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Reader Mail – 03/24/2013 To 03/30/2013

Anthony commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.
I would like to point out that Doctors receive no compensation from pharmaceutical companies unless they provide a service in return. They used to be treated to lavish Vacations for speaking engagements but all of that has gone away due to the Sunshine Act.(you can google it for more information) All payments made to physicians are tracked and posted online for public viewing. If they are paid for a speaking engagement they must be paid "fair market value" , which is calculated to be slightly more than the wages they miss from being away from their practice. Also many of these SSRI's are in generic form now, so pharmaceutical companies are not to blame for physicians who are prescribing them to patients who do not need them. Remember that 50% of physicians finish in the bottom half of their class. It is important to read online reviews and get recommendations on a physician before blindly accepting their treatment options.

I agree that many physicians are too quick to prescribe antidepressants and the withdrawal symptoms are scary. It is true that it may take trying several different meds to find the proper one. This can cause a period of instability. Many many many more lives have been saved than taken from these meds. They are not necessary for everyone but they exist for a reason a lot of people's lives are saved by these meds.

Anthony commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

Nobody can be abducted for not taking blood pressure medicine. If the story you are telling is true, there must have been parts that have been left out by your family to protect you.

NorthSider commented on Baseball Statistical Fallacy - Value Over Replacement Player.
I feel like the argument here is that VORP has little application within the Yankees organization. I don't know that one could extrapolate from this that the metric is inaccurate. Few of the everyday concerns of even other large market teams are relevant inside Ft. Steinbrenner. For most MLB teams who would replace even a top 15 player with a low to minimum cost player, VORP is legit or at least worth consideration. The Yankees don't live in the baseball world with the rest of the league when it comes to acquiring players, setting ticket prices, or (coincidentally) calculating the value of a player in dollars. Or at least not in dollar figures that don't rival the cost of the Iraq War.

This analysis applies to other big-market teams and not just the Yankees (Dodgers, Red Sox, any team with a $100M+ payroll). If a team has a $100M payroll and a starter gets injured or lost to free agency, the replacement isn't going to be a minimum-salary player; it's going to be an average or better player.

Gabor Hidvegi commented on Cyprus Banking Crisis Conspiracy Theory.
"If Cyrpus bank depositors lost $20B, SOMEONE ELSE MADE $20B. In all the articles I read, that question was not asked."

Cyprus banks invested their money into greek state funds, but last year greek government (or the EU, I'm not sure) said that they cut the value of these state funds with a high percentage, so the greek government doesn't have to pay back that much.

They bought those bonds from someone. If Cyprus depositors lost $20B, that money didn't vanish into thin air. Someone else made a profit at the expense of Cyprus depositors. This issue is downplayed in the media coverage.

If Cyprus is only in trouble because of the Greek bond default, is that really the fault of the depositors?

This story is interesting. Allegedly, some people knew of the crash in advance and withdrew their money. Some insiders were allowed to make withdrawals after the "bank holiday" started. That leads to bigger losses for everyone else who had an uninsured deposit.

peacespeaker commented on Cyprus Banking Crisis Conspiracy Theory.

the bankers are in partnership with the government. Who both are greedy thieves they have stolen the money and been caught out they steal all the time but this time it is on a larger scale where they cant cover it up. My view all government and all bankers need replacing my good honest hard working everyday people. With corrupt and evil people running the world? What do we expect? This will be the case until the evil people are stripped of power and the good people are given a voice!

The could cover it up by printing new money to bail out the depositors. The depositors are not insiders and they are SOL. The insider depositors withdrew their money before or during the crisis.

Here's the rule of thumb for bank bailouts. If insiders will benefit from the bailout, there will be a bailout (TBTF banks in the USA). If the average joe will be screwed by the lack of bailout, there will be no bailout (MF Global, Cyprus).

Neal Griffin commented on JP Morgan Chase Congressional Hearing Farce.
Could it also be an attempt to expose the extreme risk our banks are taking with low interest money,no reasonable oversight and the potential for continued out sized losses hidden in a basket of netting that NO One knows what is going on. As you correctly pointed out some one as astute as Dimon couldn't get to the bottom of this for several months after the s------ hit the fan in April 2012. Maybe we should either regulate them, deny commercial banks the opportunity to play in this game or bring back Glass-Steagall

How do you know that Dimon couldn't get to the bottom of what was really happening? Maybe he's just pretending to be stupid so that he can avoid responsibility?

Whenever a disgraced CEO says "I'm stupid. I don't know what's going on.", he may be feigning ignorance and incompetence. If you're going to get billions of dollars in bonuses when you gamble with other people's money and win, there should be responsibility when you gamble and lose.

The CEO picks his subordinates, making him responsible.

Anonymous Coward commented on Will GCW Zero Deliver Their Kickstarter Handhelds?.
Doesn't Oracle own the copyright of Java now?

What did the Google clowns do for Java on Android? Did they port the Java Virtual Machine i.e. take existing runtimes and libraries and just change the necessary bits to run on a new architecture or did they do a clean-room implementation from the ground up?

I think this went to court and the Google clowns may have prevailed.

Did the jury actually understand the technicals of the case?

Anonymous Coward commented on Will GCW Zero Deliver Their Kickstarter Handhelds?.

Ridiculous! Part of the court case was about a 9 line function. What clowns!

Yes, there was a lawsuit between Google and Oracle regarding Java. Google won. However, it was a mistake to base Android on Java.

Unfortunately, judges and clueless jurors don't understand what a header file or short function is.

Anonymous Coward commented on Will GCW Zero Deliver Their Kickstarter Handhelds?.

Well Java provides by baby clowns at Google something to do. Good grief, you don't expect them to do any real programming as they can live off their stable Adwords income!

The stable Adwords income means the baby Google clowns can buy in all the difficult software. Google didn't write Android themselves. They purchased the company that produced Android from Linux.

The real men that can program in C and C++ are getting rarer on the ground.

Anonymous Coward commented on Will GCW Zero Deliver Their Kickstarter Handhelds?.

Google has too much of a monopoly on web searches.

I have seen accusations on the Internet that the Google baby clowns downgrade websites and then can make more money on Google Adwords. This may just be coincidences and may be untrue. Nobody knows what goes on in Google ClownLand.

When I had my regular Google search ranking, I made 3x dollars in income a month.

When the Google clowns knocked my website off the first page after 5 years near the top, my income went down to x dollars a month.

Now things have stablized I am making 2x dollars a month.

But Google seems to be constantly changing their ranking system. Despite being 5 years near the top of my niche and with originally ground breaking software in my niche, my web ranking now varies from week to week.

On things are more stable and software companies do actually show up on the first page.

I have first page ranking on, but now am on the borders of the 1st and 2nd page on Google, despite there only being 4 main players in my software niche.

People have got to start using other search engines. Monopolies are very bad. Even if you are just a consumer, advertising will put the price up of anything you buy on the Internet.

As it is Google charges 2x - 3x more per click than download websites or

Anonymous Coward commented on Will GCW Zero Deliver Their Kickstarter Handhelds?.

Although it is getting off-topic now, FSK you may be interested in what Reggie Middleton says about Google's strategy in his interviews with Max Keiser.

Essentially Reggie says Google gives Android away to free to phone manufacturers and it is an example of cost shifting.

In his second interview, Reggie talks about Google subsidizing hardware.

By the way Reggie correctly called it on Apple well beforehand.

Anonymous Coward commented on Will GCW Zero Deliver Their Kickstarter Handhelds?.

When Reggie Middleton talks about Google's cost shifting strategy is all seems very clever.

But you don't get money out of thin air.

Google's cost shifting strategy is based on shafting advertisers.

I advertise on Google Adwords and their Cost Per Click is SILLY. It is simply not cost effective in my niche. Google is getting ridiculously greedy. Google will suck money from Adwords advertisers until the whole thing breaks.

If the silly Google baby clowns actually charged a sensible cost per click, then I could actually put more money their way.

Anonymous Coward commented on Will GCW Zero Deliver Their Kickstarter Handhelds?.

> With Android emulation, the quality is lousy due to the fact that all code runs in

> a

> Java virtual machine,

FSK weeps over the shortcomings of his/her Android phone, yet Android is given away free to phone manufacturers.

Where does FSK thinks the money comes from to pay for his/her free goodies?

I strongly suggest you read the following web page about the Google baby clowns and their bag of tricks via their clown friends at Infospace.

The Google clowns aren't nice clowns at all. See