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commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.
Brainwashed automoton.

Ben Ritchie commented on Only Idiots Use Java For High Frequency Trading.
Wow! Im trying to imagine a Java guy taking that much glee in flaming a C++ dude.. Im guessing your hard to collaborate with!

Early optimisation is the biggest problem Ive seen in HFT.. Using a managed language with no surprises makes sense for team work. Use the highest-level language you got for everything to start with - work out the hotspots then drop the abstractions layers (java->jni->C++->C->Assembly->Hardware) as necessary

Here's another interesting bit on Shire Silver. They will buy back their cards for 75% of the sale price.

Compare that with APMEX. They will buy back for 89-90% of the sale price (if you buy 1 1oz silver round) or 95%+ (if you buy 500 1oz silver rounds). So, silver rounds have a better bid/ask spread than Shire Silver. Even if you add in shipping costs, APMEX is still a better deal. Plus, you can sell your silver rounds to other people than APMEX, but I don't know of any other offers to trade Shire Silver cards for State money.

NareshCron commented on Prescription Change - Back To Seroquel.
I've personally done a bit of looking in to the research on psychiatric medication and I’ve found that despite the fact that psychiatry is probably running on paradigms that have the flaws and inefficiencies of the of the broken medical establishment AND incorporates the dogmatic delusional way people think about how other people and society work. But despite this there are some valid observations that can be made based on theoretical neurochemistry. You can make some decent educated guess as to why something works based on its biochemical profile in terms of things like receptor affinities and metabolites. The problem is that any further analysis than some basic facts about a drug like it’s duration and what type of systems it effects based on the current use of a chemical or it’s category is usually flawed based on the personal opinions about things like ‘’natural health”, “psychiatric drugs hobble the brain”, or even just the view they use about what a “healthy mind” is. One example of these beliefs is the psychiatric industry’s fixation on the medical model of fixing illness making all standard writing on the subject assume that drugs are best used to improve “problems” by restoring a mind to an ideal state of balanced or normal. Unfortunately no one from any perspective seems to try to be looking at the human brain as simply a complex system without prejudices and to which nearly any general rule will have exceptions.

All I can say is my personal experience with the drugs. Lithium, risperdal, geodon, abilify, and zoloft were HORRIBLE. As far as I can tell, Seroquel has no negative side-effects. It does knock me right out and put me to sleep. At 50mg/day, the "partially cures color blindness" side-effect is less strong than with 100mg/day. I feel a little tired during the day, but not that much.

(Actually, I have a slight fever now. I wonder if I'm partially allergic to Seroquel? Is it "neuroleptic malignant syndrome"? Is it withdrawal from the risperdal+zoloft?)

A psychiatrist would say "Everyone's body chemistry is different!", but I have a hard time imagining that lithium, risperdal, etc. help anyone.

However, nobody has had a good explanation for why I was fine for 30 years, and then got "sick" at age 30. I'm pretty sure it was the shock of discovering how really evil people operate, how they emotionally manipulate people to get what they want. Even though I'm aware of it, I'm still bothered when I deal with someone abusive.

Anonymous Coward commented on Offshorng Software Development Does Not Save Money.
A friend of mine once mused that there is something about software development that attracts thickos and nasty people into management.

I've worked in several places with competent software developers and had work compromised or wrecked by stupid management.

One thick manager can wreck the work of ten smart and dedicated software developers.

That exactly happened at one of my jobs. It was a team of almost all competent people. A strong psychopath got himself promoted to leader, and productivity went to zero. As one of the most intelligent people there, the psychopath directed almost all his hatred against me, making it a very stressful situation.

That's another common psychopath trick. Suck up to everyone else, while your top priority is eliminating your target.

Superficially, you might think "Software is an objective area of work. Either something works or it doesn't. Therefore, intelligent people should do well." However, you can only evaluate software work if you're good at writing software yourself. In almost every business, there will be a point where someone technical reports to someone non-technical. At that point, evil people thrive. Good liars will always outperform good workers, because nontechnical people have a hard time evaluating technical ability.

Anonymous Coward commented on IRS Targets Tax-Exempt Conservative Groups For Audits.
For some reason, David Cam-Moron is the Prime Minister in the United Kingdom.

As 40% of the population did not vote in the last general election, only 20% of the population actually voted for Cam-Moron.

His mate George Osborne is the Chancellor, who is ultimately in charge of the tax collecting arm of the UK government.

Cam-Moron's father had a business moving money offshore!

Osborne's family use trusts to minimize taxes.

Little people can't afford lawyers to draw up trusts to minimize taxes.

Laughingdog commented on I'm About To Get A New Cell Phone - Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II or Samsung Galaxy S4?.
why the S4 instead of an S3? Everything I've read suggested that the S4 is a pretty minor upgrade from the S3, and the S3 is practically free on Amazon if you watch for a deal. I just upgraded a few weeks ago, and it cost me $10 for my S3. After 2 years with a droid 2, this thing is so much faster it feels like it's anticipating what I want to open. It's also just barely small enough to still do most basic functions with just one hand.

I'd have gotten an S3 months ago if the sales people at the Verizon store weren't idiots. They told me it didn't have a removable battery, so I avoided it. Turns out they were wrong.

The S3 has a 1.4GHz processor and the S4 has a 1.9GHz processor. That extra 0.5GHz matters for emulation and retrogaming, which will be one of my primary uses of the phone. I don't mind paying a little more for the phone. It's worth it, considering how much I use it.

I know that Verizon store sales reps are idiots. I'm sticking with Verizon anyway. Both have removable batteries. That's important if you're going to use it on a plane, so you can carry a spare battery. The removable battery matters when the phone crashes, so you can reset it by removing the battery.

I'm upgrading from a Droid 3, which is 3G and not 4G.

Saurabh commented on I'm About To Get A New Cell Phone - Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II or Samsung Galaxy S4?.

If you are going to stuck with this phone for next 2 yrs better to choose S4.

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  1. You just barely qualified for not getting filtered out as spam.

    I can tell that you published this comment on several other blogs, as a Google search shows.

    I’m skeptical of someone who’s trying to start a software company, but can’t afford $300 seed capital.

    You pushed your luck too much. You published the exact same comment AGAIN, and now both were deleted as spam. Try it again too much more, and I’m going to get more aggressive at blocking you.

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