IRS Targets Tax-Exempt Conservative Groups For Audits

This story is interesting. The IRS targeted “conservative” tax-exempt groups for stricter audits.

The IRS possesses a lot of power to spy on people, or just make your life miserable if they decide they don’t like you. If you say that taxes are too high, then you might face greater IRS scrutiny.

Of course, the correct answer is “All taxation is theft!” People are being outraged at IRS power being misdirected, rather than saying that power should not exist at all.

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  1. Anonymous Coward May 14, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    For some reason, David Cam-Moron is the Prime Minister in the United Kingdom.

    As 40% of the population did not vote in the last general election, only 20% of the population actually voted for Cam-Moron.

    His mate George Osborne is the Chancellor, who is ultimately in charge of the tax collecting arm of the UK government.

    Cam-Moron’s father had a business moving money offshore!

    Osborne’s family use trusts to minimize taxes.

    Little people can’t afford lawyers to draw up trusts to minimize taxes.

  2. I find it very interesting that ANY politician would draw attention to the IRS. Here is one thing most people don’t realize. The Ordinance of 1789 (almost indentical to the 1787 ordinance) declares the articles within irrevocable and one of those articles says that the federal taxes collected within a state is to be by the authority and direction of the state legislatures, as in the original states. This of course settles this for the original states and those of the NW territory. And all new states include an equal footing statement within their enabling acts. Does the IRS operate using state authority?

    • The “official” answer is “The 16th Amendment changed that, giving the Federal government the power to collect income tax as a direct tax.”

      The correct answer on all taxation issues is “All taxation is theft!” That is more important than arguing legal technicalities.

      In that sense, the “IRS Targets Conservatives” outrage is a fnord. People are upset over “IRS power was abused!” instead of “IRS power should not exist! Taxation is theft!” As usual, a couple of replaceable figurehead leaders get changed, and the scam continues.

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