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commented on Kitchen Nightmares Observations - Burger Kitchen Part 1.
I think you should use the word 'psychopath' again, I don't think you used it enough.

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 04/28/2013 To 05/04/2013.
In the UK, we pay 20% income tax, 11% National Insurance, 11% hidden employers' payroll tax, 20% sales tax (fuel tax etc) and 1000 pounds council tax. In summation taxation is between 50 - 60%. If you are low paid, obviously the 1000 pounds council tax is a huge percentage of your earnings. The council tax is paid after all other taxes, making it even higher still.

My faith in the system broke down when I was injured at work. My General Practitioner (Doctor) couldn't be bothered. I worked for nasty, dishonest people that didn't want to do things properly. So I ended up living off my savings for a year while my body healed itself. Fortunately I recovered fully. Because my G.P. was a useless toss-pot, I didn't get sick pay from the government. I suppose I could have changed doctors and perhaps pushed the matter, but I just wanted to get better without the stress.

That was some time ago. Anyway recently - almost within days - a bit of my body decide to malfunction. It is quite a common thing as judged by the number of Internet articles on it. It is more an ailment than anything that stops you doing anything.

Anyway I went to see the doctor paid for by my taxes. He wasn't really interested. He didn't seem to know about the ailment. It was a complete waste of time seeing him.

So paying 60% of my income is taxes is completely pointless due to the services I get back!

I went on the Internet and found some products that promised to help. I ordered them and paid express delivery from abroad.

So what happened? The import tax people intercepted the item and held it up for a week. They then applied a tax to it. Worse they then applied a fee for applying the tax! I then got send a card asking me to pay the tax (and the fee for applying the tax!) by credit card. This held matters up further. About a month later I finally got the item. The tax (and the fee for applying the tax) doubled the price of the item!

The conclusion is that paying 50 - 60% tax (remember employers' payroll tax is a hidden tax and effectively comes out of your salary before you are given the figure) is pointless as I get no services back. When I try to fix the problem myself, government holds the process up and doubles the cost due to a tax and the cost of applying the tax.

High tax. No services. Getting in the way and stopping someone getting better.

My G.P. effectively told me he isn't interested in anything unless it gets infected. So he couldn't do anything for me. I decided to try to see another doctor. I looked up specialists at a nearby hospital. I noticed on their web pages, they had links to their private practices. So these doctors were trained at tax-payers' expense, work from taxpayer funded hospitals but are allowed to work on the side for direct cash payments. I contacted one of these doctors and was told they only see people on the National Health Service if referred by a G.P. The trouble is my G.P. won't help me unless I have an infection.

So I'm stuck. I pay 60% tax, am a UK citizen, but I can't get any help from the tax-payer funded National Health System.

The only way to get help is to pay a N.H.S. doctor cash under his private practise. But paying 60% tax means we don't have the money to pay extravagant costs per hour for a doctor.

What a complete and utter scam! I pay tax. Can't see a tax-payer funded doctor, unless I pay cash.

Anonymous Coward commented on Double Counting R&D In GDP.
Given one particular theme of your blog, what do you think the following video means?

If you want to cheat, the following video talks about an interpretation of it.

That video looked like someone trying to make something with a deeper symbolic meaning, but it actually being pretty lame.

I should make some videos. I could do better.

Anonymous Coward commented on Double Counting R&D In GDP.

I personally liked the video.

At one level it is about the crumbling away of hierarchical, coercive society and man becoming enlightened and awakening to his true destiny.

At one point a shoe is on top of a coin, symbolizing control of the world's monetary systems.

One of the first scenes is about two presidents dancing and fooling about instead of doing a proper job and addressing the real problems. Notice the phallic symbol on the blackboard - fooling about instead of doing real work.

The video is about much more than that.

I think it is very well done.

All the symbols are there for a purpose. Look at the rabbit and the stag when you see the woman in white? What do they mean? What does the apple represent?

Why does President ODumber sweat when the woman drops the apple? Is he worried about the people become enlightened and realizing that both political parties are the same and never fix any problems?

thomas marti commented on Offshorng Software Development Does Not Save Money.
Man, I haven't seen an entry for the resource based economy by jacques fresco which is explained in zeitgeist addendum. I think you should update your knowledge and post a little bit more about that... thanks

I watched a little bit of Zeitgeist, and I thought it was a more beginner-oriented version of the stuff I write about.

anon commented on Mac Mouse No Scroll Wheel.
A real man would use FreeBSD.

I've never seen an all UNIX/Linux workplace. I've seen a surprising amount of Macs on my interviews.

I use Windows at home, because many games only have a Windows version.

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