Where Did My Blogging Motivation Go?

My motivation to work on my blog has greatly decreased. I want to work on my blog, but the motivation to do it isn’t there.

My prescription was changed when I was hospitalized in October. I was changed from Seroquel, which I liked, to Risperdal+Zoloft, which I don’t like. I have much lower creativity on the Risperdal. I hope I can get my psychiatrist to switch me back.

I’m mostly convinced that the drugs are decreasing my motivation to write.

One Response to Where Did My Blogging Motivation Go?

  1. Anonymous Coward April 27, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    My motivation to write more software has vanished.

    Well I planned to write more, but “life” got in the way.

    We have more laws than ever in existence. I’m sure the UK has at least 11 volumes of tax code, yet large multinational companies avoid paying corporate tax via shuffling money around. Accountants shuffle between the Treasury and large accountancy firms. The same people write tax law with loopholes than end up working in the private sector.

    The government chases little businesses over tax, yet lets the large fish off.

    What did David Cameron’s father do for his business? Moving money offshore! George Osborne’s family use trusts to avoid tax. And there people run the UK government!

    Laws don’t make good men. Jesus realized this. Listen to him rebuke those in authority over their silly man-made laws that only tie up little people and actually stop them going good.


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