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On Wednesday, there was a traffic spike for "Time-Warner Cable Gross Negligence". Time-Warner released an update on Wednesday, crashing a lot of people's cable boxes, leading to a lot of Google search traffic for that post. I was recording something Wednesday night, and it was ruined by the cable box reboot for the software update.
VicPopuli commented on About FSK.
I am interested in reproducing your essay "Agorist Philosophy Overview" ( ) on my own blog "Fight the Power" ( ).

Is this essay a current statement of your philosophy or is there a post on this or on your former blog which more accurately conveys your current thinking?

I still believe agorism is the best strategy for fighting State evil. I was planning to update everything in my FAQ, but haven't gotten around to it. Also, I'm not in a position to start practicing agorism myself.

Go ahead and use any content from my blog (this one or the old fskrealityguide one). I appreciate a link back to the source. (Besides, you've used my stuff with citation before.)

I noticed that my blogging motivation has decreased in the past few months. I wonder if that's a side-effect of the change in my prescription? Or, am I just wasting my time playing computer games?

VicPopuli commented on About FSK.

It's funny you say this. I've often thought that internet gamers - accustomed to receiving payments in the form of points/credits, and trading same in their respective online communities - would have the greatest prospect of forming the beginnings of a significant agorist vanguard. In a sense (not intended at all derogatorily), gamers have already succeeded in shutting out much of modern society from their preferred leisure activities; they would not require much more by way of incentive to declare de facto independence from the monopoly state.

There's a big difference between virtual gaming communities, and producing physical goods and services.

Drewsky commented on About FSK.

hey FSK,

i stumbled onto your blog because I am seeking a cure for my red-green colorblindness. For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a pilot, and this is the single thing that's holding me back. You say taking Seroquel cured or partially cured your red-green colorblindness. I'm wondering, does it revert back to color deficiency when you stop taking Seroquel? Or is it permanent even when you stop taking Seroquel for extended periods of time? Thanks a lot. And I totally agree with your view of a free economy. I just read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged last summer and it totally changed my view of politics, economics, etc. Anyway, appreciate a response!

Actually, my color blindness returned when I stopped taking Seroquel. (When I was hospitalized again in Oct 2012, they changed my prescription.)

I can tell because in certain games, such as Q*Bert, I can't make out the colors on certain levels. When I was taking Seroquel, I was able to do it, and now I can't again.

I really would like to see some medical researcher seriously examine this. There may be a connection between Seroquel and color blindness.

gary commented on Facebook IPO - Pump And Dump.
It looks like some of you need to be updated on Mike Stathis' gold articles.

This article contains links to other articles and several gold videos he has created to expose the charlatns like Peter Schiff (check at the bottom where it says related Articles for the videos).

First, note that Stathis advised gold to his clients since 2001 and recommended it in his 2006 book America's Financial Apocalypse, BUT recently has issued warnings in order to help neutralize all of the pumping by the Glenn Becks of the world. Stathis has the leading record in the world on the economic collapse and has backed this claim with a $100,000 guarantee. Anyone who does not listen to what he says is clearly a fool.

"Never pay attention to those who are in the media. The media has a long history of airing fools who confuse you and provide misinformation and the guests will do anything to please the media in order to get invited back so they can pitch their snake oil. The media serves those who pay for advertisements. Ask yourself who advertises on the financial dealers, mutual fund companies, Wall St firms, banks, insurance companies. Get the point? Real experts who can help you are never in the media because the media's purpose isnt to help you, but you exploit you for the benefit of its financial sponsors, or those who buy the advertisements."

The reputable PM dealers like APMEX and Kitco don't advertise in the mainstream media. Glenn Beck is selling overpriced collectible coins at ridiculous premiums to spot (Goldline).

I don't understand what point your making. Are you saying "Convert your worthless State paper to gold!" or are you saying "People who by gold are idiots."?

I don't believe "There's a gold bubble." The increase in the FRN price of gold is merely the inflation rate, very high.

There are a few decent arguments against gold.

1. unfavorable tax treatment (That's why I want a good agorist gold/silver/FRN barter network.)

2. lack of a safe place to store it (Cleverly hiding it in your home only goes so far.)

3. The State tracks all on-the-book PM transactions.

4. poor liquidity and high bid/ask spreads

However, there's a risk of 100% loss in hyperinflation or Cyprus-style bank robbery or getting Corzined. You should own some gold and silver, taking physical delivery. Unfortunately, I haven't followed my own advice.

alexijseptimus commented on Rise Of Legends - No Patch Server! - v2.5 patch.
Thank you for doing this. You are a good person.

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 03/17/2013 To 03/23/2013.
>> Where did you pull a "real" inflation rate of 20% - 30%?

> My measure of inflation is very simple. I look at the price of gold.

Tullet Prebon have produced figures for inflation in the formerly great Great Britain.


Tullet Prebon's UK Essentials Index shows a rise since 2007 of 33%, not the official 17% figure.

Another interesting link on insiders withdrawing their money from Cyprus pre-crisis.

Anonymous Coward commented on Cyprus Negative Bailout.

After all FSK's negative posts about cronyism in the USA and Europe, I am thinking of moving to Somalia. I hear they have a stable currency as they don't have a central government printing loads of cash out of thin air.

Wikpedia tells me their economy is actually growing.


> with a projected real growth rate of 2.6%

Anonymous Coward commented on Trolling Karl Marx On The Daily Show.
We need some original thinkers in government willing to try new ideas and experiments.

But that will never happen with our current system.

In the UK the selection procedure for Members of Parliament by the main parties will weed out anyone that doesn't tow the party line.

Income tax is income tax (20) + National Insurance (11) + Employers' Payroll tax (11) = 42%.

Value Added Tax (Sales Tax) is 20% and is applied to luxury goods, eat-in food, hot takeway food, biscuits, fuel.

Council tax is over a 1000 Pounds Sterling a year and not dependent on your level of income.

The level of taxation is 60%.

Not content with that local councils fine people for having dustbins that are too full etc. Parking wardens patrol residential streets looking for builders and vans making deliveries. Then they strike and issue a parking ticket even if a van was just there to unload goods. If the parking wardens don't issue a certain level of tickets, they are harassed by their bosses. This increases the price of maintaining your property. Councils don't care. They just want their pounds of flesh.

Anonymous Coward commented on Trolling Karl Marx On The Daily Show.

We shouldn't forget inheritance tax which is a whopping 40% above a certain level and that level is well below the price of houses and flats in the South-East of England.

And capital gains tax! Tax on dividends. Tax on pensions.

Anonymous Coward commented on Trolling Karl Marx On The Daily Show.

The idiots in government don't realize their excessive taxation is sucking money out of the economy and destroying jobs.

All David Cam-Moron and George Osborne want is to protect the City of London and create another bubble in the housing market.

Tony Blair's Lie-Bor government passed a law saying the competitiveness of the City Of London was more important that obeying laws and regulation!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Coward commented on Trolling Karl Marx On The Daily Show.

Comments to FSK:

1) Our leaders in the UK may just be as dangerous as your American ones, but at least our Prime Minister and Chancellor have nice posh accents.

2) We are better at fraud that you! Witness Lehman Brothers had to do their peek-a-boo accounting (hiding debts during public accounting periods temporarily) in the City of London rather than the USA. Tony Blair encouraged fraud by passing a law saying that regulators have to consider the competitiveness of the City of London before a prosecution.

Yah Boo Sucks!

We are going down the toilet faster than you!

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