Who Would Forget To Repair The Roads?

These stories are interesting. In Washington, an oversize truck bumped into a support beam for a bridge over the Skagit river, leading to the bridge collapsing. In Missouri, two freight trains derailed and collided, leading to a bridge collapse.

It isn’t clear if the accidents caused the bridges to collapse, or there already were structural deficiencies due to poor repairs.

A pro-State troll says “Without the State, who would build and repair bridges?” That assumes that people are too stupid to repair bridges, without being forced at gunpoint to do it.

Many bridges are 50+ years old. It’s tempting to cut corners and do less maintenance. Then, where there’s a crisis, a big pork contract can be awarded to rebuild or repair the bridge.

What happens if the State does a lousy job repairing bridges? The people who are injured and inconvenienced by the lost bridges can’t file a claim to collect reimbursement. The State workers have immunity. They aren’t going to lose financially after a bridge collapse. In fact, after a disaster, they can get their budget increased.

There are plenty of ways to handle bridges and roads without the State. It requires a shift in thinking from what you were conditioned to believe. Local roads would be jointly owned and paid for by the residents in the area. Major roads would be toll roads, exactly as is done now. It’s possible to form a limited organization to handle roads, empowered to repair roads but do nothing else.

A pro-State troll says “The State taxation monopoly is required to build and repair roads.” The State has no “market feedback”, to ensure that resources are allocated appropriately. If the State overpays for a bridge, building an unnecessary bridge, that doesn’t matter because the pork project is funded via taxes. If the State is negligent and a bridge collapses or becomes unusable, the workers don’t suffer any negative consequences.

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  1. Anonymous Coward May 28, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    As described before in the UK, we pay 20% income tax, 11% National Insurance, 11% hidden employers’ payroll tax, 20% Value Added Tax/Fuel Tax/Sales Tax, 1000 pounds a year council tax, 40% inheritance tax (above a threshold), stamp duty on the sales of property, 20% capital gains tax etc.

    The effective rate of taxation must be 50 – 60% if not more.

    Over the past month, I developed a sickness. I saw one National Health Service doctor provided by my taxes. He simply said I didn’t have an infection and that was that. He wasn’t interested in what I said happened before the sickness, which would have provided clues what was doing on. It was a waste of time. As is my right, I changed my doctor. I saw a new one. Again he wasn’t interested. Again he was I didn’t have an infection. He wasn’t interested why this problem suddenly appeared after decades of healthy life. He wasn’t interested in finding out what had changed in my life.

    Anyway I search on Google about the area and found out several possible causes. I had some clues, but I was dumb. Finally I figured out what was causing it. I removed the cause from my life and hey presto, I was 50% better within one day. Two days later I am better still and it looks like I’m healing.

    I also noticed that National Health Service doctors all run private practices on the side. When I was trying to find a new General Practitioner to register with I saw some reviews on the GPs in my area.

    Quite a few times it was said that National Health Service doctors take the government salary but aren’t interested in NHS patients. One doctor even told a NHS patient he had his 10 minutes as he was only a NHS patient, not a private one!

    This is immoral. We pay 60% taxes. NHS doctors take the government wage. But they resent seeing NHS patients and work on the side really private patients for cash.

    This is all terribly wrong.

    The only good thing is that Google search told me the cause of my illness and I am now getting better. However the cause was so commonplace and so obvious I missed it. It can be difficult.

    I am also shocked doctors receive training in all the details on how our bodies work, but they are completely unaware of commonplace simple practises people can use to get better from very common ailments.

    They might know all about how the body works, but it is pointless if they don’t care and don’t think.

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