Mac Mouse No Scroll Wheel

I had the displeasure of briefly using a Mac to look up something on the Internet. It has one of the worst UI features I’ve ever seen.

On a PC mouse, there’s usually a scroll wheel to control scrolling. On a Mac mouse, there’s no scroll wheel. Instead, you move your finger on the surface of the mouse, and that’s the scroll wheel.

Why is that bad? With the mouse wheel, it clicks each time you scroll once. That enables fine control. With the Mac mouse “scroll” feature, it was hard to control it. It’s a neat feature when you evaluate it by hype and “coolness”. It’s a feature that is worse than a standard scroll wheel.

I’ve gone on a lot of interviews, and I’m surprised how many people are using Macs. It’s usually a bad sign, when the interviewer has a Mac. I’ve noticed that people who own Windows PCs are more competent than those who own Macs.

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    • I’ve never seen an all UNIX/Linux workplace. I’ve seen a surprising amount of Macs on my interviews.

      I use Windows at home, because many games only have a Windows version.

  1. Get Ubuntu, get Wine or a dual install, embrace the pain of knowing EXACTLY how your computer works at every possible level.

    Learning about the differences between filesystems and partition tables is its own reward.

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