Brian Banks On 60 Minutes

I’ve already written about Brian Banks. Summarizing, Brian Banks was a talented high school football player, being recruited by top universities. He was falsely accused of rape by a girl he dated in high school. Even though he was innocent, his lawyer advised him to plead no-contest and serve 5 years in jail. He might have gone to jail for 40 years if he want to trial and lost. His lawyer knew that, as an athletic young black man, he would never get a fair trial. The alleged rape happened in the school. The girl sued the school district and won $1.5M, giving her a huge financial incentive to lie. After getting out of prison, the girl friended him on Facebook. He hired a competent lawyer, agreed to meet with her, recorded her recanting her lie, and his conviction was overturned.

I was surprised that 60 Minutes decided to cover Brian Banks’ story. As usual, there was a pro-State troll bias.

Brian Banks was given the opportunity to try out for NFL teams, but he flopped. Did Brian Banks have 4 years of college eligibility left? Why didn’t he play for a college team? He may have received bad advice, trying to directly turn pro rather than playing in college first.

There was one part of 60 Minutes’ story that I found offensive. They asked Brian Banks if he was angry at the girl for lying, and he said no. He didn’t want her prosecuted. He didn’t want her to give back the money she received for lying. That was offensive, but Brian Banks probably was coached to say that.

Brian Banks should have said “I’m angry at the girl for lying. I’m angry at her from profiting from her lie. I’m angry at a system that gave a girl a financial incentive to lie. I’m angry at a system that sent me to jail for a long time based on a lie. I’m angry at a system that coerced me into a plea bargain even though I was innocent.” However, 60 Minutes would never have invited Brian Banks as a guest, if he would have said that.

I’ve noticed that in several mainstream media interviews. People who were wrongfully convicted are almost always forgiving. Why is that? However, people who are angry at the State aren’t usually interviewed on the mainstream media.

It was nice to see 60 Minutes covering Brian Banks. However, it was severe pro-State trolling, when Brian Banks said that he wasn’t angry at what happened to him. Brian Banks could be a good advocate for the way State law is biased against men. However, he’s probably being coached to say otherwise. He probably would be giving up decent-paying public speaking opportunities if he started telling the truth.

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