search results have a page of junk and software downloads, goods etc are from the second page onwards.

This forces companies selling anything on the Internet to buy adverts from Google.

I've seen the Cost Per Click rise each year and I find it difficult to believe this is from a fair auction process. Google must do things to bump up the price - perhaps their "quality" scores for keywords and adverts. I have a well worded website and still I get low quality scores from Google for my adverts and keywords. So the Google Clowns bump up my cost per click.

The Google Clowns have lots of bellies to feed and they are getting the money from screwing advertisers.

Google's cost per click is 2x - 10x the cost on

It is bad the Google Clowns have a near monopoly on search.

Before things get worse and worse people must stop using and move over to anything else - perhaps

The Google Clowns will force up the price of software and goods as their manufacturers are forced to pay inflated Google advertising costs. They have to do this because lots of people use Google.

Google search is not free. The cost is passed on to you via manufacturers' advertising costs.

Anonymous Coward commented on Sim City Always Online DRM.
I am a software developer and I self-publish.

I agree with you about online DRM being offensive.

Large companies purchase my software. My software uses a copy protection system, but the online aspect of it is once-only. Once software is verified by an Internet connection, the software will always work on that hardware.

I also have several different types of protection mechanism. The user can choose. My intention is that for most cases, once the user has purchased the software, he/she can use it whether my company goes bust or not. It isn't foolproof. But I hope for most cases, little users can use my software whether my company stays up or not.

Having said that as my running costs are low, I hope to be able to continue for a long time.

I've also seen some large companies abuse my licenses. I've seen some companies purchase 10 licenses, but use it on 30 machines.

I've seen some companies purchase 1 license and then quiz me why they can't use it for many different users! This was actually rather dumb of them. Ironically they are one of the most famous companies in the country they operate in. In fact everyone in the whole country (almost) uses their services.

Having said the above, my copy protection system is flexible, but it is only flexible because I sell thousands of copies of my software and not hundreds of thousands to millions. If I sold that many copies my license system may need to be made less flexible.

Anonymous Coward commented on Crazy IP Law And The Wizard Of Oz.
Laws beget more laws. This process will continue until men learn to be good and most people do know the difference between right and wrong.

We don't need overpaid lawyers to suck the blood out of society.

We need a set of simple, easy to understand laws.

Who paid for it? That is the person that owns it.

If 95% of a work is your own work and say 5% of it is from the public domain and that 5% isn't core or vital, then the evil lawyers should go away and leave productive society alone.

Spideynw commented on No More Google Reader.
I am going to myself.

Anonymous Coward commented on No More Google Reader.

I don't like Google. I was stung by what I believed to be obvious click fraud. Over the years I have paid a considerable amount of money to Google via adwords. I noticed that all my daily budget was being exhausted within seconds of the start of each new day and on a screensaver website on their display network. The goods I was selling had nothing to do with screensavers. When I turned off the display network, my daily budget was never exhausted over a whole day when just on Google's search page. I did ask Google a couple of times for a refund, but I just got form answers back from them.

Given the length of my time with them as a customer and the amount of money I paid them over the years, it would have been simple good manners to grant my request for a tiny fraction of the money I gave them back.

Maybe Google is just too big to give proper service to one customer.

Google's virtual monopoly of web searches is a cause for concern. The have the power, if they choose to, to downgrade a website and then up their Adwords costs per click. I really don't see why CPC is so high. In my niche there is an absence of competition at the moment, yet the minimum click price is so high as to make advertising with them uneconomical.

If Google charged fair prices for clicks, then they would actually make more money from what I see - which may be unrepresentative.

Google paid money to buy in the Android operating system. They did not develop it themselves.

As we all know, Google dumps Android on the market for free. This is cost-shifting.

This makes it hard to Microsoft, Research In Motion (Blackberry) and Apple to compete. How can you compete with free?

From my point of view, I feel that I am paying high prices for advertising to subsidize Google's spending spree only to give stuff away for free.

When will things fray at the seems?

Suppose you want to distribute high quality, cheap software and keep you running costs low. The Internet should allow cheap software as you don't have to pay for real estate.

We had some nice years. But high advertising costs at Google will kill off quality content on the Internet. Google hoovers up the money.

Beware of Google.

Anonymous Coward commented on No More Google Reader.

The irony is not lost on me.

I develop high quality software that sells at low rates given it is business software.

To make money, someone has to like myself enough to convince their company to buy it.

I then give 10% of my net income to Google for advertising. They use it to buy in software and give it away free.

In a sense paid-for software is providing the money to buy software and then give it away free.

But I am only one customer amongst many.

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  1. Anonymous Coward March 18, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    You may moan about the USA, but aren’t you glad you are not in EuroLand?

    More seriously have you heard about Chris and his wife Vicky Huhne who were both jailed for 8 months of swapping speeding points? Chris was doing 19 mph over a 50 mph speed limit on the M11 motorway (not a residential street).

    Chris is a former government minister and Vicky is an economist. Both are obviously wealthy and have connections.

    I may dislike wealth, power and connections and those that make money from politics and banks and city firms rather than doing real work, but is it right to jail people for stupidity, bad decisions and vengeance when really they are only a danger to themselves and not society?

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