Trolling Karl Marx On The Daily Show

I saw Jonathan Sperber on The Daily Show. He was promoting his book on Karl Marx.

Their spin was “HAHAHA!! Those communists sure were stupid. Capitalism won!” Actually, the economic system in the USA is nearly a perfect implementation of Communism. Through taxation and regulation, insiders and the government control nearly the entire economy. There’s a lot of free market rhetoric, hiding the various ways government controls everything everyone does.

That’s one reason the economy is in such bad shape. With bailouts and crippling regulations, the “market” resembles a communist dictatorship, rather than a true free market.

I wonder if Jonathan Sperber actually read Karl Marx’s writing. Is he so incompetent that he never read and compared it to our economic system today? Is he a shill lying on purpose? It’s hard to tell. I spoke with one person who had a political science PhD. He said “All of FSK’s free market ideas are discussed in PhD level courses. They are soundly discredited (with the usual pro-State troll arguments). They aren’t discussed at the undergrad level and high school level, because those ideas are so wrong, but everyone with a PhD is required to know them and the arguments against them.” In other words, PhDs and State-approved thinkers are required to know the truth, lest anyone have a deviant thought, and they are also supposed to know the fake arguments against them. Anyone who’s a true independent thinker gets weeded out of the PhD training process.

Liars like Jonathan Spencer are important. They help promote the illusion that the USA is a free market, whereas it’s actually a nearly perfect implementation of Communism.

4 Responses to Trolling Karl Marx On The Daily Show

  1. Anonymous Coward April 6, 2013 at 7:38 am

    We need some original thinkers in government willing to try new ideas and experiments.

    But that will never happen with our current system.

    In the UK the selection procedure for Members of Parliament by the main parties will weed out anyone that doesn’t tow the party line.

    Income tax is income tax (20) + National Insurance (11) + Employers’ Payroll tax (11) = 42%.

    Value Added Tax (Sales Tax) is 20% and is applied to luxury goods, eat-in food, hot takeway food, biscuits, fuel.

    Council tax is over a 1000 Pounds Sterling a year and not dependent on your level of income.

    The level of taxation is 60%.

    Not content with that local councils fine people for having dustbins that are too full etc. Parking wardens patrol residential streets looking for builders and vans making deliveries. Then they strike and issue a parking ticket even if a van was just there to unload goods. If the parking wardens don’t issue a certain level of tickets, they are harassed by their bosses. This increases the price of maintaining your property. Councils don’t care. They just want their pounds of flesh.

  2. Anonymous Coward April 6, 2013 at 7:40 am

    We shouldn’t forget inheritance tax which is a whopping 40% above a certain level and that level is well below the price of houses and flats in the South-East of England.

    And capital gains tax! Tax on dividends. Tax on pensions.

  3. Anonymous Coward April 6, 2013 at 7:42 am

    The idiots in government don’t realize their excessive taxation is sucking money out of the economy and destroying jobs.

    All David Cam-Moron and George Osborne want is to protect the City of London and create another bubble in the housing market.

    Tony Blair’s Lie-Bor government passed a law saying the competitiveness of the City Of London was more important that obeying laws and regulation!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous Coward April 6, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    Comments to FSK:

    1) Our leaders in the UK may just be as dangerous as your American ones, but at least our Prime Minister and Chancellor have nice posh accents.

    2) We are better at fraud that you! Witness Lehman Brothers had to do their peek-a-boo accounting (hiding debts during public accounting periods temporarily) in the City of London rather than the USA. Tony Blair encouraged fraud by passing a law saying that regulators have to consider the competitiveness of the City of London before a prosecution.

    Yah Boo Sucks!

    We are going down the toilet faster than you!

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