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Nick commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.
dahlia - that's a pretty ignorant comment IMO - The brain has proven to be a complete mystery to science and yet you think you're able to come on here and tell everyone that these drugs that are "intended" to alter brain activity are absolutely safe because pharmaceutical companies have presented enough empirical evidence? It has to be empirical evidence because the actually workings of the brain have not been figured out.

The failure of your logic is contained in your own statements: "Psychotropic drugs help a lot of people as do drugs for ADHD/ADD. I am very allergic to antibiotics."

That's exactly right - drugs react differently in different people... some people benefit from antibiotics and some people have violent negative reactions to them. Why you can't see that this is a possibility (if not probable) with ADHD/ADD drugs is beyond me.

Nick commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

You mess with antibiotics that your body isn't made to accept (alergy) and your body reacts severely... Why can't people realize that if you mess with ADD/ADHD drugs intended to alter brain activity that the expression of a severe reaction would be mental as well?

mary commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

My guess is that he was misdiagnosed with unipolar depression and prescribed an antidepressant which launched him into bipolar mania. It is quite obvious that he is still in mania from his behavior in the courtroom.

sharil commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

complete BS. my mom was abducted, assaulted and forcibly drugged because she refused blood pressure the age of 69! they locked her up, made her drool, stumble and would not release her for 8 days. it took lawyers, media, threats to get her out. you people are blind to what power the 'psychiatrists' have. they think they are GOD. thank GOD we got her out, with 8 long days of fighting and threatening. wake up people!!! my little brother, when my parents split up, was shipped off by my dad because he was angry! they drugged himon Thorazine and so many other drugs..he was suicidal at 11. he attempted suicide by cop at 19. he lived through two round being shot into his body. he was locked up for 10 years. drugs took his life, his soul..he was an awesome kis..happy, athletic, positive, etc...if you think Psyche drugs don't kill, you are fooling yourself...period. WAKE THE F**k UP. Fight against Big Evil Pharm.

Scott commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

"The drugs you mentioned do not cause this."

Does anyone know the long term affects of taking amphetamines? Like taking them 10+ years through puberty when really a kid was suffering from manic depression instead of ADHD? Has anyone put any thought to that?

Most FDA-approved drug research covers a period of 60-120 days. I don't know of any research studying the effect of drugs taken for years/decades.

cmb commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

I agree with this article other than the notion that the teachers should have been more emotionally aware. It is very difficult, downright impossible even, to keep track of upwards of 150 students' personal lives.

On a darker note, I am seriously wondering how long it will take him to kill himself in prison so we don't have to spend state money to keep this scum alive, and I use the word 'alive' incredibly loosely.

Arvi commented on Job Search Rudeness - No Response After Interview.
After Google called me up to arrange for an interview(yes, they called me up) and deciding to waste an hour and half of my time with an interview, the bozo HR person didn't even bother to reply even after I sent him an email regarding the status. I mean, too bad for them because i'm never going to join such a shit company that does not value a simple gesture of politeness.

Anonymous Coward commented on No More Google Reader.
The Google clowns crow in big billboard advertisements and television commercials about their Google Chrome web browser.

Has anyone looked up the dates of the development of Apple's WebKit and JavaScript compiler on Wikipedia. WebKit is a trademark of Apple and supported CSS, HTML5, multimedia and lots more before Google came along and used Apple's WebKit and ultimately Konqueror source code to produce Chrome.

Yes, they would have had to do some work.

There are some differences between Apple's original JavaScript to bytecode compiler and Google's JavaScript to machine code compiler.

But the mapping between bytecode and machine code is one-to-one or one-to-three or four.

What they didn't was hardly a great technical leap from what Apple had already done.

Yet these Google clowns crows about how wonder and smart they are.

They even were too weak and floppy to do the work with just their army of recent high academically performing graduates.

How can you be smart if you cannot do something new and do you own research?

Their JS to machine code compiler(a step up from Apple's JS to bytecode compiler) wasn't even led from the GooglePlex in California.

They had to hire an ex-employee of Sun from Sun's compiler team to head the work from Denmark.


Anonymous Coward commented on No More Google Reader.

Oops! Made a mistake. It seems Apple did produce a JavaScript to Machine code compiler before the Google clowns.

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 03/10/2013 To 03/16/2013.
You may moan about the USA, but aren't you glad you are not in EuroLand?

More seriously have you heard about Chris and his wife Vicky Huhne who were both jailed for 8 months of swapping speeding points? Chris was doing 19 mph over a 50 mph speed limit on the M11 motorway (not a residential street).

Chris is a former government minister and Vicky is an economist. Both are obviously wealthy and have connections.

I may dislike wealth, power and connections and those that make money from politics and banks and city firms rather than doing real work, but is it right to jail people for stupidity, bad decisions and vengeance when really they are only a danger to themselves and not society?

commented on Cyprus Banking Crisis Conspiracy Theory.
Where did you pull a "real" inflation rate of 20% - 30%? I know the whole core inflation argument and all the exclusions (rent, etc.), but your number is still ridiculous. When people play fast and loose with the details, it only serves to weaken the credibility of the broader message. Well if you exaggerated X, he/she likely exaggerated Y.

My measure of inflation is very simple. I look at the price of gold. Gold is going up 20%-30% per year. Gold is pretty highly correlated with other commodities, making it a good measure.

The CPI is a lie.

For another example, the price of a half-gallon of apple cider went up from $3 to $4 compared to last year.

Anonymous Coward commented on Cyprus Banking Crisis Conspiracy Theory.

If it helps a couple of years ago, the Daily Mail looked at a basket of household shopping items and concluded inflation was more like 7% - much higher than the UK government figures.

I don't have the figures, but I feel grocery bills have gone up lots in the past few years. Even a small shopping trip for groceries in London costs 20 - 30 pounds, even if you only buy a few things. It was never this expensive.

If we consider the increase in value of property in London, then inflation is sky high. 20 - 30% would be considered a low figure.

Anonymous Coward commented on Cyprus Banking Crisis Conspiracy Theory.

The clowns in the UK Conservative Party (how did these clowns get in with only 1 in 5 of the population voting for them?) are going to inflate property prices with their silly budget.

Prepare for a bubble and huge property price inflation.

The problem is high property prices. These fools want to make a bad problem worse.

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  1. Anonymous Coward April 6, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    >> Where did you pull a “real” inflation rate of 20% – 30%?

    > My measure of inflation is very simple. I look at the price of gold.

    Tullet Prebon have produced figures for inflation in the formerly great Great Britain.


    Tullet Prebon’s UK Essentials Index shows a rise since 2007 of 33%, not the official 17% figure.

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